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  1. John Lee

    Won't start after running for awhile and engine warming up

    I had the same problem and had a fuel booster pump added and it fixed the problem, runs great no problems when hot anymore, this is a common problem, just add the fuel booster pump and it will fix the problem.
  2. John Lee

    Boat Tape

    My boat tape is having issues and i don"t know why, only on one side and i have replaced it once before and now the same problem.
  3. John Lee

    Voltage Readings on Dash Gauge

    Read the post, "NEW BATTERY"
  4. John Lee

    Voltage Readings on Dash Gauge

    I have a Chaparral 1999 , 350 efi that upon starting at idle always shows the voltage to be low on the dash gauge, once on the open water, problems leaves. I have replaced the gauge and the voltage generator but neither of them seems to have fixed the problem, also the boat has a new battery, someone mentioned the exciter, if you rev up the engine and then let idle it will show a normal reading, should i be concerned, the boat never did this when it was new and i am the original owner.
  5. John Lee

    starting problem when hot after setting for a while

    My email address is diver22712@yahoo.com
  6. John Lee

    starting problem when hot after setting for a while

    We boat in King George Va., mostly brackish water, not like the ocean or bay
  7. I have a 1999 Chaparral that will run fine when its cold, but after you let it set say for an hour, it will not start. If you open the engine cover and let it set for two hours, it will start again and run all day. Obvious its a heat related problem, and i have been told it needs a electric fuel pump booster and i have been told that the ECM is going bad, it there a way to pin point this problem. Would a OBD show codes codes left in the ECM from past failures or has anyone used the booster to solve the problem? The engine is a 0L356524 and is a 5.7L efi 350 and according to mercury they do not carry the ECM anymore, that sure was great to hear, there is a place in Calif. that i can optain one from for $1800. Sure could use some help on this problem, my boat mechanic seems to be somewhat stumped at this point, he has checked the fuel pressure and says its good. HELP!!!!!