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  1. snowsmile

    I am pretty sure there is fuel

    Hi! Thanks for fast answer! I did take the regulator apart (it is situated together with the injektors) that was my first thought that it was the regulator not working as i should. Didnt find anything strange, so I took the return hose that goes to the vapor tank an put it to a separate bottle., Then I got the pressure to get low again (aprox 15 psi) only with ignition run för 2 sec. Cant run the engine yet, has to change oil first. My conclusion then was that it was the vapor tank with needle valv that ist the issue. I thought that if the return hose meets a topped upp vaportank, that would get ther fuel pressure to rise. But didn't find anything strange there the nee´dle valve seems to work fine, I ordered a new one even though, maybe deliver tomorrow along wit a new seal. But I cant se that being the problem, so till wondering what was the reason for my HP to crack, and the reason for HP in the ful line, and of coarse the fuel in the oil. I thought that it could be the needle valv, and that causing full vaportank, and fuel going through the vacuum hose and in to the TB. But now Im not sure because I cant find anything wrong.
  2. snowsmile

    I am pretty sure there is fuel

    I have a simular problem with my 4.3 GI-98. Problem started with engine not willing to thrust, this from time to time. When it stopped working I messured the fuel on HP side ant did got weak (5psi) pressure on the HP side. Replaced the fuel pumps and got a pressure way to high instead 2.5 times normal, tried to start for quite a while, but didn't get the engine to run, it was then I measured the pressure. Checked the oil level after reading about that here, and there is a lot of fuel in the oil, level is at least two times normal oil level. Then I tok the regulator and after that vapor tank apart, but cant find anything wrong. Anyone got a clue what can be wrong?
  3. snowsmile

    VP 4.3 Gi, GIPBYCCE fuel problems

    Hi everybody! I hope to get som help here before I pull the plugg and gives the boat to the Ocean monster... This season started bad, had problems with the bot working perfekt sometimes and not work att all sometimes, choked it self when giving throttle. The theory was that not enough fuel was the problem. Started to change the 2 filters, and fuelsupply from a Jeep external tank. No change. Measured the high-pressure value and got around 7psi and a HP-pump that was warm. Bought new pumps LP and HP and now I cant even get the engine running other then short periods with full throttle. My theory now is that the engine gets to much fuel, so I measured the pressure again and now the pressure now is 60-80psi, when it should be 29psi. Did disassemble the pressureregulator and didn't find anything strange. Next theory.. Vaportank maybee, what on earth can be wrong with that one? Need help to find out what the H is wrong with this engine... Measure pressure Many thanks in advance /Snow from Sweden