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  1. Ron@LOTO

    Engine coupling failure with new boat

    Wow. I am grateful and happy to learn there is a universe of informed Chapparral boat owners willing to help. Thank you! My takeaway is the engine coupling was mis-aligned either at the factory or an overlooked step by the dealer. Neither will fess up. Hopefully the marina that is repairing it will do a proper alignment. Expect to see the boat back in the slip this week. Thanks again.
  2. As a newbie I bought a new 2016 Chapparal 246 SSI, 300HP boat in Sept 2016 and the engine coupling failed at 88 hours. The manual said to lube it at 50 hours and with scheduling I had the marina lube it at 68 hours. Twenty hours later it failed and left my family adrift on the lake June 2018. The marina said they had seen engine couplings last for years and they'd look for defects when repairing ($1300). Mercury declined any warranty support. My question: Did I do something wrong that caused this problem? Too much indle time? Gear change at above a certain RPM? Did I hit something?