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  1. Thanks. I needed a new pump anyways to resolve the first issue, so it was still worth the update. Sounds like a trim cylinder checkout/rebuild is in order. Jim
  2. All, So for an update, the replacement of the pump was straightforward as I had hoped. the cables on the new pump were the exact lengths and connectors as the original. The biggest challenge was reaching behind the engine to feed the cables. Next time around I'll try to procure the original style cable ties with built in screws, so the installation will be as clean as original. After a test drive, the new pump has solved problem #1 above, but I am still seeing the drive drift down when underway (problem #2). So, the internal valve leakage in my old pump was not the root cause for that issue. I do not see any evidence of external leaks in the system (either in the bilge or in the water), so is a likely next step to resolve this issue a rebuild of the trim cylinders? This is not a major issue, as the drift is slow, and it just requires me to make trim corrections regularly to keep it where I want to be. Thanks for your input, Jim
  3. Thanks for the feedback.. Yes, I have the internal pump assembly mounted on the floor of the bilge, not the one on the transom. Sounds like a straightforward job... I'll tackle it on the 5th! Happy 4th of July everyone, Jim
  4. Hello all, I have a 2004 210 SSi, VP 5.0GL with a SX-M outdrive. I have been having a few trim issues: (1) Periodically the pump with stop working, and require a tap on the unit to get it working again. (2) When underway and trimmed up, the drive will slowly drop towards the transom. I do not see any evidence of external fluid leaks, and from what I have researched there may be leak in an internal valve on the pump. I decided to go ahead and replace the trim pump, and I procured a new Volva Penta P/N 3587079 pump assembly (same P/N as original) and a couple bottles of Volvo Penta Trim fluid. I think this should be a straightforward job, but I wanted to check and see if you had any pointers/suggestions. My thoughts on the steps required: 1) Lower Drive all the way to remove fluid from cylinders 2) Disconnect Batteries 3) Remove cap and siphon out old fluid 4) Disconnect Electrical Harness(s) and hydraulic lines from pump 5) remove old pump and install new pump 6) reconnect electrical harness(s) and hydraulic lines 7) fill pump tank to the max line with fresh fluid, cap. 8) Reconnect batteries, cycle trim up and down to bleed air from system. Add additional fluid as needed. 9) Go Boating! I think that's it... I hope it should be plug and play since I am going with a direct Volva Penta replacement. Anything I am missing? Thanks! Jim
  5. I have the standard seating setup on my 210SSi (pic attached), with the pair of back to back seats. Overall I like the setup, however I can't seem to find a comfortable way to drive the boat when standing with a knee on the seat for support. The seats have a good amount of bolstering, which is fine when you are sitting, but not so great with a knee on them. I believe the sport seat option has a flip up section in the bottom to help with this. Any suggestions for an aftermarket option to help with this... a little additional padding for height/cushion? I know some people use their throw-able flotation device, but I am looking for something a bit more integrated if possible.. plus, I don't want to compromise the integrity of the flotation device. Jim
  6. I live/work in Syracuse, but I have a camp and my boat in Cape Vincent on Lake Ontario.
  7. PM Sent... While I eventually will likely upgrade the speakers, for now I'd like to get by with the originals.
  8. I sent you a PM... Do you have any functioning stock speakers left after your upgrade to the newer JBLs? I am looking for one of these original speakers for my 2004 210 SSi. Let me know! Jim
  9. Did you have drill new holes or enlarge the existing cutout to swap in the newer JBL speakers? Jim
  10. Thanks for the response.. attached is a photo of the original speakers (they are the same in the cockpit and the bow). I checked behind the speaker and the wires are fine.. if I push on the cone with my finger, I can get it to output sound again.... so, speaker is on it's way out for sure. What are the part/model number for the JBL speakers you swapped in? Did you have to modify the holes already drilled, or did they line right up with the original cutouts? I like the "basic" look of the original speakers, and your replacement ones you put in. Some new speakers are too "styled" for my taste. I still would like to stick with the original speakers for the near term if someone has them laying around.. I already updated the head unit to a Clarion M508, and it already sounds way better that the original JBL head unit. Jim
  11. I recently purchased a 2004 210 SSi and one of the original JBL speakers (6.5 inch I think) does not work. I am not really interested in a full audio upgrade, and I was wondering if any of you who did upgrade your system have the original speakers lying around and are willing to part with them (I'll pay a reasonable amount). Thanks! Jim Cape Vincent, NY
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