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  1. USMCinAtl

    220 SSi Club

  2. USMCinAtl

    Switch Acuators (covers)

    She has all brand new tires now - trailer just got a brand new surge brake assembly, and is now getting completely rewired (backup and running lights not working - had to ride with flashers on from Baton Rouge to Montgomery AL) I did order my new horn switch though:
  3. USMCinAtl

    220 SSi Club

    Jeremy from Marietta, GA checking in - just purchased my 2006 220 SSi (Chasin' Tan Lines) three weeks ago. Let the upgrading begin - lol (I cannot figure out how to post a better quality pic on this blasted website - lol)
  4. USMCinAtl

    Switch Acuators (covers)

    LOL - I rode out to Baton Rouge LA to pick mine up - blew two dry rotten tires on the way back :-(
  5. USMCinAtl

    Switch Acuators (covers)

    New to the group. Purchased a 2006 220 SSi and the current switch covers are worn to the point you can barely see the labels. I was looking at replacements at Cecil Marine but found this website and thought I would share. I will keep you posted how they fit once they arrive! https://newwiremarine.com/product/etched-rocker-cover/
  6. USMCinAtl

    Replacement Carpet Kits

    I was looking at getting the luxury weave #8 for my 2006 220 SSi - do you think it will have the same heat issues?