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  1. I know some of you love the speed thing, so.......here is the latest on my Nordic Heat. We had successfully pushed out boost to 8.5lbs, however the drive belt on the blower is stretching. Wwe are converting to COG drive this winter while the engine out. Why is the engine out? Well Ill tell you. I just received a very nice 32P merc racing labbed prop. while testing it with my oldest daughter we had an issue with HEAT. We were at 4500 rpm and 80 MPH I started to roll the throttle forward and we started pulling past 90+ then a buzzer went off..............Oil Temp shot up and Oil Pressure went Zero..........we stopped called Tow Boat US and go towed home. In My Nordic we have a High Pressure by-pass for water pressure right after the sea water pump....it keeps the engine block pressure sane at high RPMS, Apparently we sucked up a rock and it lodged in the by pass valve hanging it open and now we have zero cooling...........Engine shut off in time no BIG Kabooms just a rattle.....no knocks............Engine was pulled out and is currently at OUTLAW racing in PHX
  2. they do not run the shop at lake pleasant. they guys at Bodnar have treated me great. I have nothing but good things to say about them and the work i have seen them do.
  3. NO debris. Throttle body was removed and cleaned. the connection is pushing voltage to the IAC but it is not responding......3 of them......I even grounded the actual IAC thinking there may be a ground issue. But no help. coils a and b are getting signals from the ECm to manager idle. UGH
  4. I have never had a problem with them. Every person i have spoken to that uses them has had great service. Yelp.....as a business owner i would never use YELP they literally will bash you if you do not continue to use the service. YELP is a bunch of thieves No way I would ever trust a single review from them.
  5. Bodnar. I buy my parts from them and know the shop manager. They also have my Nordic. Pulled the engine out on it to rebuild this winter.
  6. on my 4th IAC, the past weekend Full tune up, etc. IAC will not respond, voltage its being sent to IAC to regulate the IAC but not a signal IAC will respond. ECM is sending signals via the pins/connector but the IAC will not budge.......3 different IACs and none of them will work 1 Volvo genuine and two gm. I can measure the ecm sending voltage to both coils to make adjustments but not a single budge. I got stuck in the lake and had to pull the pindle out to give me enough low rpm to dock. the minute you give it mid throttle it pull the pindle back and will idle at 2000 rpm. HOLY CARP im getting fed up. for the first time i thing i am going to have to send this to a boat shop. I cannot test the ecm without a 1000 dollar program and connectors.
  7. What pitch prop are you using?
  8. I swear by odyessy 2150....yup 2150 cranking amps $500 per battery the others i have are interstate marine and marine deep cycle.
  9. I replace my BBC 540 plugs every 20 hours
  10. NICE! My IAC seems to have gone out again. after about 4 months......it may be the TPS......How many hours on your boat now?
  11. If anyone has a digital copy of repair manual I would certainly like to have one...... QUESTION: What is the procedure for installing TPS on a 2006 5.7Gxi-F
  12. wake boats suck,,,,,,,,,there you go I said it. Yes add more ballast thousand of pounds of more ballast PLEASE.
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