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  1. TripleGGG

    Ever witness a boating accident?

    I'm going with sinkhole!
  2. TripleGGG

    Hello from East TN

    I like the looks of those. Will have to check them out. Nothing like having a West Marine store 1 mile from your office or Amazon prime. Lol. Thx for the info.
  3. TripleGGG

    Hello from East TN

    Thanks. Bow is over the dock because I just came in to pick up wife and dog. Actually first time in a slip with boat and realized I was too deep after I tied up.
  4. TripleGGG

    Hello from East TN

    Wanted to drop in and say hello. My grandad had me on the lake from the time I was a baby. I've owned numerous boats, campers, and planes over the years. I moved to TN about 4 years ago and let life get in the way of having a boat so I went the longest stretch ever without owning one. Three weeks ago I bought a 2001 Chaparral Sunesta 252 Deck boat with 307 total hours. I am already having a blast on the lakes and rivers in East TN. Of course my truck had a small V6 which wasn't enough to handle the boat so I bought another truck. Lol. I look forward to hanging around on this forum.
  5. TripleGGG

    New Chaparral owner

    Very nice. Congratulations!
  6. TripleGGG

    Happy Labor Day

    Absolutely. My favorite time of year.