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  1. Tomás Riera

    Changing from chap 256 ssx 2009 to 267 2018

    Hi! Thanks so much for your reply and for all the info :-) The 287 is no option for me because the max. Length for my dock is 8 meters. So the 267 is just the right model for me being slightly longer then 8m. Another reason to take the new one is that the price will be about 20% higher from now on due to the new us export tax... but I'm also worried about the quality of the newer models, as I read that it's going downhill... As you can see I'm really confused, I just want to be sure to be as happy with the 267 as i've been with the 256! Gracias y saludos! Tomás
  2. Hi everybody! I'm Tomás, from Mallorca, Spain. For those who never heard about Mallorca, it's the biggest island of the balearic islands, where Ibiza is.. I'm new to this forum but not to chaparral.. I'm owning a 2009 256ssx. I bought it new 9 years ago and I'm still in love with it. The boat looks fantastic and is in really good condition. It's nice in choppy waters and fast in calm ones.. All is fine with the boat, but now my dealer offered me a nice and affordable deal to change it against the all new 267 ssx. I haven't seen it live yet. But I really like it. The only thing I don't like is that the offered model which they have in stock, doesn't have a wetbar (I'm not sure if it's even optional on that model) which my 256 do have.. I would love to know what you guys would do? Would you change it or keep it? best regards from spain to all of you! Tomás