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  1. Hello Futzin.  Re: your NDT tower and factory bimini.  Do you find it a bit busy with all the tubing, tower and Bimini.  trying to look close at your photos  but watermark is front and center.  i'm thinking of getting one for 226 ssi.  I understand you are well satisfies with the tower, i.e. no shakes rattles per se.  Did you do the install yourself?

  2. Thank you and I was afraid of that. Below from the engine operator manual ...all is normal until about 3 seconds after it does it's system check. Question: is it worth to buy an engine scan tool? The non-emissions-related indicator light is a red colored encircled triangle and exclamation mark icon. When lit, it indicates that an engine-monitored malfunction has been detected. When the ignition switch is turned to RUN (key on, engine off), the emissions-related indicator will light up and stay lit until the engine is started. When the ignition switch is turned to RUN (key on, engine off), the non-emissions-related indicator will light up for 5 seconds. 51390 An audible alarm will perform a brief self-test when the ignition key is turned to the RUN position. The alarm emits three short beeps to indicate that the ECM is performing a check of the sensors. If there are any problems detected by the ECM, the alarm will sound; otherwise, it will remain off. Whenever either icon lights up, it will be accompanied by a brief, single beep from the audible alarm to indicate that there is a malfunction.
  3. With the ignition to on, but not running and the warning light will remain on when engine is started.
  4. Greetings, a new to me 2010 226 ssi with Volvo Penta 5.7 GiC-300-J. 250 hours. With ignition switch to on, the normal warning triangle briefly lights and then goes off. Shortly after, I get one beep and the warning triangle comes on again and stays on. Engine oil is good. Outdrive gear oil good. Not sure of what other fault diagnosis I can do on my own. Advice?
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