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  1. Thanks everyone for the advice. Really great and appreciated!
  2. Thanks for all the advice! You guys have been way more help than any of the dealers in my area! I do have the fuel water separator you pictured above. I will pick one up and also change that out when I pump the tank out. I will certainly keep you posted on things. Thanks again
  3. Thanks for the feed back. I’m going to try and empty the tank and put non ethanol fuel in and see if that does the trick. Thanks again
  4. I definitely have been doing the blowers more and letting it idle, but still its hit or miss on if it starts. I read about adding an auxiliary anti vapor lock, low pressure fuel pump? They look to be 300-400 bucks but I read my motor has an anti vapor lock cool fuel system pump. I am attaching a picture of what my current pump looks like. Its at the very bottom of the motor on the port side. I will see about starting with a pressure test prior to replacing the pump or adding a new one. Just so I'm clear could you give me a little bit of direction on how to test the fuel pump pressure and what it should run? I was trying to find directions on how to do a pressure test but have been unsuccessful. Thanks again! very grateful for the advice.
  5. I don't believe I can get into the tank from the outside. I will check and see if I have a fuel/water separator, I'm not sure or where that would be located. I have had several people tell me to add sea foam to the next tank of fuel. Thank you for the help and advice. I do appreciate it.
  6. Wingnut, thank you for the quick reply! The fuel I have in the boat is fuel I put in last October when I winterized the boat and took it off the water. I typically feel the boat all the way full for the winter months. There is only a 1/4 tank left but most all of my problems have occurred on this tank of fuel. The fuel is a pump 87 octane gas with 10% ethanol. If we think it is vapor lock issues, should I just fill it all the way up with ethanol free fuel? Does that typically correct this issue, or do I need to get a different type fuel pump? I have never had a fuel pump go out on a boat. I have had a couple on trucks and my experience is with those fuel pumps when they go out, they just quit and the truck wont start. Are boats the same or could this be an indication that the pump is on its way to stopping? thanks again truly appreciate the help
  7. Please help! I am trying to trouble shoot a big recurring problem. I have a 2005 Chap Sunesta, with a Merc 350 Mag fuel injected. The boat has always run perfect with no issues. At the start of this year we started experiencing multiple episodes of the boat not wanting to start after running for a little while and the motor warming up. There has never been any issue with the initial start off the lift (when the boat is cool). The boat runs great once you are out driving around, pulls great, no spit or sputter, but once you stop somewhere turn off the engine and sit for a bit it doesn't want to start. If it does it runs for a minute and then sounds like it is starving for fuel. Once I let it sit for awhile (about an hour), it will eventually start. I fear one day it won't. I initially thought it was vapor lock because it seemed to be related to the boat warming up. I may be wrong but I really think that its a stretch because it's just not getting that hot and I have never had a vapor lock issue in 4 years. I did go ahead and insulate the gas line and put an ethanol fuel treatment in the tank. Any thoughts. I feel like eventually I will be stranded. could this be vapor lock? does this sound like a fuel pump? Once it starts up it runs like a dream. Or is this something above me, distributor issue, electronic relay. Please help. I am lost! Thanks everyone!!
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