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  1. sross

    Pa4a bluetooth

    I have a sunesta 224 All summer the bluetooth connected fine to note9 and iphone6. Recently (2 weeks ago) the pa4a t stopped working completely. Any suggestions?
  2. sross

    new boat

    pictures soon!!!
  3. sross

    new boat

    bahaha ! yes, this is always wise wisdom
  4. sross

    new boat

    merc 4.5 alpha 250hp
  5. sross

    new boat

    recently purchased a 224 sunesta '18, upgrading from a bayliner 185. This will be my second boat. when we visited the dealer the wife and i instantly loved this boat. We are getting the boat this week. live in upstate NY and call seneca lake home. i can't wait. love this forum. Any random advice?
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