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  1. Yes it is, but the handles won't work perfectly. I bought one for $25 on Amazon, so $60 is a little pricey.
  2. As you can tell, the odd person posting on this forum doesn't always completely grasp the situation before posting....
  3. Hate to break this to you, but the discussions above are referring to duo-prop drives. Not many are going to have a couple spare sets of $1200 props hanging around just to change for the day. Buy the most HP you can, use the best prop set that fits the 95% of your use and run with it.
  4. Your popup cleats are leaking into the boat. Unfortunately that is what they do.
  5. Easy on the drugs there fella. Maybe give the keyboard a rest between bong hits.
  6. Surely, your dealer can get that info?? Ya i know, don't call me Shirley.
  7. yes, only 5 seconds to make the switch. Unless.....you have 10 people on the boat, coolers, bags, food, etc and the switch is under the seat. I get your point, but if that happens (i test my batteries every year and they are new) i have booster cables and buddies.
  8. I would always start with a flush and then run it. See what happens. No sense replacing yet.
  9. Maybe I'm doing it wrong, but I throw the ol' switch onto both and call it a day. The only time I every only run something different is if I am parked for extended periods and do not want to run both batteries down, but I know for sure I can easily get 2-3 hours safely by leaving it on both and still starting the boat. Just no sense over complicating it.
  10. https://www.volvopenta.com/content/dam/volvo/volvo-penta/master/marine-leisure-engines/for-owners/parts/propellers/Propeller Guide.pdf For a DPS-B, page 15 for stainless steel. Props should be a FH series. Go up in numbers to increase pitch and decrease RPM. As you increase from say FH4 to FH5, you will lose low end hole shot and increase top speed.
  11. Why wouldn't you run it? You think this is a safety issue that is going to put a family in harm's way? The manifold isn't just going to explode into a thousand pieces, nor does it stop the engine if the crack gets worse. Just do what the others suggested and run it or JB Weld it and keep an eye on it once in a while.
  12. You are opposite. To decrease RPM, you move up in pitch or increase it.
  13. https://www.volvopenta.com/content/dam/volvo/volvo-penta/master/marine-leisure-engines/for-owners/parts/propellers/Propeller Guide.pdf This is the guide and proper part numbers for your drive.
  14. Igloo 25 Quart. Almost direct replacement, but the handles do not latch into the locks perfectly. Only one side.
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