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  1. Fishstick


    I haven't figured out how to deter them, but Star Brite Bird and Spider Remover is the BEST. I use a water hose to wet the deck, spray on the poop remover, within a few seconds you see the poop "melting", turn the water hose back on and wash all the poop off. Takes about 5 minutes to completely clean. https://www.amazon.com/Star-brite-Spider-Stain-Remover/dp/B00EXIVYQE/ref=sr_1_2_sspa?s=sporting-goods&ie=UTF8&qid=1547347603&sr=1-2-spons&keywords=star+brite+bird+and+spider+remover&psc=1
  2. Fishstick

    Mercs Winterized - Need Advice on A/C and Genset

    Thanks @Iggy Got them both going and winterized now.
  3. Fishstick

    Mercs Winterized - Need Advice on A/C and Genset

    I’m having some issues. At the lake this weekend. Before I left two weeks ago I closed the valves off for the genset and A/C. i opened the valve for the genset today and just wanted to first start it and let it run. It starts but no water exits the boat, only exhaust. I had previously two weeks ago cleaned the strainer. Turned it off then back on, still exhaust. I don’t know why it isn’t taking in lake water, new impeller and ran just fine before I cleaned the strainer. To the A/C. Open the valve turn heater on and water discharges from boat, good. Turn off, open and remove strainer, I have a large container setting on top of strainer and fill with AF. Turn A/C back on and it doesn’t take the AF. Nothing discharges. Remove container, put strainer back in and turn on. A/C back on. Again, nothing discharges from boat, turn off. Any help appreciated.
  4. Fishstick

    Mercs Winterized - Need Advice on A/C and Genset

    There's always water standing in the forward bilge area, not a lot, but enough to annoy me so I had a little bit of AF left in a bottle and poured it in.
  5. Fishstick

    Mercs Winterized - Need Advice on A/C and Genset

    Yea, I can already tell the next time will be quicker!
  6. Fishstick

    Mercs Winterized - Need Advice on A/C and Genset

    One minute per engine?! I don't know if I'm mad or jealous I was at the lake today and was going to do the genset and A/C but it was 70 today and then next 10 days look like very mild temps so I will continue to enjoy the boat and wait. Two stupid questions: - Does it matter if I turn the A/C on or heater to winterize? I'm not sure I will be able to get the A/C with the cooler temps. - I poured some anti-freeze in the forward bilge under the steps in the cabin. Is that ok? Any odors or other issues?
  7. Fishstick

    1994 Chaparral 190 SL Limited

    Have you emailed Chaparral? They have a "contact us" link on the home page. When I bought our '95 Chap recently, I couldn't find some specific tech/engine information and I emailed them thinking they wouldn't reply, but the next day they replied and attached exactly what I wanted plus some, and you could tell if was the original literature from '95 they scanned for me but hadn't posted on their site.
  8. First winter we have owned the Chap and got the twin Mercs winterized yesterday. That was an experience I'm glad only comes once per year. Finding the brass fittings was difficult, getting a tool that fit was harder, not being able to see the fittings was even worse. Working in the engine compartment is not comfortable, my back is killing me, I'll find some 10 year old kid next year or I need to work on my flexibility this coming year! I wish I would of had a mask to breathe through because my insulation is flaking really bad and it became annoying. I'm assuming the insulation is for sound barrier more than anything else. I'm wondering if this is replaceable. Couldn't get my bilge heater to come on while testing. A quick google and read to turn the spray can upside down, that worked and heater came on. Got my fresh water tank winterized and then moved to the waste system. Spun the cap off (first time) only to find it didn't have a chain attached to it like my water cap does and yes, it now sits at the bottom of the lake. Having only owned the Chap for several months now, I've never cleaned the A/C or Genset filters.....and after doing so, it was clear the previous owner didn't either. Man, they were bad but now clean as can be. I turned the valves off for the head, A/C and Genset, but I'm stuck there. It's not clear to me how to get anti-freeze through the A/C or Genset. I've googled/youtubed and it seems like it should be really easy, but I can't quite put it together. My boat is in a slip and won't be moved to shore to do this. Any help on doing these last two items is appreciated. Seems like I would just leave the valves off, turn the A/C and Genset on, and while running, keep pouring AF directly into the strainers, but something tells me there's more to it. Thanks in advance.
  9. Fishstick

    Fall Maintenance

    Been on the north side of Lake Texoma all weekend. Aside from the muddy water from the rains, what a really nice weekend it's been on the water! Very light winds and temps around 70. Our walkway to the slip last weekend was about 8" under water, today, we are high and dry though the lake is still probably 8-9' above what it should be...and we have water again on the slip which allowed me to successfully test the water pump and we now have water on the boat finally w/o any leaks as we bypassed the water heater last weekend but couldn't test for leaks. While we have still yet to sleep on the hook in a cove, we did get the chance yesterday to stay on the hook most of the day, and run the genset and A/C (it was almost hot yesterday!). First anchor attempt only took about 5 minutes before my anchor alarm app went off. Second attempt kept us in the same spot the remainder of the day. I need some more practice with this to feel comfortable. And with the help of TexasPilot71, I was able to get the rest of my equipment in the engine compartment identified. Thanks to @TexasPilot71
  10. Fishstick

    Where is Water Heater Breaker!

    Yes, we still have the SR Fish & Ski and it's in a slip near the "new/used" Chaparral. We bought it brand new while at a boat show and while we don't have an hour meter on it, I would have to guess it's near 2K hours on the Honda. Our kids grew up in that boat and we spent many, many, many weekends pulling them on tubes, skis, kneeboards and swimming. We fish before summer and then after summer. We have fished into late December, early January, but pretty cold, but the bite is pretty good. We have used the boat on average, 8-9 months out of the year. At Texoma, most like to fish for stripers. They are fun to chase when they get to chasing the shad and at that point, it's like a cartoon because every cast...you catch one unless you have two hooks on the line, and then you catch two. The bigger striper are from our experience, down a bit deeper and you need to drop the line down and jig....or troll and get the lure down as much as possible. Aside from stripers, there are bass, smallmouth and largemouth. We aren't really into the bass fishing, but lots are. Texoma has a lot of big catfish. A lot of guys will set out jug lines to "catch them". I hate the jug lines because they can be hard to see and I worry about getting their line in my prop, please sometimes, they litter an area like a minefield. It probably doesn't help that I don't like eating catfish. The last popular fish here are crappie. Crappie's are caught mainly in the slips where people drop/bury brush and stuff to attract them in. They are by far the best fish to eat, except if you ask the jug liner, he will tell you catfish which is a greasy bottom eater. We've never dropped any boat in the ocean, but we have been plenty of times. I'd love to have a bigger boat on the ocean and go on a small trip somewhere but I would want to do it with someone that has done it before! I've fished my share in the ocean and you never know what you will catch there, it's just like the box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get. So I would agree the ocean has many more varieties and bigger fish, even those that want to eat you. I guess it's what you grow up with, but fishing freshwater doesn't get boring. When you are in a neck and the water couldn't be more glassier and still, that's almost better than catching anything! It's really peaceful. On a completely side note, I'm at the lake now and our slip walkway is about 8" under water for about 20 yards. Not to bad wading through it, but I went to turn the water on at the slip and no water, I forgot when it floods like this, the water is shut off.
  11. Fishstick

    Where is Water Heater Breaker!

    No, he lives in the Dallas/Fort Worth area just like we do, but we have always enjoyed the northern side of Texoma. My brother-in-law (local to us in DFW) had a Carver 32' and a Wellcraft 29' and he told me that he never winterized either, just used the heater. We do get some freezing temps, but nothing like those in the NE or north of OK. I will take some extra pre-cautionary measures though that maybe they didn't. I've searched through the forum and have a good idea on what needs winterizing.
  12. Fishstick

    Where is Water Heater Breaker!

    The bilge heater was actually the easier fix and un-related to the electrical. Once we saw the electrical was actually on a spare, we flipped the second spare on and viola, shot some of that air freezer in the bilge tester and it kicked on. During purchase, I asked him about his winterization process and he told me he only relied upon the bilge heater. I'm really wondering now if the heater was ever turned on at the panel since he told me a week ago the two spares were not in use. My list of things to do and check now is beginning to become very manageable. I'm sure I will have to post some more questions soon as the forum has really been helpful in learning.
  13. Fishstick

    Where is Water Heater Breaker!

    Hi Hatem, No twiggies, just traced them which wasn't especially easy. Correct, he didn't know the plugs and bilge heater were on the spares. I've spoken to him a number of times after the sale and while he is really nice, I've figured out he didn't know much about his boat like I thought he did. The plug in the engine compartment that powers the battery charge had to be replaced. Once replaced and the spare was "on" the others worked. Should I ever buy another big boat, I will be so much more versed in what to ask, look for, and test. As a first-time big boat buyer, I clearly missed some things and wished I could of had someone with more experience there to ask, look, and test. Overall still very happy, it's just been a real process to get the boat where I want it, but on the upside, I've learned a lot!
  14. Fishstick

    Our Upcoming First Weekend on the Hook

    We are on the Oklahoma side of the lake, almost furthest north, Little Glasses Marina in Madill, OK, been there for about 25 years. I will go up this weekend and hoping to be able to get to the boat.
  15. Fishstick

    Our Upcoming First Weekend on the Hook

    Thanks Iggy, We will probably be in 15-25' of water and didn't realize I will need to release that much line! I had a battery issue and it took sometime to correct. When we got it corrected, it has been raining here for almost two weeks straight and haven't had a good weekend yet to go out!!! The lake level is steadily rising and we expect our walkway to the slip to go under within a week. This happened about 4 years ago on the lake when it flooded really bad and slips moved all around the lake. It was a real mess so we are hoping it doesn't come to that as we were unable to get to our boat for around 6 months due to walkway damage. The marina was hit really hard.