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  1. summerx

    What is this?

    it is a magma grill mount for the kettle grills. I had on a previous boat. a 12" metal rod hooked into that and holds the grill out over the water. at least that is what it appears to be to me. https://www.amazon.com/Magma-Products-A10-240-Vertical-Surface/dp/B0018YBUZQ/ref=sr_1_4?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI9r3S8OvF4gIVAUOGCh2gFgZNEAAYAiAAEgILUPD_BwE&hvadid=190475273258&hvdev=c&hvlocphy=9008020&hvnetw=g&hvpos=1t2&hvqmt=e&hvrand=13135301239888898353&hvtargid=kwd-316628579723&hydadcr=9409_9900285&keywords=magma+kettle+grill+mount&qid=1559308256&s=gateway&sr=8-4
  2. I wouldn't shy away from any of those options, as they will each be sufficient. I would think condition and service history would sway me. Also, was it stored in the water or on a lift? are any of them saltwater vs freshwater? They each have joysticks, so which other options are present and of course, what is the price difference. I love my volvo's to be honest, but would also consider the newer one if price/options are comparable
  3. summerx

    Weather Sealing Transom Compartments

    I have the same problem on my 330 and plan to do the same thing. on mine, only the starboard side leaks. The port is fine, but I planned to put it on both anyway. I was likewise thinking of stick on rubber door seals. was thinking the foam would saturate and allow water in as well. it would need to be small rubber gasket though, as there isn't much room. when I inspected mine a little closer, it appears it is a manufacturing defect on the top right corner that allows a gap. I was thinking something like this would work. https://www.amazon.com/AUSPA-Stripping-Adhesive-Automotive-Weatherstrip/dp/B07526PZ6S/ref=sr_1_7?crid=3RUHFLHC52S1V&keywords=rubber+weather+stripping&qid=1556276920&s=gateway&sprefix=rubber+weather%2Caps%2C157&sr=8-7
  4. summerx

    Wave Height and Safe Boating

    ive spent too many days on lake erie in 21-24' boats, fishing in 6-8' waves growing up. when you dropped into the swell of the wave, the top was higher than the bimini and all you saw was water around you. when you popped back up, you could see forever. That said, now, a bit older and wiser, I don't recommend that. However, you would be SAFE in 10' waves as long as you didn't get broadside to them. also depends on if they are rolling or breaking. Breaking is much worse of course and could break over the transom if you are going with them. I wouldn't be concerned about safety if you got out there and it blew up into 5-6' waves. may be uncomfortable, but that boat would handle it great. As always, watch and follow the weather and let that be your guide as to whether to go or not. if in doubt, stay home or close to home port.
  5. summerx

    What product/s to use to remove oxidation?

    I was thrilled with how nicely it cleaned up. It looked good before I started, but really shows nicely now. the fresh bottom paint helped as well.
  6. summerx

    What product/s to use to remove oxidation?

    Here is the reflection of the boat sitting next to my 2007 330 after using presta products last weekend
  7. summerx

    JBL Stereo Replacement Questions

    the amp in my 330 is the cabinet to the left of the sink/countertop area, next to the forward berth. I'd be shocked if there wasn't an amp on board somewhere.
  8. summerx

    What product/s to use to remove oxidation?

    I would look at the Presta line of products. There is a compound and a separate polish. Neither have wax and both do a great job and are pretty easy to work with and wipe off. You could then ceramic coat afterwards.
  9. summerx

    New 277 vs 297

    this is a tough call. Rarely will you be upset having a larger boat on LOTO. However, you have to factor in the $$ part. I would think the 277 would do fine in most situations, but certainly on rougher days, you will appreciate the 297. I previously owned a crownline 266ccr and then moved up to a 275ccr. Probably about the same size difference you are looking at here with an extra 2' of length and 800 lbs, but the same beam. I will say that the 275 did handle the chop and roughness of the chesapeake bay noticeably better. I really think it comes down to how much $$ you are comfortable spending. it'll still be cheaper to buy the larger one now, than regret the smaller one, sell it and move up later. good luck. its certainly a good dilemma to have.
  10. yes, on the cruiser market they will go 30 years on the loans if wanted and 20 years seems to be the new standard that they advertise prices with. Many boat show boats seems to list the 20 yr payment with 10-20% down. the smaller bow riders seemed to be 180 mo. That would be a sucker bet for most. Unless you are willing and able to make significantly larger payments each month, you would never get ahead of that payment and not be upside down. I think it catches people new into boating off guard as they likely don't realize the boat depreciation makes a car look like a good investment in the shorter term, 3-5 years.
  11. I have been wondering this same things for a few years now. We just bought a used 330. I couldn't dream of paying for one that size new. obviously chaparral doesn't offer it now, but even the new 270 sig, equipped as most would want a cruiser is $170K msrp. Crownline was another we were considering. Their new 330 equipped similar to my 330 stickers at $350K. that is so out of my ballpark I can't imagine. and that's not even close to the Formula's which are $100k beyond that. it'll only be used for me at this point, as I just simply can't afford that level of toy payments...
  12. summerx


    thanks for the update. Ours has a 3 yr warranty on it, so hopefully we'll be OK from that perspective. sounds like you think they do an adequate job towing the kids at least. I am excited to get it on the water and see how it works out this spring. thanks
  13. summerx


    I know this is an old thread, but we just bought a new, leftover 2018 Seadoo wakepro 230. Hoping it will be a better to pull the kids on wakeboards than our chap330 is? Any feedback on the wakepro's now that you guys have a full season of use on them? anything to watch out for or advice?
  14. summerx

    Shameless plug for my YouTube channel

    I loved watching these videos! my parents have a camp at the base of presque isle, behind Sara's, since 1981. I spent my entire childhood up there EVERY summer weekend, boating and at beach 11, walleye fishing and skiing in the bay. its what created my love of boating and the water. Sadly, they sold their boat last season as it was just getting too much for them to handle as they age. Really enjoyed seeing the area as I only make it up there 1-2x per year these days. My kids however spend a few weeks up there each summer and love it as well. thanks!
  15. summerx

    Boat purchase showing protocol question

    that is a tough one, especially this time of year. Is it even in the water? Is the boat currently winterized? if so, I could see where they wouldn't want to unwinterize it unless you are a serious buyer and planning to move forward if all checks out. Just bc you are able to hear them run, if you can't agree on a price, it would be irrelevant. But, I completely agree with you, I wouldn't want to get nearly that far without being confident that all checks out on a basic level.