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  1. Is it true you can't store your boat with an electric tower down? I am looking at places around Havasu to keep my boat and RV garages are being built for new construction but there are some boat deep garages that are only limiting my boat by height if a tower can't stay down. Big price difference so I have to ask.
  2. My boat had waited patiently for a break in weather since last September, 6 months of sitting! All this time I would keep water out of it and as winter got wetter and wetter for So Cal I battled mold looking for a toe hold slowly giving in and realizing I had to strip everything out of my boat and keep everything as dry as possible. I only used a dock cover, in hindsight I need a full cover next winter. Finally last week we went to Havasu. First few days were 25 to 30 mph wind so no boating. Did some desert hiking and waited. Last day everything lined up, no wind, 90 degrees and a handful of people. Conditions were perfect! Launched and first turn of the key the thing started right up! Went down to the dam and up as far as Topok and Pirates Cove. Perfect weather, perfect water, perfect crowds. Best boating day of my life! Hello 2019 Finally!
  3. 247SSX

    New owner

    I have owned a 190 SSi and a 226 SSi and both were great boats for me. The 190 was my first and I bought it used so it was a perfect boat to learn from my mistakes. The 226 I bought new and found it to be a reliable boat for everything from fishing to wakeboarding. We would take it 15 miles off shore in the Pacific or in lakes from Texas to California. Why was this one the last in inventory? Under powered? Under equipped? Last boats in inventory aren't random events.
  4. I guess I will need to try it this way and decide for myself. Breathing vs. residue. I do like the throatier sound at idle. I don't notice a sound difference cruising. I think it easy to put back as it was if that is the correct configuration.
  5. Sorry, yes, exhaust tube, I think that ran it to the prop exhaust which now just stops at the transom. Does that make sense?
  6. I have a boat mechanic here that I know has been around Mercury engines for 30 years or more. He works at a busy Newport Beach yard that is big and busy. I took my boat in for maintenance at the end of summer and without any hesitation he suggested I remove the thru hull exhaust for better breathing and performance. I agreed and let him do it. Since, I have been wondering, should I have assumed this is the best way? We knowing there are smarter boaters (much smarter) here than I, I ask you, which is better?
  7. I had a 2013 226 but it had a Merc 300 and Bravo 3. Great boat, nice layout.
  8. That's why you go alone. Us idiots deserve some me time too
  9. "not sure what purpose can be served by trying to cross a tour boat wake up close´╗┐ to the boat" Just being a fool riding his wake, I am not the brightest bulb in the lamp. Thought it might be a good idea to body surf with a 25 ft boat. Speaking of body surfing, last time I did that a few years ago I had a full rotator cuff tear. Took me to about now after surgery to recover. I am still body surfing and being an idiot.
  10. Yes! The screens are angled perfectly. It took my eyes a few hours to really get digital vs. analog instruments but not long. The edit function of these screens is a whole new generation of personalizing what you want to display from a huge menu of options. Hold your finger in place get a menu of choices categorized by sections, drop something in to your dashboard.
  11. That ripple was not what I was on, my wake was a good five feet
  12. Phillbo, I get it and agree with best safety practices with people on the boat and just take your time. I was using my boat to test its limits and see what I could do (alone). I might be reckless to some but sometimes I like to see what my stuff can do. I was close to the canyon buster on his highest point of his wake. I thought I could get over it and backed off at the last second. Who knows, maybe I would have made it but I blinked. If I had been tossed over it would have been my fault. And thank you for the milk jug tip before I went, I left a few. The unnerving part was the unmarked stuff and some of it was in marked lanes.
  13. The guys at Dangling Rope said they get sued all the time and more than one boat has been lost in their wake (pun intended). Whales are unnerving.
  14. That's funny, I just realized that image of my boat in the signature is when I was in between getting the repair completed. That light at the top of my tower is the original light and amazingly even scuffed up it still worked after I wired it back. Pictured there it is secured in place with a band of electrical tape to secure it.
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