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  1. Fishstick

    genset has smoky dark water coming from boat

    Oil was full and clean, coolant level good, strainer clean.....not sure what happened yesterday but when testing in the slip today with a full load on the genset, everything was fine. Will probably take a few outings with it to restore my confidence in it!
  2. Hi, Genset has previously been running fine for hours at a time. Had the oil and impeller changed a month ago, and coolant level looks good. Have 3/4 tank full of gas. Today while swimming, I noticed the water from the genset appeared "dark or muddy". At first I thought it looked like muddy water, but realized we were in deep water and the water was clear for the lake. Got closer and heard the genset bog a few times and the water looked "dark or smoky" to me, but was still running - but didn't sound right. Immediately boarded and turned the genset off before it died on its own. I cleaned the strainer about two weeks ago so doubt it's that. I was wondering if I might have sucked up some trash or something. If so, how do you check this or would driving the boat back to the slip clear that? Looking for some advice of what to check for or what may have caused the issue. I did find this in another post Check the water intake to ensure there is no debris clogging the water intake. But not sure where to check this.
  3. Fishstick

    Generator Charge the Batteries?

    So the switch on the genset is set to on so from all advice given, I am doing it right. I just didn't expect the batteries to take so long to recharge. Maybe an incorrect assumption on my part but I thought when the genset was running, all batteries would stay fully charged.
  4. Fishstick

    Generator Charge the Batteries?

    On my panel I have the slider for shore power or ship power, underneath that, I have the A/C for shore or ship power. So that seems pretty easy on which to pick. The only thing I don't know is what the switch is on my genset. I always start the genset from the panel inside the boat. I'm hoping tomorrow when I look at it the switch it's marked. Here's a pic I took of it several months back.
  5. Fishstick

    Generator Charge the Batteries?

    Got it now and thanks for the battery setup proposal. Do I switch the A/C back and forth (on the genset) depending upon if I am on ship or shore power? For example, if I'm on shore power should the A/C on the gen be off and on if I'm on ship power? So everything else you describe I already do (ship power, no shore, etc). The only thing I don't know is the A/C switch on the genset. I have just been running the A/C while on ship power. I will look tomorrow to see what the A/C switch looks like on the genset as we plan another all day outing on the lake.
  6. Fishstick

    Simpson Lawrence Horizon 1000 Windlass

    Well tightening the clutch didn't help. I removed the outer clutch to find an inner bolt that appears to have been cut in half. I'm not sure what that bolt does, but it no longer screws in so tomorrow I will try and remove the broken bolt somehow (I can't even see it) find another bolt with a funky head and put back together and see if it was just the bolt (hope so).
  7. Fishstick

    Simpson Lawrence Horizon 1000 Windlass

    Yes, the barrel spins. I found this youtube which is what mine is doing. I'm going down to the slip in a few hours and will try to tighten the clutch.
  8. Fishstick

    Generator Charge the Batteries?

    Yes, once the genset is started I switch to ship power so everything on the boat is powered by the genset. It just seems that the batteries would be 100% charged up and I'm not sure how to check what Iggy suggests to check.
  9. Fishstick

    Generator Charge the Batteries?

    I don't know if the genset is feeding the A/C panel. How would I check? I'm at the lake for the next few days. Is there something I can check that runs from the genset to ??
  10. I have no idea if this is original to the boat. Yesterday I had to manually pull the anchor up. The windlass would turn but when it caught the rope, it would stop, or just spin like it was stripped out. I could drop the anchor automatically, just not get it up. Best I could describe is that it seems stripped. I have no experience with a windlass but they are great! Any suggestions? Not sure if due to the age of rope or the mechanism is stripped? Is this something that can be repaired or is it toast?
  11. Fishstick

    Generator Charge the Batteries?

    Generator and battery charge question. I have 4 batteries on my 310. Starboard engine has one battery and port has three batteries for house. Starboard is on switch 1 and port on switch 2. I was told to run on switch one and when on the hook, move to switch 2 where the three batteries are. I always seem to forget to move from switch one to switch two. Yesterday ran the generator for around 6 hours and of course forgot to move the switch to the house batteries. Boat started w/o issue but when I got back to the slip and shore power, I noticed my quad bank promariner charging was blinking red for several hours. Checked on it this morning and was green. My question: Does the generator charge the battery while running? Does it charge all batteries or only where the perko switch is selected to? Having run the generator for six hours straight, I would have expected to see the battery charger showing green when on shore power.
  12. Fishstick

    Blower Squeal

    95 Sig 310 when running the blower this past weekend got some really high and annoying squeals. it was not constant just random. Assuming I need to replace the blower. I’ve never done this. Any type or brand you recommend or one to stay away from? I assume it’s just 12 volts and undue wires and reconnect? Thanks in advance.
  13. Fishstick

    New Boat, First Use Losing Gear Oil!?

    Had a similar issue after purchase....the starboard engine was slowly losing gear oil. While I always have extra on hand in the boat, couldn't figure out why. Had a marina look at it while doing some other maintenance and they identified the reservoir itself had a very small hairline crack. Replaced the reservoir and all good now!
  14. Fishstick

    To change or not to change Impeller

    Went 8 years on the same impeller on my little 90HP Honda. Fortunately I was right at the slip when the engine stopped to avoid over-heating.
  15. First full summer on the lake with the "new" 310. I can't decide if I want to buy an over-priced grill or not or eat cold dishes like sandwiches and stuff. Curious what's your favorite dish on the boat for a long weekend? I'd like some ideas to help decide to grill or not to grill. Summer is coming....