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  1. tdago


    Yes, they both work on shore power. And I found it strange that as soon as the inverter was installed, we tested the fridge and microwave and both worked when we flipped the inverter switch on.
  2. tdago


    Hi there. I am a bit out of my element here asking technical questions, but I am going to give it a shot. My boyfriend and I bought a 2004 Chap 240 Signature last year. It had an 1100w inverter. For whatever reason aside from using it to having the fridge on while out on the lake and using to plug in an inflator, we didn't use it much. By the end of the summer it died. We weren't able to keep the fridge running while not on shore power of course. We bought a new inverter this year. He installed it. unplugged shore power and tried it while still in our slip. The fridge and Microwave turned on. We figured we were set. For whatever reason while on the lake over this past weekend we weren't able to get it to turn on the fridge. I feel like we are missing something. It does work. It turns on. We are able to plug things into it, but can't get the right switches turned on to get it to run the fridge/micro. What are we doing wrong? What exactly do we have to have on/off when running it while off shore? TIA Tina