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  1. BajaDriver

    Catalina Trip Planning

    Great advice guys, thank you!
  2. BajaDriver

    Use caution with products containing bleach

    I wonder about peroxide? Same issues?
  3. BajaDriver

    Catalina Trip Planning

    We are planning a trip with our friends who have a 24ft Monterrey and out boat to trailer to LA and boat over to Catalina Islands for a weekend. Do any of you have any words of wisdom when it come to planning? I am set up with VHF and GPS, I noticed many use inflatables to get to docs after anchoring. Your input is greatly appreciated
  4. BajaDriver

    Need a Prop for my 204 ssi

    If you go to Off Shore Only, OSO, those speed maniacs have it down to a science and there are several fast boat engineers on there that will describe in hydrodynamic terms why the duoprops dont work well with speed boats. It seems to be around 60MPH it take even more HP to overcome to push the duo props faster moreso than the singe prop. They agree they are strong but slinging two blades is harder for the amount of return they give you at those speeds. They consider duo props workhorses but not speed demons. I love my duo prop and my Bravo 1 in my Baja. SOme other factors play a part too. My baja runs a solid hub, not sure if the DP does. SPeed parts are all over the place for Merc, not VP too. I have spun a rubber hub on my Baja.
  5. BajaDriver

    Beginner Advice - 1992 Chaparral 2200SLC

    One piece of advice that stands true, if YOU are happy with it, then that is all that matters. If you have a single doubt, keep looking. Does it run well? what speed and rpm? how does it handle with a full load of people? Any records?
  6. BajaDriver

    Need a Prop for my 204 ssi

    Bravo 3 drives dont work well with HP. I have never seen one on a fast boat or a fast boat in production.
  7. BajaDriver

    NEMA 2000 gateway CAN data cable assistance

    thank you I am gonna buy it and see if it will plug and play
  8. BajaDriver

    Need a Prop for my 204 ssi

    I adore the Volvo duo prop, I am not sure why it doesnt power fast boats, my bet is strength. Duo props are more efficient, yes they are better, they also allow better control of the boat, more directional control of the boat. It has a better holeshot and midrange than any other single prop that i know of. Top end should be on par with any other single prop I have never heard of anyone converting unless they change out the entire lower unit or drive system.
  9. BajaDriver

    bow table base installation

    We are installing a bow table but using the side mount http://tacomarine.com/category/side_mount_table/Removable-Side-Mount-Table-Pedestal-System
  10. BajaDriver

    NEMA 2000 gateway CAN data cable assistance

    This is so confusing. my volvo certified tech doesnt know if my 2006 5.7gxi is nmea capable or even how to hook it up to a GO7 xsr. UGH.
  11. BajaDriver

    Need a Prop for my 204 ssi

    Most prop shops have a program where you can borrow them to test them out. When you find the one that get the best performance they will lab it.
  12. BajaDriver

    NEMA 2000 gateway CAN data cable assistance

    HOW? what year are your engines/boat
  13. BajaDriver

    Need a Prop for my 204 ssi

    perfectly balanced, each blade is matched, cup is added, edges are cut perfectly and a transition spot is perfected from cutting to throwing. I have yet to see any factory blade that is perfectly balanced. Drastically reduce prop slip too Yes there is a huge difference from a factory blade to a labbed prop. Very noticeable in every respect. As for speed he should easily pick up better hole shot midrange and gain 2-5mph on top end depending on the entire package. If he is banging on the rev limiter he should be able to push more pitch on the top end and gain all the rest. If I did not see it on my own in my baja and other go fast boats, i wouldnt preach it. But i have seen and do see it
  14. BajaDriver

    H2O 19 200 hp or H2O 21 250 hp can't decide?

    Go bigger
  15. BajaDriver

    Need a Prop for my 204 ssi

    Mirage Plus and spend the extra to have it labbed. I have a bunch of experience in props for my Baja and others. BBLADES is a great place to start with getting the right advice on props. Not here. Not many people here know much about getting 100% out of your boat, or power package. A perfect tune and correct blade will literally turn your night into day. With more hole shot mid range, top end and less vibration. It is worth every penny.......I am currently having a set of Volvo Penta F5 Blades labbed for 350.00 here are some places to get advice and a great deal on props https://bblades.com/ http://www.cuttingedgepropellers.com/ I promise you, get their advice first then have them perfect a prop for you. You will never look back