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  1. @Wingnut and @Mrcody looked at the a/c this morning to clean the air filter. I can't find it! i was expecting to see something right on top with a little door or something. here's a pic of what i see. any suggestions?
  2. Thanks to both of you for the suggestions, I will try them all this weekend. I can't believe the "filter" I've been cleaning is the filter at the metal grate as @Mrcody described!!! I feel so stupid. I'm hoping with finding the "real filter" and cleaning it and using either bleach or the bromide tablets in the strainer, this will show significant cooling performance and the Admiral will be all set for summer fun.
  3. '95 310 Signature. The A/C doesn't really keep the boat cool. Was out yesterday, temps in upper upper 70's/maybe low 80's, beautiful day, and the A/C held at 83 degrees, which isn't comfortable, water temp 58 degrees. Strainer is clean, filter clean, good water flow out of the boat. This might be the original A/C which is a Marine Air Cabin Mate, which I think Dometic bought. What suggestions do have? I don't know if this model has refrigerant, or how to check for it, or how to check/clean coils. Maybe the A/C is near end-of-life, but I'd really like the cabin to remain cooler this summer as we will often reach near 100 degrees in July/August. Can any "A/C guy" also work on marine A/C's? There's not a lot, if any, options around the marina for this that I have found.
  4. Your boat wasn't winterized properly and insurance paid to fix the repairs? I wasn't aware insurance would pay on that. Was there something unusual with the claim? I need to look closer at my policy but I thought if I didn't winterize properly and damage was caused, it was up to me to fix at my expense.
  5. what @tomnjo said....classic 70's streamed via pandora, nothing loud, background music you can hear and sing along with and still carry on a conversation with others.
  6. I bought this a few years ago: https://www.walmart.com/ip/STANLEY-1000-500-Amp-12V-Jump-Starter-with-LED-Light-and-USB-J509/14560016?wmlspartner=wlpa&selectedSellerId=3&adid=22222222227009222192&wl0=&wl1=g&wl2=c&wl3=40839140912&wl4=pla-56587013569&wl5=9027307&wl6=&wl7=&wl8=&wl9=pla&wl10=8175035&wl11=online&wl12=14560016&veh=sem Carry it on the little boat that only has one starting battery....never had to use it. Carry it in the truck and have used it several times and it works as advertised. Hopefully don't run into the situation that Curt described.
  7. I had a chance to look at this again over the weekend. I still need one more weekend to rule everything else out, but I feel pretty confident at this point that it's the condensation drain from the A/C that is dripping into the compartment. From the A/C unit, I have a blue pex line that runs from the A/C to the sump pump. I have a clear hose that is connected at the drip pan. I can't tell where that goes to. Would it dump the water overboard or run to the sump pump too? The blue pex line goes up around 12-18" and then down the compartments. Seems moving water uphill would be hard, but I don't know.
  8. I bought a brand new 84 Isuzu pickup. I liked that truck and eventually sold it to my dad. He kept it for another 25 years and gave it as a gift to my son when he turned 16. Six months later son wrecked it and the truck was history.
  9. The Z28 was even cooler than the Bandits Trans AM. I really liked that body style and couldn’t believe when they changed it.
  10. Fishstick

    Battery issues

    I'm confused. I have four batteries, one for the engines, three for the house. I typically will use the engine battery, start the generator, and head out. When we get to our spot, I might leave the genny running on on the engine battery and when done for the day, start the engine and head back. However, sometimes when we get to our spot, I will kill the engine and genny, switch to the three house batteries and re-start the genny. When leaving I may just start the engines on the three house batteries and head back. In short, I don't think much about which battery bank I'm on with the engines or genny....but it sounds like it matters even though I've done this all summer w/o any issues. Can you help clarify please?
  11. Some really cool old cars we had back then! @Hatem yes it was the boat pics I was hoping someone could post, thank you. The brand was Executive, and I’ve never seen another one besides the one I owned.
  12. Dang, I didn't check for that. So I'm assuming if I remove all rope and chain I should see some fitting in the anchor locker? Is it supposed to drain outside the front of the boat or ?? I can't visually recall seeing where this would drain to.
  13. My first car as a teenager was a '76 Chevy Camaro with a 350, 4bbl carb. Man that car was in great condition and was too fast for a kid. It was eventually handed down to a younger sister and later sold. I've always wondered what happened to it and sure would like to have it back. I bought my first boat in my early 20's in 1990. I knew nothing about boats. I bought a '83 Executive with a 488 Mercruiser for $4,250. The Merc had a 4 bbl carb in it and produced 188 hp. Every first start of the day was painful. I usually had to spray some ether directly in the carb (stupid), but it would fire up and ran flawlessly the rest of the day. I kept that boat for about 5 years and sold it in '95 and bought a brand new Sea Ray that I still have today. Like my first car I've always wondered if the boat was still around and neglected like so many. I really enjoy looking through all the different boat sales sites and today I came across my Executive boat! I have never seen another Executive boat in all my times surfing around and this one is close to my home. As much as I would love to have her back, the guy is asking $4,429....more than I paid for her 20 years ago and she looks rough now. This boat had some wood on her and I kept it sanded and polished really nicely. I recall a soft spot in the floor that I fixed and re-carpeted it too at that time. I'm really inclined to go see her and take some pics. I tried to upload the images but this site is not image friendly. Would someone mind posting images of her as the site will eventually do down. https://dallas.craigslist.org/ndf/boa/d/fort-worth-165-ski-boat/6973822275.html What was your first boat or car and do you still have them?
  14. Little update: I spoke to my mechanic on the lake today about this and he mentioned two things: check the pex hose and anchor box. Have you guys been talking with my mechanic @Phillbo, the water isn't warm, feels lake temperature. I bought a $10 siphon kit off amazon so I could siphon the water out of the compartment as I wasn't sure how deep that compartment was or how much water. I got the rest siphoned out which might have measured 1/2 gallon at best. My snake camera came in cause I wanted to be able to see inside the compartment. I didn't glean much and need to check it out again, but it was dry which was good. I really needed another person to look at the phone and tell me which way to move the snake. The blue pex hose running through the compartments runs from the AC to the sump pump. Once the compartment was empty of water I ran the boat again at 3200 rpm's to see how much water. Checked and there was none. My next test will be washing the deck. As stated earlier, I typically wash it every weekend (gotta get the spider poo off) and I'm beginning to think the water (we have fresh water at the slip with water hose), maybe running down the anchor locker or the windshield or windows up top. This has been slow testing to rule things out and I won't be back up for a week or two. Thanks for all the suggestions. More to come as I find out more.
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