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  1. rjbergen

    Installing SiriusXM Tuner

    It did not have a part number on it. It was about 6" long and Fusion said they made a couple up specifically for customers with installation challenges.
  2. rjbergen

    Signature 276 construction

    The Chaparral brochure for the 2006 Sigs gives a little detail about their construction. The hull has no wood in it. Not positive about the transom, but the rest of the hull is fiberglass and NidaCore honeycomb composite. The stringers and bulkheads are wood, but are probably in good shape.
  3. rjbergen

    What is this?

    Pretty sure we have a winner!
  4. rjbergen

    Volvo 5.7 GXi-F Impeller Change

    I'll try to get some pictures when I'm on the boat this weekend. I don't recall any vibration in mine though.
  5. rjbergen

    CO2 alarm not getting power

    This. You have a 16 year old boat, if the CO monitors have never been replaced, you need to do that. As for power, if you pulled the monitor and checked the wire feeding it, you'll need to search for a fuse or circuit breaker. It will most likely be a fuse panel on a 2003 model boat. Check all around for a fuse panel and there may even be a secondary fuse panel somewhere.
  6. rjbergen

    Handheld VHF radio

    You should have a handheld VHF as a minimum. It’s an important safety device.
  7. rjbergen

    Dumb Electric Question - Inline Fuse Location?

    Have you checked voltage with a multimeter? Start with checking the connections to the motor. Then check for voltage at the switch. Work your way back from the motor until you find 12V and then work toward the motor to find the break.
  8. rjbergen

    To change or not to change Impeller

    Do it yourself. Either way change it. The impeller kits are usually around $50. Should take half an hour or so depending on engine model and installation.
  9. rjbergen

    difference between .....CCA and MCA battery ratings ?

    Yes, MCA is the more important number for boaters.
  10. rjbergen

    Convince me: AGM vs lead acid

    I probably did, but there's so many boats out here it's impossible to know for sure unless it's one of the dozen or so boats I regularly raft up with. My marina alone has over 500 slips and the one next to it has 800. Those are just the 2 I'm familiar with the most, then there's 4 more right here. 6 marinas right in a row, probably over 2,500 boats right here. Then there's the dozens of other marinas around the lake. The number of boats here is easily measured in the tens of thousands. As for Sun Sport, how was your experience with them? I can't get anyone over there to answer emails. I was trying to learn more about Chap's stringer construction techniques when I was having the crack in my bilge repaired. Chap wouldn't answer technical questions and referred me to the dealer. Sun Sport is the only local Chap dealer and they wouldn't answer my emails. That was last fall, still haven't gotten an answer to any of my 3 emails. Maybe its because I'm not trying to give them money...
  11. rjbergen

    Convince me: AGM vs lead acid

    If this is the battery that you're looking at, $110 seems to be a decent price and it should work fine for your use. When you go to check voltages, make sure to give them about an hour with no load and no charging on them. This allows them to equalize and stabilize so that you have an accurate measure of their charge level. If you measure them back at the marina, you'll have charged them up with the engine on the way back. You could of course use one battery on the hook, then switch to the other for the ride home so you don't charge the battery you used on the hook and measure that one when you get back.
  12. rjbergen

    Convince me: AGM vs lead acid

    What engine do you have? I can’t see your sig on my phone. What does the manual say you need for cranking amps? AGMs are still lead acid. No one is saying go to a different battery chemistry. AGM vs flooded lead acid is what you’re asking. AGM will usually provide higher CCA for the same group size. If you’d like to stick with the same group 27, you’ll need to compare the CCA ratings of a few batteries. If you upsize to group 31, an AGM deep cycle should have no problems providing enough CCA. As for price, shop around. I bought my AGMs at Sam’s Club on sale for $160 each for group 31 deep cycle. I believe the flooded group 31 batteries were $80? So like twice the price but the flooded group 31 deep cycles didn’t provide enough CCA.
  13. rjbergen

    Convince me: AGM vs lead acid

    I agree with your post, but it seems that the OEMs use fear of destroying your engine to not have to explain the intricacies of batteries. Most owner would tend to swap for identical size, and then end up with problems because a deep cycle will produce fewer CCA at the same physical size. For those of us that understand batteries, we have no issues increasing their size in order to use deep cycles.
  14. rjbergen

    Manifold and Elbow/Riser Issue

    Sorry but I’m not going to be much help. I know Volvo’s part numbering scheme is a pain in the $^& and I’m no expert at it. I’m not familiar at all with the 8.1 engines. I’ve only ever had the 5.7 engines. What I can say is that Michigan Motorz can be helpful if you get the right person. They’re local to me, about 5 miles away. I’ve dropped in for parts and they have shelves and shelves of them. They’ve been able to help me look up parts too, so I’d try calling again. I wouldn’t be afraid to ask to speak to someone more familiar with the exhaust components. Have you looked at a Volvo Penta manual for your engine? There’s the regular owner’s manual which is usually a free download. Then Volvo usually has one or two service manuals available for like $59 each that you can buy a paper copy or download. Hopefully someone like Curt can help cross reference parts.
  15. rjbergen

    Convince me: AGM vs lead acid

    I'm not sure how many CCA you'd have. I only have the Duracell AGM datasheet right now and they don't have a group 31 dual purpose AGM. What brand do you have?