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  1. I encountered an issue on my 2014 31 Signature early this season. When I put the boat in the water in April, the trim gauge for the starboard engine wasn't working. Within two weeks the starboard Bravo Three drive was stuck in the down position. Luckily the boat was still covered by the extended Brunswick warrant, but Covid was running wild in NY state. My local marina was closed by government order. I contacted Brunswick and explained the situation, they were very understanding. I was asked to document the issue in writing, and contact them when the work was going to be performed. My war
  2. Hello all, I am trying to figure out how to get to the AC unit on my boat. The AC is mounted under the wood steps leading into the cabin. I have a hunch that I need to remove several hidden screws (hidden in the carpet on the stair risers) to gain access. I can see the back of the unit by removing the louver door and metal filter on the intake side in the aft cabin. The reason I want to get into this space is because something is loose and vibrating the against the cabin steps. I live on Long Island and due to Covid and my work situation (WFH), we have spent over 30 nights on the boat alr
  3. My 2014 31 Signature with twin 5.0MPI spinning Bravo3's , will hit 45MPH with four guys on board and a full tank of water and half a tank of gas in cooler weather. I normally cruise at 30MPH, which is 3,000 RPM and the boat loaded. This seems to be the sweat spot for her. At 30MPG I am burning 10.5 11.o gallons per hour each motor.
  4. I have run my generator while underway on my 2014 31. I also leave my seacock's open for the generator and AC system. I will mention one interesting point. I had a failure of the clamp on the output of the water pump on my 5.0 Merc MPI. It turns out the clamp was a Chinese imitation of a IDEAL clamp, that was not Stainless and rotted internally. Mercury did cover the related expenses. I have put a magnet on every factory clamp, and have changed the non stainless to high quality 316SS clamps.
  5. I use a Delta anchor on the south shore of Long Island. My 31' Signature came with twenty feet of chain, it has amazing holding power. I carry a Danforth Deepset as my second anchor. The second anchor has 10 feet of chain.
  6. The generator is actually a 5EKD.
  7. My generator on my 2014 was turning off after thirty seconds or less. The control panel displayed a message LOSS OF COOLANT. I opened the pump, the impeller was shot.I found a local store who stocks Koehler factory parts. I picked up a new impeller, oil filter, and anode. The impeller was a pain, I ended up putting a zip tie on the vanes and manually seated the impeller, and removed the zip tie. I am amazed how much water a little impeller can move.
  8. I was underway to Block Island from the south shore of Long Island in the Fire Island inlet when I heard what sounded like a boat with open pipes behind me. I turned around and saw nothing at which time the Guardian system alerted me to low water pressure and high temperature. I killed the starboard engine and raised the drive to check for seaweed, the drive was clean. I had to remove the stern table and a bunch of other stuff to raise the engine room hatch. I saw a lot of water in the bilge along with a nice cloud of steam. It took me three hours to get to my mechanic who found the two broke
  9. I am suffering badly and I don't usually have bad allergies.
  10. After fighting with my canvas on my 2014 31 Signature, I just purchased a tool made by Ironwood, It is called the Ironwood 0081 Top Snapper. This tool allows you to snap the tightest snaps on your canvas with ease. I highly recommend this tool. I can even snap the mid canvas over the windshield walk-thru in seconds. No more fighting.
  11. I installed Groco SSC values to allow me to flush my generator and AC system with fresh water. I will also use this next year to introduce antifreeze into the system. This is on my 2014 31' signature.
  12. Costco has group 27 Deep Cycle batteries made by Interstate for $87.50 plus a five dollar core.
  13. My old Merc controls had the trim switch in a different position, I have accidentally performed docking maneuvers with the trim uneven or down. The results weren't good!
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