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  1. Volvo Pent 5.7 Gi. I am also having a peculiar sound some what regular but more of a tinging as opposed to a knock (metal on metal). After inspecting tensioner pulley and idler pulley I have found a bit of wobble on circulating pump shaft. SELOC calls for a special tool J41240to remove circulation pump pulley by spinning it off. Any alternatives? I have tried to wiggle back and forth directly, not budging.
  2. will baker, I believe I need to replace circulation pump as well as I can jiggle the shaft a bit.  Did you have any issues removing pulley?  ....just pry back dn forth to wiggle it off?

    1. willbaker13


      Sorry for the delay in responding...Yes, I wiggled it off and did not have any issues.  I kept waiting for the "gotcha" but it went on and off easy.

      I ended up painting mine to match the engine as it would drive me crazy being a different color every time I opened the hatch. LOL

  3. 2010 226 SII Wide tech. Working on an install of airborne tower and on starboard side at steering console, there appears to be a gap between hull exterior and hull interior. A sandwich of sorts. I want to install backing plates and think I drill an access hole similar to the wire routing hole that already exists on interior panel. Does anyone have experience installing an aftermarket universal tower? Can anyone comment on any risks associated with an added access hole such as structural weakness?
  4. Hello Futzin.  Re: your NDT tower and factory bimini.  Do you find it a bit busy with all the tubing, tower and Bimini.  trying to look close at your photos  but watermark is front and center.  i'm thinking of getting one for 226 ssi.  I understand you are well satisfies with the tower, i.e. no shakes rattles per se.  Did you do the install yourself?

  5. Thank you and I was afraid of that. Below from the engine operator manual ...all is normal until about 3 seconds after it does it's system check. Question: is it worth to buy an engine scan tool? The non-emissions-related indicator light is a red colored encircled triangle and exclamation mark icon. When lit, it indicates that an engine-monitored malfunction has been detected. When the ignition switch is turned to RUN (key on, engine off), the emissions-related indicator will light up and stay lit until the engine is started. When the ignition
  6. With the ignition to on, but not running and the warning light will remain on when engine is started.
  7. Greetings, a new to me 2010 226 ssi with Volvo Penta 5.7 GiC-300-J. 250 hours. With ignition switch to on, the normal warning triangle briefly lights and then goes off. Shortly after, I get one beep and the warning triangle comes on again and stays on. Engine oil is good. Outdrive gear oil good. Not sure of what other fault diagnosis I can do on my own. Advice?
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