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  1. 2006 310 Signature, I run two 30amp 125 power cords to the boat, one is dedicated to the A/C and one to Shore Power ( I assume).
  2. Is there an easy tell that will let me know if My A/C is 110 of 220? without pulling the unit, I'm not on the boat now and trying to order from home. I am looking for a replacement for my ac and the Parts guideI downloaded here show two options, CHA310-04 or CHA310-04Z. Thanks.
  3. I having trouble finding which unit I have. I cant find any number on the unit it's self. I have the original manual, Marine Air Systems Vector Compact, On the picture on the Manual Cover there is a number M1070001 but not sure if it means anything, any advice?
  4. We had a ton of rain in Michigan this weekend and I noticed water dripping into the cabin beneath the windshield. I notice the rubber trim that covers the screws was a bit short and I assume that the water leaked from the screws ( even thought they have silicone) Any Ideas where I can find the rubber trim online?
  5. I ran the unit for about an hour and water flows out, how would I bleed the system?
  6. Dozer, Mine is similar, the unit is under the seating are. did you replace the whole unit or just the compressor,( not sure if that is an option) .
  7. My Faria depth sounder, is out of wack, it will display all sorts of crazy depths, like 135 feet when I am in 3 feet of water and sometimes I think it might be correct. I assume it is the transducer. Is there an easy fix with taking her out of the water, Can I install an in hull transducer, or transom mount?
  8. Hey, First season with my 310 and I noticed that the A/C tries to cycle but never gets cold. How hard is it to swap out the compressor, or the whole A/C unit. I called a repair man, he confirmed that is a bad compressor and he wanted to know the model number and said it should be in my paperwork, not sure where I would find it. I did notice on the parts list, that I downloaded here I found this number CHA310-04, when I look it up it states its for Volvo Penta system, I don't have Volvo's, is this part interchangeable. I would prefer the cheapest route as the system at Cecil Marine is $3
  9. Thanks this forum has been a wealth of knowledge. Is it okay to have the shore power plugged in and the batteries switched on? Sometimes we will be sitting at the dock and want to turn on some music. do I need to disconnect shore power before turning on the batteries ( for the Radio)
  10. Okay Thank You, the Admiral was convinced she could charge her phone while we were out on the lake. I was unsure.
  11. Just noticed that when I disconnect from shore power I outlets on my 2003 260 signature are not working, and perhaps the refrigerator (not sure). I checked the fuses, and the GFCI oulets all are okay. any help would be appreciated.
  12. I went to the chaparral dealer yesterday and they told they could charge me $150.00 or I could go to Autozone and pay $40.00 of the IAC
  13. If/ When I need to change out the IAC, is there exact match can get at an Auto parts store? I know it will take days for the marina to get it and I assume the cost will be much more. Mercruiser 350 MPI Bravo III
  14. Jomace

    vhf marine radio

    It was already on the boat, I think I found the manual. I will give a try later today, and let you guys know.
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