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  1. DeewD

    Ignition switch problem*** UPDATE***

    Oh my, that was dangerous!
  2. DeewD

    Ignition switch problem*** UPDATE***

    I think there is a problem with your switch even though you just bought it last year. Let the mechanic check it, it will be dangerous if you are in the middle of the ocean then your boat will not star.
  3. DeewD

    Boat and Dog

    thank you guys for giving me a second opinion for having a life jacket for my dog. Upon searching, I saw these dog life jacket which looks great and durable. I'm wondering what could be a good fit for my 2-year-old labrador? Any suggestion?
  4. DeewD

    Boat and Dog

    I cannot, we're partners.
  5. DeewD

    Boat and Dog

    My dog always comes with me whenever I go fishing in my boat. Onc time he jumps out of the water and almost drowns Fyi my dog is a good swimmer but something happens that day that made him not to swim properly. I'm thinking of giving him a life jacket? What do you think?
  6. DeewD

    She’s buying her first boat...

    That will be a jackpot if you will get that boat. ;)
  7. DeewD

    Replacement LED Arch Lights

    I also checked this Super Bright LED, according to reviews this is a good LED product.
  8. DeewD

    Power steering leak

    If you use it with no fluid your engine will get overheat and will be destroyed. If there is a leak you need to patch it up.
  9. DeewD


    Hello newbie here! Ever since when I was a kid, I was obsessed with boats. I do have toy boats and a set of boat collection. Please welcome me!