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  1. BajaDriver

    The Baja

    We love going airborne, that is jumping wakes, the Hammer hull is steady. they only made 800 Baja Hammers. They were faster than most others that baja made that year. When we first got the Baja, my wife had never been in one and when we fired it up for the first time she said "That sound like a bad M'Fer" (she never cusses) LOL . She even loves the rumble of the 5.7GXI in the Chap.
  2. BajaDriver

    The Baja

    Same here, My admiral considers the Baja as "my" boat and the only time she wants a ride is when we tooling around with other river whips. But on that note, the Chaps, or at least ours and some others, have amazing speed. Our 2006 252 with the 320hp DP hauls fully loaded and always tags 50+mph loaded or not. Its never let us down. Our Chap pulls skiers effortlessly. It also tames big water on Lake Powell.
  3. BajaDriver

    The Baja

    This is for Hatem: its our Baja. We when we go to Havasu we bring both boats. Its a 1998 Baja Boss Hammer, 7.4 with minor tweaks. Runs straight up to 70mph on gps +/- 2mph depending on conditions. Its just a fast boat. Not much of anything else. We jump it off of wakes and it smooth at 50mph in rough water 2-4 foot water. I suppose it was designed to do that. If we go slower we nose the bow into the water to cut it. Above that speed we skim on the tops. You will notice in the video it rides on the small rear pad. It has trim tabs etc.
  4. BajaDriver

    What is the speed of the high speed boat?

    Here is our Baja, passing my friends Monterrey. We had been trailing behind and jumped the wake and accelerated to near 70.
  5. BajaDriver

    What is the speed of the high speed boat?

    Knot sure what you are asking, my boats do 50-53mph (chaparral) My baja is 70+mph depending on conditions and propeller used. It is never under 69MPH with a 23P prop and 75mph+ with another prop.
  6. BajaDriver

    1992 - 2018 Comparison

    The ethanol debate, When we have water in our tanks we put alcohol in them, LOL
  7. BajaDriver

    Engine noise - “popping” or “missing”

    Dang it! Well fuel, injector, etc.
  8. BajaDriver

    Door struts/shocks springs, What gives.

    The small ones i got at an RV store. the engine hatch was purchased online. Here is where we got the engine hatches: https://www.firstchoicemarine.com/p-92928-attwood-gas-spring-36x21c9013mm-sl29-90-1.aspx
  9. BajaDriver

    Engine noise - “popping” or “missing”

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed
  10. BajaDriver

    Engine noise - “popping” or “missing”

    well a similar issue on a thread here reported the exact symptoms and found to be a "The problem was a bad fuel pressue regulator. Mechanic installed it last week. Boat runs better then ever. Good luck!" Run a pressure check. Popping noise is lean condition.
  11. BajaDriver

    Engine noise - “popping” or “missing”

    Crossfire, and that will require new plugs wires and dist cap. Simple fix and very tell tale.
  12. BajaDriver

    Orange tint on seats

    here is a good article. Pink orange its a mildew. The sun will kill it. But you have to use a mildew remover and let the sun do the rest https://www.boatingmag.com/pink-stains-on-boat-seats-fix
  13. BajaDriver

    JBL MR 17 Issues

    Thank you! I spent un godly amounts of cash back in the day 3 amps 4 subs and 14 speakers. I want to say it was close to 8k, it still sounds amazing like the day i bought it.
  14. BajaDriver

    JBL MR 17 Issues

    Has anyone ever done a replacement of the head unit and remotes successfully with out breaking the bank? Our head unit has finally started doing the JBL twitch. JBL is NO help and neither is Chaparral