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  1. Yup. Current draw also plays into voltage drop. When you start talking larger current draw, it’s not so black and white. I haven’t looked into bow thrusters, but I would assume 150-200 A is pretty common? That’s a heavy gage cable. Make it bigger to keep less than 3% voltage drop.
  2. So I called Chaparral directly at 229-686-7481 and they no longer have the records for my specific HIN as they lost a lot of older data. They told me it was either Mission White or Mission White ASH, but couldn't tell me which. Does anyone know the difference?
  3. Who do I contact for that?
  4. I'm looking at repairing a few gelcoat cracks on our white 2006 Signature 330. I see that Spectrum offers four Mission White paste patch kits. Does anyone know which one specifically is the correct Mission White?
  5. 660 CCA is within the 650-800 CCA range I posted without looking anything up. I suggested a Group 31 as they are manageable by one person. How many batteries and what sizes is ultimate determined by your usage. Group 31s are great up to around 40' because you don't usually have room to move up to 4D or 8D on smaller boats. That's not even accounting for the extreme weight of 4D (~100 lbs.) and 8D (~125 lbs.). I would suggest a Group 31 for each engine and separate Group 31s for house batteries. On my 2006 Sig 330, there's only room for 3 Group 31s, so I have one for each engine and a hou
  6. Starting ability is related to CCA and MCA. Same current draw test conducted at different temperatures. Your engine manual will specify how many CCA are required for reliable starting. For an 8.1 I would expect that to be in the 650-800 CCA range minimum. More is always better. I prefer running Group 31 batteries as they are the largest you can get without going to 4D or 8D. Those 4D and 8D batteries are outright unwieldy and weigh over 100 lbs. Group 31s are perfect for all boats under 40’ or so.
  7. I'm a cabin cruiser guy and we like spending weekends on the boat. Our marina is like a country club and we love spending time there. Also, I'm 6'6" tall, so headroom in the cabin and at the helm are important. The newer hardtop boats, especially the coupes with full glass (not isinglass) front and sides, seem to pose issues with me being able to stand at the helm. Many boats don't have good sight lines while seated at the helm, plus you want to stand while docking for better visibility. So I've been on a lot of coupes and hardtops at boat shows and it's not many boats I can stand at the helm.
  8. Faria offers a gauge repair service. You could try to contact them and see if they could replace it.
  9. Why would SeaDek look awful over raw fiberglass? Pictures need to be hosted in a site like Imgur and then use a link to post it here.
  10. Has anyone ever removed the headliner panels in the aft cabin of a Signature 330? Two of our panels have loose screws that appear to be stripped. I'm wondering what the best fix is. I'm not sure if I can increase the screw size since the screw sits in a small button and a color matched fabric cover snaps over it. I'm thinking I may have to fill the holes with epoxy and drill new pilot holes? Maybe fill with epoxy and toothpicks? I'm not sure what is behind the panels. Supposed I should remove one and find out.
  11. Not vacuum? I’m familiar with vacuum, but not other electric heads. Does it use duckbill valves? That’s where clogs happen in vacuum flush heads.
  12. Not vacuum? I’m familiar with vacuum, but not other electric heads. Does it use duckbill valves? That’s where clogs happen in vacuum flush heads.
  13. A thread insert can be installed on the cover. The dipstick itself will be fine. This is a common failure point and most likely your mechanic’s fault. Ask him if he used a ratchet with a 9/16” socket. If he says yes, tell him he’s buying you a new cover. The problem is that the dipstick is steel and the cover is aluminum like the rest of the drive. The dipstick has a 9/16” hex head, but the torque spec is very low like 60-80 in-lbs. Using a ratchet can very easily strip the threads in the cover unless a torque wrench is used. I can tell you all about this mess because I just went t
  14. What model year? 5,800 sounds awfully high for a small block. I’d say 4,800 is more in line for a 350.
  15. True. It has good reviews. Although a 15 year old JBL head unit is at the end of its life.
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