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  1. Wingnut, where is the neutral over ride? I want to try what you suggested to see if it is the IAC valve. Here Ll the boat dealers are 8 weeks out on service. The Coronavirus was huge for boat dealers here, they are sold out of everything!!
  2. No I mean the engine spins over. I had the starter and solenoid replaces by the chap dealer in October. That seems to be the start of all my trouble. I had started replaced and while it was there had them install a blue tooth module on the stereo and a usb charger. I picked the boat up and put it in storage for the winter. In late April I got boat out and they had left the battery switch to both and killed my batteries. So I took it back and got New batteries. Now I am having the issue described in the original post
  3. 2008 264 with merc 496. Replaced batteries , motor spins over and finally started, but gas gauge and all but tach on my other gauges stopped working. Put it on the trailer turned it off. Tried to restart it just spins over but won’t start. Also all the gauges are working again
  4. I have a 2008 264 with factory arch. I am not sure it would be called a Bimini top, but looking for the replacement canvas cover for the arch. Does anyone know where I can purchase one?
  5. John i am located in north Mississippi
  6. I recently had my boat wet sanded and polished. I bought new chrome bird head and letters, that being said I have 2 complete sets that I have no use for. They are complete and in great shape, just need new emblem foam tape. Does anybody need a letter or a full set? If not I am going to toss them.
  7. Jayrob71

    Depth alarm

    Just got home from the lake and I set the alarm to 0 feet....hasn't made a peep since thanks for the advice.
  8. Jayrob71

    Depth alarm

    Yes, that is exactly what I am talking about. When the alarm sounds, I can push enter and 95% of the time the alarm stops sounding. I have tried to set it, I think it is set at 4 feet . I know that we can be cruising along in 100 foot plus water and the alarm sound, when I look it will read 0 depth. I am going back up to the lake on Friday, I will check the thing that all of you have told me and will report back.
  9. Jayrob71

    Depth alarm

    Yes this is a new to me boat. I looked at a new one, but picked this one up with 100 hours on it everytime the alarm goes off the gauge is also flashing depth alarm. I think I have it set to 4feet, I will look when I go to the lake on Friday. Will also try to look for growth or obstruction on the hull side. I really appreciate all the help from all of you!!!
  10. Jayrob71

    Depth alarm

    No not on the finger lakes, I boat in north central Arkansas ...Greers ferry lake
  11. Jayrob71

    Depth alarm

    I know it is the depth alarm because it flashes depth alarm on the gauge, also it went off 2 weeks ago and was flashing drive oil. I opened the engine hatch and sure enough it was a tad low, topped it off and had no problems with drive oil alarm since. I do notice that the depth alarm goes off a lot when we are tubing and going thru the wake. . I have a 496 with Bravo 3. The boat has 136 hours on it. Curt, I will try to change the alarm depth again, but our lake is very deep, (average depth is 148 feet) I can be looking at the gauge and it reading 140 feet and 2 seconds later it is going off .Where is the transducer on this boat anyway?? I appreciate all the replies and help
  12. Jayrob71

    Depth alarm

    I have a 2008 264 the depth alarm goes off constantly. Everything else on the multi function gauge works perfectly , ( tach, water temp, water flow, drive oil). Does anyone have an idea if it is a fault in the gauge, or the transducer?
  13. Thank you for your input, I will be carrying it to the dealer today. Jason
  14. I am new to the group, although I have been reading the forum for some time. I have a 2008 264 with a 496. I was out late yesterday with the family , we were headed towards the slip and I decided to open her up. Got her up to 49 mph and got an alarm and it says fuel injector warning. I slowed down to idle as I noticed a vibration. I belive it went into guardian mode. After a minute or so the warning light went off, the vibration stopped and it ran fine. Cranked it this morning in the water and immediately got the same warnings, any ideas as to what this could be?.
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