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  1. MannyRod

    GMC Yukon pull a 236 SSI?

    With the dry boat being 4300 I’m estimating the total tow weight being around 6400 lbs. (Does that sound right?).
  2. MannyRod

    GMC Yukon pull a 236 SSI?

    The dry weight for the boat is 4,330. I will be hauling it back to where I live 6 hours away from where we are picking it up with some slight hills. Also, the launch ramps aren’t exactly flat. They are on an incline.
  3. MannyRod

    GMC Yukon pull a 236 SSI?

    I’m new to boating and own a 2005 GMC Yukon with a 5.3L V8 and towing capacity of 7,700 lbs. I’m currently in the process of buying a 236 SSI and wonder if our Yukon can tow the boat. Any info would help!