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  1. Faria offers a gauge repair service. You could try to contact them and see if they could replace it.
  2. Why would SeaDek look awful over raw fiberglass? Pictures need to be hosted in a site like Imgur and then use a link to post it here.
  3. Has anyone ever removed the headliner panels in the aft cabin of a Signature 330? Two of our panels have loose screws that appear to be stripped. I'm wondering what the best fix is. I'm not sure if I can increase the screw size since the screw sits in a small button and a color matched fabric cover snaps over it. I'm thinking I may have to fill the holes with epoxy and drill new pilot holes? Maybe fill with epoxy and toothpicks? I'm not sure what is behind the panels. Supposed I should remove one and find out.
  4. rjbergen

    Clogged Head

    Not vacuum? I’m familiar with vacuum, but not other electric heads. Does it use duckbill valves? That’s where clogs happen in vacuum flush heads.
  5. rjbergen

    Clogged Head

    Not vacuum? I’m familiar with vacuum, but not other electric heads. Does it use duckbill valves? That’s where clogs happen in vacuum flush heads.
  6. A thread insert can be installed on the cover. The dipstick itself will be fine. This is a common failure point and most likely your mechanic’s fault. Ask him if he used a ratchet with a 9/16” socket. If he says yes, tell him he’s buying you a new cover. The problem is that the dipstick is steel and the cover is aluminum like the rest of the drive. The dipstick has a 9/16” hex head, but the torque spec is very low like 60-80 in-lbs. Using a ratchet can very easily strip the threads in the cover unless a torque wrench is used. I can tell you all about this mess because I just went through it in May, except my mechanic botched the repair and caused an oil leak and we were out of the water for 4 weeks.
  7. What model year? 5,800 sounds awfully high for a small block. I’d say 4,800 is more in line for a 350.
  8. True. It has good reviews. Although a 15 year old JBL head unit is at the end of its life.
  9. For everyone asking for help, we need to know who made them. If they’re Faria, they have a gauge repair program and will fix your gauge for around $100.
  10. That’s a really open ended question. Our 2006 Sig 330 weighs 13,500 lbs dry, probably 15k loaded. We top out at 40MPH on the GPS with twin 320HP VP 5.7GXi engines and DP drives.
  11. Fusion MS-RA70NSX is great. It supports Bluetooth, SiriusXM, and NMEA2K network. You could save money and go with the MS-RA70 if you only want Bluetooth and FM radio.
  12. All boats are built like that. It’s a more common problem than you’d think. Doesn’t seem like it would be hard to run a continuous bead of sealant before setting the top half on...
  13. Rkeller@chaparralboats.com I emailed Robin last Aug for a SeaDek request. Send her your year, model, and HIN and say you want to use the logo on SeaDek.
  14. Who made them? Not sure when Chap started using Faria, but those can be sent back to Faria.
  15. As OP lives in a northern climate, I would change the drive oil every fall. It's cheap protection against freezing and cracking your outdrive housing. It's also the perfect time to find any issue in the outdrive and have it repaired over the winter rather than delaying your spring. You should change your raw water impeller every other year. Check your engine belts and change if they show any cracking or checking. I would change spark plugs, plug wires, distributor cap, and rotor about every 4 years.
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