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  1. sand witch

    engine bogs

    The problem seemed to start after we put carb cleaner in the tank, it was having a acceleration issue. That why i changed the filter and put new gas in, but the boat also had to set outside for a couple of nights and we got about 6 inches of rain. I am thinking that i will start w cap and rotor replacement. Thanks
  2. sand witch

    engine bogs

    Not sure when the last tune up was, i purchased it two years ago and i haven't done that yet, but probably will start w rotar and cap. Thanks
  3. sand witch

    engine bogs

    i have a 1994 4.3lx mercruiser. The boat will run fine for about 5-10 mins then it will bog down, dropping approximately 1,000 rpms for a min or two, it will then run fine for two or three mins and continue this same cycle. I have drained the fuel tank and replaced the fuel/water separator filter. Any ideas on what to fix and/or replace next.