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  1. 247SSX

    Most efficient rpm...

  2. 247SSX

    Lake Powell Anchoring Question

    More great info, sorry we are missing each by a week. I hope you enjoy your stay.
  3. 247SSX

    Lake Powell Anchoring Question

    Thank you!
  4. 247SSX

    Lake Powell Anchoring Question

    As you may have seen in a few previous posts we are headed for Lake Powell in two days. My question relates to anchoring your boat at or near the shore next to your houseboat. In the past we have had some wild nighttime weather that would appear out of nowhere. If we hadn't dug the houseboat anchors deep we would have been adrift. Even dug in the sand 3 or 4 feet deep you could see where the lines were pulled down the beach 10 feet but staying dug in. I think on my 226 we had the front anchor and a separate sand anchor stowed so we could have an anchor at both ends keeping the boat off the shore 10 or 20 feet in 5 feet of water. Is this the best way to go? Trying to make sure our boat is there when we wake up if their is one of those crazy Powell microbursts. Should I use a shore spike and a sand anchor? Something I haven't considered? Any advice on equipment I don't have yet would be timely to hear about today.
  5. Everything's a trade off as they say. Keep the Jeep and I agree, you are looking at 226 SSi a few years old as a good fit. Upgrade the Jeep to any 2500 platform and you can consider 244 even 264 Sunesta. Having owned an SSi and now an SSX. There is a big difference in fit and finish from my personal experience. If you are looking at a new boat the 2018 SSX has some great electronics that I hadn't seen in previous years. That's my two cents.
  6. 247SSX

    Towing Survey/Question

    Packing and getting ready for Powell. Thank you for all the compliments. I plan to get there in one 8 - 10 hour run assuming the ride is nice. This truck even has 4G wireless. For $20 month on a month to month deal with Onstar you get unlimited data and can hook up up to 7 devices. Kids can stream netflix all the way. I can stream spotify of use XM. This is all very new to me for a truck. Pretty cool stuff. The truck even hooks up to my home network!
  7. 247SSX

    Towing Survey/Question

    Last after testing and making sure they get along is posting an image of the family rig. Now prepare for a trip down the road to see how they ride together. I really like this truck and you know I love this boat. Seeing them together gives me goosebumps .
  8. 247SSX

    Towing Survey/Question

    It is done. Thank you for all the input. We went with the million mile truck - 2018 Sierra Denali 2500HD Duramax 4WD Crew Cab Sitting in my driveway waiting for orders.
  9. 247SSX

    Lake Powell Boating Conditions

    I just remembered this from a previous trip about 2015 maybe. We are on our 2013 Chaparral 226 SSi. That was a great Powell boat. This guy came banking around the corner of a canyon out of no where. The last thing we expected to see.
  10. 247SSX

    Lake Powell Boating Conditions

  11. 247SSX

    Towing Survey/Question

    Good to hear. Since you also have been on both Lake Travis and Lake Havasu isn't Havasu a very different body of water? Travis has no beaches but it has great views, places to stop and eat, rocks to jump from and coves. I like the desert. Also your boat is beautiful.
  12. 247SSX

    Towing Survey/Question

    Wingnut, much to chew on there. All helpful as ways to keep the current vehicle in the family. I am leaning towards the overkill like I usually would. The last concerns for a new vehicle is 2500 vs. 1500 vs. seating. Staying with GMC or Chevy it seems the 2500HD version of both is more than I need and I like that, BUT, seating maxes out at 5. If I go Yukon (or Tahoe) or Yukon XL (or Suburban) I get the 373 with the max tow package and 4WD for getting out of ramps AND i can seat 7 or 8 to go places. My perfect scenario doesn't exist anymore. A Suburban built on a 2500 platform. I have to make a choice here in the next two weeks. We are headed to Lake Powell using something.
  13. 247SSX

    267 SSX Taking on water

    That sounds bad. I can only add that I have a 2018 247 SSX and have been out for 10 hours so far doing everything from wakeboarding, cruising and floating staying bone dry in the bilge so clearly something is not doing what is supposed to.
  14. 247SSX

    Lake Powell Boating Conditions

    BOOKED - You will see my 247 on the lake Aug 16 - 20, wish us luck and say hi if you are there. I plan to be around Gregory Butte if I can.
  15. 247SSX

    Lake Powell Boating Conditions

    All good advice, thank you Phillbo. Did not know that about fenders and cartons. We are thinking about 5 days or so in August with a houseboat towing our boat, maybe. Another option is stay in a hotel or VRBO (if they have that there) and making day trips like we would at Havasu. Is there gas going up as far as Rainbow Bridge?