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  1. Tom14032

    Question on gauges

    Thanks for the reply Bergen ... On the trim gauge, Now that I know it isn't correct, I will start checking it out, beginning with the sender. I believe the limit switch is on the left side of my Bravo 1 and the sender is on the right side. Looks easy to get to. Just to be clear, The trim button, NOT the trailer button, should sweep the entire gauge from full down to full up correct? I posted two pictures of my dash. Sorry, this is all I had on my phone. I would think the dash panel would pop out but I'm not sure how.
  2. Tom14032

    Question on gauges

    Also, I am not sure if my trim gauge is reading correctly / accurately? When the drive is all the way down, the gauge will read all the way down. Using the trim button to go all the way up, the gauge will only go to between down and a quarter of the way up. Say, 1/8 up on the gauge. It's not until I use the trailer button that the gauge will go from 1/8 to full up. It isn't a gradual reading either. When using the trailer button, the drive will rise, rise, rise and the the gauge will jump from the 1/8 mark to fully up all of a sudden. My question is if this is the way the gauge is supposed to work? It seems odd that while in the water, using the trim button, the gauge will only read from fully down to 1/8th up.
  3. Tom14032

    Question on gauges

    I have a couple lights out and one flickering on my gauge lights. Does anyone know how to access them? 1997 2335 SS
  4. Tom14032

    New guy, dumb question?

    Not sure of the performance yet, I will have to GPS the speed and check RPM's. What would be the gain's or advantages with a stainless prop?
  5. Tom14032

    New guy, dumb question?

    Hello guys .... Wife and I just purchased our first boat together a month or so ago. We bought it from a local dealer and have been very happy. It is a 97 2335 SS. Bravo 1 with the 7.4 Merc. I have tons of questions but off the bat I am wondering if we have the right pitch on our prop. When we went to pick her up, I noticed a new prop on it and the dealer told me the old one had a "ding" in it so they replaced it with a 19P steel black max. If you guy's think back 4 or 5 boats ago, (haha) do you remember if a 19P 3 blade is about right? Thanks