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  1. Thanks guys. I never got a "blue bag" including owner's manuals, drain plug, etc... all stuff the dealer still owes me. But, I found out what it is -- Clarion GR18B. It does have two sets of pre-amp outputs. I tested the front pre-amp outputs on battery power with both 1 kHz and 50 Hz sine wave test tones (0dB reference.) At full volume (level 46 on the Clarion) it produced 1.6 VAC at both 50 Hz and 1 kHz. Testing a song or two with a factory speaker hooked up it started to get a little distorted much past volume level 30. I know that's on the amplified outputs and not necessarily repre
  2. Thank you. That's the closest commercial version to what I have, but I don't think the stock unit has Bluetooth and the colors on the buttons don't match up. Anytime I contact Chaparral the message just goes straight to my local dealer and dead ends.
  3. Gentlemen and ladies, I am busy upgrading the stock sound on my 2017 H20 19 Sport that currently has the stock 3" gauge cluster style radio. I am having a hard time getting a straight answer from my dealer, from Chaparral, and from doing searches in forums including here. Can anyone give me the stock radio specs? I know Jensen and Clarion have both been used in OEM guise, and I know that mine is Clarion. It's a 3" gauge cluster style radio on the port console behind the glove box style hatch. There appear to be two sets of RCA outputs tucked up just about out of reach behind the radi
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