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  1. Does she come with a boat? will the tank be full? Most importantly can she clean fish?
  2. Thanks , the depth alarm does make an awful racket when it's first powered up in conjunction with the engine starting. I thought that I stopped it by pressing the on/off button but who knows, it still be on. I'll disconnect power to the Depth Finder.
  3. Thanks for the info guys ! As I was pondering this I haven't found anywhere that states what causes a steady (timed at every 60 seconds) fairly short beep. The engine doesn't need to be running, just as long as the key switch is turned on. I comprehend 2 beeps , I do know what a constant beep is. Just wanted to hear someone say they had one beep a minute. I'm looking into the mobile view, Thanks. I'm also interested in buying a code reader. Any suggestions on that?
  4. I've got a 2012 260 Monterey with a 350 magnum. After an overheat condition caused a solid steady alarm and slowed engine The overheat condition was repaired.However I have a curious alarm where the alarm beeps once every 60 seconds. Any clues? thanks Murray
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