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  1. I traded in a Nitro Fish and Ski for this one because it was getting old and my family wanted something a little more for cruising but the things I am complaining about are just things that are wrong with the design and engineering even if it was a TUG BOAT. If you read my original rant you would see most of the things I experienced, but there are more that I have not mentioned . Like a ski pole that has 1/2" threads so that most people who don't think of it can drop it into the socket and easily damage the threads. Like a Raymarine GPS-Sonar that does not go to the page you used last but you have to wait till it finds the satellites 1st before you get a menu to choose your screen again. I just want sonar 1st in my routine . I guess i'm just to demanding ?
  2. Just like thinking OnamaCare Had something to do with Obama caring.
  3. You right. Its like praising Trump in a MeToo forum.
  4. Thanks I will probably have to do something like that but it sure would be nice if they had a nice built in one. Like I have been saying, It looks like they buit them without ever trying them.
  5. I guess I'm going to have to give it a rest . You guys are like 'Beating a Dead Horse'. RIP
  6. Look on Youtube at 2016 Suncoast fish and ski and you will see a test done with a 200hp eng. The boat is identical but they put a5'6" trolling motor and 2 seats facing the rear at the back . they mention plenty of room for skis in the floor but you can't get them in . I wish I had Pics. of my boat's interior to show the changes they made to make it a fish and ski .
  7. Somehow I thought I would get that kind of answer . AND obviously you never had one or you are the troll they keep talking about .
  8. If you bought a cheap Zebco reel and the first time you went to use it , a .01cent spring broke , wouldn't you be pissed ?
  9. Are you guys listening at all ?? It is supposed to be a fish and ski . That is part of the problem .
  10. I did the first time and no help . I guess you don't see my side at all. You guys are still on my purchase while I am talking about the design . Think of it as a boat I did not buy but one I looked at and found all of these things wrong . THEN could you focus on the point. I feel like i'm talking to Pelosi .
  11. Ya Know ,Soldier, I've said it was my fault for buying the boat without using it 1st . I also made the same mistake ,Posting on a FORUM, for the first time . I thought I would get people, with the same experiences and even the same boat as me , to ask me questions and share their frustrations ,but like a political party most of the responses were critical and name calling before knowing or caring about all of the facts . I have not gotten into the amount of Emails I've sent and calls to their survey company who promised I would get a quick response to discuss my concerns . Finally after 2 months I got a voicemail from a Dan Osborne leaving his number which I have called about 3 times in the last two weeks and left my voicemail with my business and my cell number . I know they wont do anything about it but I asked for an engineer or designer just to get an idea of what they were thinking . I think that Osborne is just another customer relations guy that will tell me the same thing as the first one did, that I finally reached after the same type of efforts, right after buying the boat . Below is a copy of the letter I received after taking the survey . Thank You! John F. & Brian J., Thank you for participating in the Chaparral Boats Inc. customer satisfaction survey process. The goal is to continue to provide superior products and services. The feedback you provide will assist us in meeting our goal. Your response will be reviewed by our dealer and product support teams. If we identify that we have not met your expectations we will take the necessary steps to follow up to achieve an amicable outcome. Sincerely, Customer Satisfaction Team Please contact your selling dealer directly should you have any questions. View this email in your browser This email is powered by: AVALA Marketing Group 1078 Headquarters Park Dr. Fenton, MO, 63026, United States Any questions you may have can be directed to your selling dealer.
  12. I am a 77 year old guy who does not have to worry about money and, that, is one of the reasons I bought a new good reputation boat . I also have a 23 ft. Everglades in florida that I use 3 months a year a couple of times a week . So I know about wasting money. But the money did not come from anyone else's taxes so I can waste it if iI wish . I have friends that own Chaparral's and like them ,but they cant understand what they were thinking when they made mine . The only thing I can come up with is , they had this designed for a basic saltwater family boat and tried to make it a a FISH & SKI by putting a trolling motor and a ski pole on it . This is the 1st time I'v ever gotten on to a forum and I only thought I could find other exact boat owners to discuss my experiences . Not thinking I was jumping into a lion's den . Thanks to those that were understanding .
  13. Please someone explain to STRETCH ( I can see where he got his nickname) what I am trying to say. If I bought it or not it would still be a CRAP boat !
  14. It seems that you ride very HIGH in your Chap . looking down on all of us peons ! I pay cash for all of my purchases including my seven low end boats . Try paying attention to the point I'm trying to make and not to how much you can impress all of your friends . THANKS
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