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  1. Hello Hatem, I would prefer to change the window out to a better design that doesn't hold water at the seal until it evaporates or leaks past the seal. Was asking if Chapparal came out with a replacement window for this poorly designed one that would fit the opening. If there is nothing available to fit the exact opening then I'm resigned to replace the seal and hope for the best.
  2. Thanks, Iggy. I was thinking the something similar an oversized o-ring or even add some silicone to the seal and don't bother opening the windows.
  3. Hello, I'm new to Chapparal boats and the forum, just purchased a 2003 240 signature last year. I love the boat and the quality of the product given it is 15 years old. I have a question regarding the port windows and if there are any possible upgrades. I have attached a picture of the design that is on the 2003 and a newer design I have seen on likely 2010 or newer Chaparrals. I'm curious if it is possible to change out to the newer design or if anyone has done any other upgrades on old design to stop the leaking which I can only assume is at the seal for the glass. I like the newer design be
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