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  1. scottadmin

    Vinyl Cleaning Recommendations

    Keep your boat seats dry and clean. Save from rain. If the weather of your area is warm then you have to more care about your boat seats. Because if your seats are wet for long time then it cause to pink stains. These bacteria produced by the actinomycete bacterial species.
  2. scottadmin

    Vinyl seats turning purple

    The vinyl seats turning pink is cause of bacteria growing under vinyl seats. Mainly it causes when your boat seats are wet for a long time in warm area. This microorganism starts to grow and it causes pinking in vinyl boat seats. Mainly it occurs on white vinyl seats. When you are seated, stay dry this will not cause. When it comes in touch with water, it started to grow. There is not any permanent solution to remove the pink stain from boat seats. The cleaner available in market only fades the color.
  3. scottadmin

    best way to clean vinyl seats

    Keep Your boat seats dry, Do not use cheap cleaner to remove any mold or dirt . Lots of best cleaner like 303, Gestlat pink away solution use them to remove mold.
  4. scottadmin

    Pink Mold in my 240 Cruiser Cabin? Seriously??

    Pink mold on boat seats only occurs when your boat seats are wet for a long time in warm area. The bacteria grow during this period when water get in touch with vinyl for long time in warm moisture. This bacteria hard to remove from boat seats. The microorganisms start in the foam and feed on the plasticizers in the vinyl. The warm climate assorted with wetness from the water creates a place for mold to grow.
  5. scottadmin

    Pink Stains on Boat Seats

    Thanks for this. As they stated a company named Gestalt Scientific who made a pink away cleaner, that will help to remove pink stain in direct sunlight. Thanks i ordered one of their product pinkaway home solution.now after applying and result i will state more about that.
  6. scottadmin

    Pink Stains on Boat Seats

    Pink stains in boat seats are one of the major problem in days. These pink stains occurs from foam or underside vinyl. Used lots of cleaner to remove these stains from boat seats. But there is not any permanent solution to remove these stain,