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  1. Thanks this forum has been a wealth of knowledge. Is it okay to have the shore power plugged in and the batteries switched on? Sometimes we will be sitting at the dock and want to turn on some music. do I need to disconnect shore power before turning on the batteries ( for the Radio)
  2. Okay Thank You, the Admiral was convinced she could charge her phone while we were out on the lake. I was unsure.
  3. Just noticed that when I disconnect from shore power I outlets on my 2003 260 signature are not working, and perhaps the refrigerator (not sure). I checked the fuses, and the GFCI oulets all are okay. any help would be appreciated.
  4. I went to the chaparral dealer yesterday and they told they could charge me $150.00 or I could go to Autozone and pay $40.00 of the IAC
  5. If/ When I need to change out the IAC, is there exact match can get at an Auto parts store? I know it will take days for the marina to get it and I assume the cost will be much more. Mercruiser 350 MPI Bravo III
  6. Jomace

    vhf marine radio

    It was already on the boat, I think I found the manual. I will give a try later today, and let you guys know.
  7. Jomace


    I have the same boat with and my A/C is not working. In mine I get an HHH code. I am no help.
  8. Jomace

    vhf marine radio

    Thanks for the help.
  9. Jomace

    vhf marine radio

    Not sure what RTM is. I will google the manual.
  10. Jomace

    vhf marine radio

    Standard Horizon Explorer
  11. I had a buddy who is a mechanic come out, we messed with relays and the pumps started acting normally. I ordered 2 new relays and will replace them later today. Hopefully this solves it.
  12. Jomace

    vhf marine radio

    I got the number but I am not sure how to program it. I cant seem to find out how.
  13. Jomace

    vhf marine radio

  14. How do I find out my boats MMSI ? my VHF radio will not transmit any DSC calls ( I don't know what DSC is) until it is entered and I have no clue. Any help will be greatly appreciated
  15. Jomace


    On Shore power I switch my batteries to the Off position.
  16. I checked Youtube for some videos, looks like a job I can do.
  17. I was thinking that it could be as jdsdls05 mentioned the water separator, the fuel filter, or the IAC, the fact that it started without problems today really confuses me. The wife is sure it is the charge on the battery, but it turns over, I assume like a car if the battery is dead this wouldn't even turn over.
  18. Thanks, The motor is an Mercruiser 350 MPI Bravo III. Any idea what would make the pump keep running?
  19. I have a 2003 chaparral signature, I bought in April, it has run great and haven't had any problems until yesterday. I was moored on the beach and when it was time to leave my boat would start then immediately die It did this about 10 times, then we pushed the throttle down and got it to start. was able to get back to my dock, shut is down and it started back up. let it sit without shore power for about an hour tried starting it and it immediately died. Hooked it up to shore power left it over night, went to start it up and it started right up with no problems. I am afraid to take it out on
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