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  1. BajaDriver

    Power for 227 SSX

    Go as big as you can afford. If you question this now, you will always question it. Its very little a matter of fact but a matter of your own happiness.
  2. BajaDriver

    Silent choice exhaust systems

    I am really big into performance. Yes I think the exhaust would help, but there are other things like labbed props, tune, K&N filter etc that will allow you to increase performance. K&N works, I have tested that situation on my Baja and it makes a 3-4 mph dif, Labbed props also gained another 4-6mph
  3. BajaDriver

    Silent choice exhaust systems

    B3's should be good for 60-65, after that they props crowd each other and limit the amount of water they can throw.
  4. BajaDriver

    Silent choice exhaust systems

    https://www.offshoreonly.com/forums/general-q/123006-expected-horsepower-increase-through-prop-through-hull.html https://www.offshoreonly.com/forums/do-yourself-boating-budget/347951-silent-choice-captains-call-side-exit.html
  5. BajaDriver

    Silent choice exhaust systems

    2-3 mph gain and depends on how they are routed. Yes like any other exhaust they will reduce low end TQ and midrange but nothing substantial. Lots of tests and gps recording of guys doing this on Offshore only. com
  6. BajaDriver

    Understanding propellers and labbing, a PSA

    Trey, Starting next Wednesday for the next 7.5 weeks we are offering a discounted winter labor rate. Normal cost is $440, current cost will be $340. So now is the time to do the process if you want to. There is a shipping form on the 1st page of our website you can fill out and then print a copy and put in the box. We will contact you with any questions we might have once the propeller is received. Thank you and Happy New year. Brett Brett A. Anderson President BBLADES Professional Propellers, LLC. 920-295-4435 Office 920-295-4436 FAX www.bblades.com
  7. BajaDriver

    Understanding propellers and labbing, a PSA

    Call these guys, he is pretty much the authority, and comes from mercury racing. https://bblades.com/
  8. I thought this would be a good topic because it lends it self to efficiency and performance. My baja is currently spinning a 23P mirage plus that has been labbed. 4800 RPM i get 66 MPH/ 5100 rpm i get 70mph all gps verified. I still have 1/4 throttle left when bumping my rev limiter. This equates to a 5.3% prop slip This past weekend i decided to try a fresh untouched factory Mercury Mirage plus 25P. Comparatively it had substantial vibration, and my results were 4800rpm/66mph 5100rpm/66mph which equates to 18% slip. Compared side by side there is a noticeable difference in cupping, finish, blade edges and thickness. I highly encourage to any boat owner to have your propeller labbed for your boat. Its worth every dollar. 250-400 dollars. You reduce wear, increase efficiency and improve fuel mileage/performance. You plane better, accelerate better, and typically your cruise rpm will decrease.
  9. BajaDriver

    255 SSI

    LOL we own a 2006 Sunesta 252, I rarely see them. dont worry and enjoy. I always look at the owners face when i pass other boats. Your smile verifies your purchase.
  10. BajaDriver

    Exhaust Manifold Installation

    Very HOT topic. I love building engines and have many under my belt. Given a very clean deck and the factory gaskets. I would not POOKY anything, UNLESS the directions calls for it. I am assuming these are cast iron manifolds.
  11. BajaDriver

    Props on Bravo lll

    Have your props Labbed by a reputable company such as BBlades.
  12. BajaDriver

    PSA: Buy the correct batteries for your boat!

    I have 4, 2 house and 2 motor. Yes its 200lbs of "ballast" but with all the electronics, we never are down for power. I wish we had a lighter option.
  13. BajaDriver

    New custom cover!

    I can say yes esp with this type that holds its shape and is form fitting. The fabric does not have much if any stretch.
  14. BajaDriver

    New custom cover!

    Jamison Tops in Mesa! Tell him Trey and Katy referred you. Hit us up on facebook too.
  15. BajaDriver

    New custom cover!

    it rained the day we got it, the fabric doesn't stretch, and the clips that hold the edge are adjustable too. No water and it poured right off. Im shocked though at how it tows now. it so much better