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  1. BajaDriver

    Wave Height and Safe Boating

    lots of confusion about waves. Height vs length frequency, types etc. My 21 foot BAJA will handle 3-4 foot waves as long as the are frequent and close. spred them out and that spells trouble. My Chap will handle 5-6ft rollers Here is great article about waves. https://www.boatus.com/magazine/2014/june/wave-wisdom.asp
  2. BajaDriver

    Lake Powell advice

    we go all the time. wahweap is the best. be ready for big water 5-6 foot rollers!. the rental boats work fine. get a map and know how to navigate. warm creek bay is were most go to ski and play. if you are brave go 50 miles up river to rainbow bridge gas up at dangling rope marina. about 2 pm everyday expect big wind near wahweap, seems to always happen. it dies down but it is furious.
  3. BajaDriver

    Deck Drain valves, open or closed

    They are always under water line except at speed and when we beach they are well under. here is a pic at idle in no wake zone. You can see them under.
  4. BajaDriver

    Deck Drain valves, open or closed

    Our deck sink is leaking at attachment. I have to flex seal it. as they dont make the sink anymore. Bilge is fine no water. Just water in the front under seats and by sink area. Ill need to run my drain lines and see if they are cracked. Still an open question. Do any of you shut off those valves for the drains/?
  5. BajaDriver

    Fly by video

    Was running the river this weekend, wifey driving the Chap. we did fly by. You can see the front of the boat lift up when push the throttle forward. The run was 40-70 mph.
  6. BajaDriver

    Deck Drain valves, open or closed

    I noticed more water than usual in the boat, when we are beached or floating, hull drain holes are under water. do you all shut off the deck drain valves? What drains into those lines?
  7. BajaDriver

    New Single Prop from 2008 Chaparral 224 SUNESTA

    What drive and engine do you have? Where are you located?
  8. BajaDriver

    Whipple pcm calibration

    it will need that motor for sure. 275 is heavy. I have seen several with the 5.7gxi and they struggle fully loaded. The Chap hull is good for 60-65mph from what I have seen. It takes a bunch of power and right conditions to get a 275 to see those numbers. remember this if you have a Chap 275 that can see 50mph you are doing very well. Anything above 50 is gravy. Most boats i see struggle to get to 50 and have to get there with a lot of effort. Our 06 252 sees 50-53 mph with ease and it uses the F5 props, I find this to be a great pitch. It also flies to the rev limiter. I can prop up for a few mph more but we load out boat down with peeps and equipment. With the F5 props I can also manipulate our wake at just about any speed for towing skiers or tubers.
  9. BajaDriver

    Whipple pcm calibration

    BTW what boat do you have?
  10. BajaDriver

    Whipple pcm calibration

    BBlades and they have my 25P mirage plus now. Yes get your baselines. and accurate speeds gps vs rpm.
  11. BajaDriver

    Whipple pcm calibration

    Not whipple but Arizona Speed and Marine on a 7.4. They do the same thing. Best money spent was on a labbed prop, then the ECU upgrade. Once you get your prop labbed you will understand. Silky smooth operation and 3-4mph increase, better holeshot, cruise etc. This being done on my Baja.
  12. BajaDriver

    GPS speed

    Plenty of GPS apps and also a digital marine radio will work too.
  13. BajaDriver

    COBALT dont believe the hype

    After Phoenix boat show, then traveling to Miami Beach to look at a new Cobalt R35, don’t fall for the Cobalt Hype. Nothing on it was impressive enough for the reputation it seems to have. The wavey finish on the hull, thin vinyl. The front wind screen latch wouldn’t even latch because the boat was on dry land and had the hull twisted. 300k!!!!!! No thank you Cobalt. We saw it at sundancer marine in Ft Lauderdale. They had two. Cockpit ergo stunk too! Controls were not placed properly. Just yuck. Very disappointed.
  14. BajaDriver

    454 BBC performance upgrades

    cam, intake, ignition and carb will take your particular motor up 70-100HP. Its a very proven power adder in the Baja world with the same motor. Best bang is your propeller getting it labbed.
  15. BajaDriver

    Sunesta 274

    thats a big boat, is you GMC set up for towing? AKA a towing package? 1/2 ton GMC truck is rated for 5500 to 9400lbs and you WILL be maxing every lb out of it with a 274.