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  1. BovioDan

    Signature 260 Age?

    Excellent! Thank you TexasPilot71 ;-)
  2. BovioDan

    Signature 260 Age?

    Hello there, just joined the forum. I have purchased an old pre-owned Signature 260 model (single Volvo Penta gasoline engine) and I am trying to find online all the possible operations and instruction manuals. The main issue is that I do not know the year of production, but surely before 2009. The Boat hull code is US-FGBC0927C202. 2 Questions ;-) 1) Does anybody knows how to infer the year of production based on the hull code? 2) The cockpit switches icons are totally faded (see pics below), can anybody owning a similar boat indicate the functions? Thank you!