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  1. Playmaker17

    Outlets not working when disconnecting from Shore Power.

    In addition, if you have an on-board battery charger, your shore power can power that up so the charger is replenishing your batteries as you use the DC loads such as radio, lights, etc.
  2. Playmaker17

    Kohler Generator Questions

    It's a great point on the water flow. We don't use our gen all that much but I did notice the sputtering flow you mention and thought....hmmm. Glad to hear that is relatively normal. Thanks for the info everyone.
  3. Playmaker17

    Cockpit Table Replacement?

    When our factory table began to show its wear on our 07 Sig 310, we did quite a bit of searching for a replacement. There were lots of options that all missed the mark in one way or another. We ended up finding someone to build us this custom corian table with the same dimensions as the factory table. It's a little heavy but solid and durable.