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  1. I am looking for a "C" for my haparral also. 2004 Sunesta 236.
  2. Found the problem. One of the terminals that connect to the ignition breaker was broken and if you zoom in you can see where it was rusting right where it cracked. It was in an area that is clean and dry.
  3. The connections under the dash are all very clean and tight. Looks like new under there. When the breaker is reset the starter engages perfectly, over and over again. Then randomly the ignition breaker will need reset. I did not get a chance to pull the power cut off switch and check those connections yet. I will start checking in more detail and then if I can't find anything I'll check back with you guys. Thanks for your input.
  4. Battery is fully charged. Connection at battery is very clean and tight. Will start with the power disconnect switch connections.
  5. I have a 2004 Sunesta with merc 5.0 that I bought end of last season. Have two things going on. 1 - Boat worked fine first couple times out. Then went out to dock and when turned the key nothing happened. There was power to everything else. Had to push the breaker button marked ignition. Boat then worked fine. 2 - Another day driving and boat just cut out. Came to stop and then just turned key and it restarted. Did not have to do anything. 3- Couple days later I was driving, hit a big wave and boat cut out. This time no power at all. No horn, nothing. Pushed ignition reset, nothing happened. Pushed all then looked near motor pushed a couple of reset buttons and it started and drove fine. Later same day it cut out again. Hit the ignition reset and run fine again. Connections at battery are solid and clean. Is there a common thing that would cause the ignition to need to be reset? I did not remove and check the connections at the power cut off switch located behind the driver seat. Should I start there?
  6. I bought a used Sunesta 236 that was stored on a lift. Hull is like new. I never painted my old boat but was thinking about painting this one. Boat would be in water about 6 months per season. Freshwater, Lake Milton, Ohio. Does painting the bottom stop growth or just make it easier to clean? Any drawbacks to painting? Which type is best, the hard paint or the one that wears off? For those of you who do not paint, what do you use to clean the hull?
  7. I can use a "c" if you have it.
  8. Thanks BajaDriver, I will have to measure to see if those are a fit. Says in the ad that they think they are for a 210.
  9. Just bought a 2004 Sunesta 236 and it does not have the optional bow filler cushions. I know some people never use them. Anyone have any or know where to locate them? Also, going to be looking for one of those elusive chrome letter "C''s.
  10. Well. I located another very nice boat. 2006 220 SSI with 350 mag and bravo 3. Has 396 hours and is in real good condition. Haven't water tested it yet though.
  11. Futzin - those are really awesome pics. Looks like you are enjoying your boat! I guess I usually don't ski when there's a lot of people on the boat. Usually about four of us go out to ski so only would have three in boat. Might be pulling a tube with more people in the boat. I contacted Chaparral about performance of this boat with 5.0 and here's what they sent to me. (attached) No way this boat was going to hit 50 when I drove it. Wish I could go back and play around with it for a while and figure out whether I could deal with that 5.0 or not. 236 performance test - 0291_001.pdf
  12. Thanks for the replies. You guys with the same boat and 5.0 confirmed what I already thought, just a little underpowered. Can you pull a slalom skier up with 5 or 6 people in the boat? If it can do that I may be able to live with the top end. I know I can change props for different purposes as I have done on my other boats to get top speed or better hole shot. I really like the additional room and storage of that boat. Kind of pontoon like in that respect.
  13. I am looking for a used boat. Drove a 2004 Sunesta with 5.0 MPI and Alpha 1. The top speed was only about 37 on the speedo with five people in the boat, slight chop and some wind. Boat was on a lift so the hull was clean. The hole shot seemed a little week too. I slalom ski and need some power to get up. It has a standard aluminum 3 blade prop in good condition. 330 hours and overall excellent condition. I loved every other aspect of this boat. Anyone have one of these? What is your experience with this engine in this boat? Does this seem normal? I know these boat speedo's aren't always very accurate. Also, my last two boats had a lot of power, a 1975 17' Mark Twain with a 302 and then a 1986 Stingray SBV205 with a 5.7. Any way to get a little more out of this set up? 4 blade prop? Any other recommendations? Thanks
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