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  1. A leaking gas tank is really scary and dangerous. How did you identify the leak? Smell? You saw it in the engine compartment? Or? I only ask because while I run the blowers, I never open the engine hatches to look or smell for gas. Maybe I should....what a hassle...but the risk of not doing it sounds like if leaking, the compartment could fill w/gas and that would be catastrophic.
  2. That's what I do and looking ahead, I think I have several weeks left. New York.....never. Texoma, the lake is part Texas, part Oklahoma.
  3. Yep, even though I have a bilge heater, I still winterize everything on the boat because never know when electricity at the slip is out. I think I can safely get 2-3 more weeks of boating before the process begins.
  4. We are on the boats most every weekend in the summer. This summer has definitely been different with all the new boat owners on the water. Really crazy watching out for them. History on our lake has been after Labor Day, hardly anyone on the water. Was really curious with covid and all the new boats what it would look like this year. Very happy to report....they are gone!!! So nice and pleasant now to enjoy the water. Can't wait for 2-3 years when they start selling their boats.
  5. From the pics of the boat, it was fully engulfed in flames. Assumption here.....I guess the tank of gas wasn't ignited or the boat and occupants would not have survived that blast. Am I right to think the fumes in the engine compartment were ignited which caused the fire that spread throughout? I am not a fire expert by any means, but I had assumed that if there were fumes in the engine compartment and ignited, there would be an initial blast/combustion of fumes, maybe blowing an engine hatch off, and then nothing else to burn. IE, the event is over vs the entire tank of gas is
  6. We don't boat on this lake but it's fairly close to us. This past weekend the boat exploded and sank after re-fueling. Nine onboard with many injuries. Initial reports are fumes in the bilge. Wonder if he had the blowers running? https://www.weatherforddemocrat.com/news/occupants-reported-stable-following-weatherford-boat-explosion/article_f3665170-eb93-11ea-acbf-7f93537cf3ea.html
  7. Did you forget to check to see if the plug was in? Just from the video, guessing the plug wasn't in.
  8. Cruiser Yachts, Sea Ray, and Monterrey. Buddy has a Monterrey 270 and it's really nice.
  9. Thanks Phillbo....would the adjustment be in the actual throttle or the throttle cable?
  10. '95 Twin Merc 5.7l and have owned the boat coming up on 2 years. Most all our outings are at slow cruise speeds. Never tried to open her up until yesterday when I decided to take a long cruise. Engines sound great at 3200 rpm's and ran like that for 30 minutes. Decided to go a little faster when I noticed the port side throttle was pushed as far as it would go forward. Starboard had more room to move forward, but didn't since port seemed "maxed out". Is this an adjustment to throttle, throttle cable or ?? My guess is it's been like this from day one I purchased.
  11. Only what is being communicated through this site. So that is your username/password and any private messages you send to other users. So if your username/password was intercepted, they could login as you and do "whatever" on this site, but they would not be able to access other sites you use....unless you use the same password on other sites. That's really the biggest problem here as many might say, "we are only talking about boats", but being in the "tech business", many users re-use username/passwords to all kinds of different sites and it's really easy to discover more info about you
  12. The "not secure" simply means that each time you post a comment, that comment is not encrypted and could be intercepted. More important than that it means that when you login with your username and password, that is not encrypted and could be intercepted. The site owners could get a free SSL certificate to install on their server, but they apparently do not care about privacy, only to sell boats.
  13. @rjbergen - i don't know about duckbill valves. @Johnfrmcal I had already left before I saw your question and don't know if it's jammed or not. My head looks like this: https://www.amazon.com/Jabsco-Electric-Marine-Operation-Macerator/dp/B01N1IYAPG. Is that the macerator behind the head? I remember seeing this but didn't remove the cover. Thinking about it more, when we push the flush button, the water starts to swirl, but I don't recall hearing anything more. It seemed quiet. Does the macerator make noise on flush? Seems like previous flushes, it was a little "louder". To provi
  14. Electric Head, it's clogged. Tried plunger, no luck. Have a plumber snake at home, but that means next weekend. First time this has happened on boat, I think last weekend some toilet paper was put it in and flushed. Suggestions for getting it unclogged?
  15. Our docks have signage warning about the possibility of electrical current, but doesn't prohibit you from swimming off your boat/slip. Lots do. How does electric current get into the water to cause the threat? I didn't see that in the article.
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