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  1. The Magma regulator has a small “ear” where I tie the end of a lanyard, and the other end I loop to the grill itself or to a rail.
  2. When I needed to install new electronics that do not fit exactly in the old holes, I used a dark acrylic sheet used for roof skylights to cover the entire portion of the panel. Then I cut new holes for the new equipment. Those acrylic sheets are UV resistant.
  3. In all your tests, is the hatch carrying the same weight? Or is there something obstructing the movement of the hatch. My experience is that sometimes my hatch would not open when there are too many items on top of it. When I remove some or all of those items, the hatch would open. No fuse burnout or breaker tripping.
  4. I am very much aware of fuel consumption. As shown in the Boating test result I uploaded above, a slow 10mph speed gives almost the same gas consumption rate as as when you are planing at 32mph, and gives you almost the same range from a tank full of gas. While planing reduces friction against water, driving at 10mph reduces your fight against friction from air that slows you down, or the wind that pushes your boat to a different direction. So much so that when you travel much slower at 6mph, also based on the same test results, your mpg improves by almost 80%. Engine wear is also not a b
  5. Yes, loose battery connection or even faulty ignition switch. You should trace the circuit from the battery to the starter, checking for continuity.
  6. Techmate Pro is a diagnostic tool you connect to your engines, similar to a car’s ODB scanner to see your engine’s readings and faults. My gauges are round.
  7. That is also one of my planned projects, to have a real-time fuel consumption monitor. How do you tap to the engine computer? I have a Techmate Pro but haven’t used it yet to see if fuel consumption is included in the display. I only used it once to see if my thermostats are working.
  8. I have a similar problem weeks ago with my portside VP GXI. Will start in the morning, no problem. Retuning to slip, after a series of forward-backward-neutrals, it died and I nearly lost control of the boat because I did not know one engine was dead. I tried restarting several times. Starter works, motor cranks, but won’t start. Problem continued for days. Mechanic said I need new AIC so we replaced it. Problem still there. So analyzing the problem and some possibilities: bad crankshaft position sensor, clogged fuel line or filter, bad fuel pump. After days of testing, I decided to replace f
  9. Yes. My limited mobility is my primary concern in the choice of cruising speed. I have slower reflexes and tire easily, which is why I need to go slower and not be tied to the steering wheel all the time. I have heard a lot about the Raymarine auto-pilot systems and I think it is my first choice so far. I will update you on the developments later. Thanks for all the comments and information.
  10. About fuel efficiency, I tried several cruising speeds and it seems that one can get better mileage at SOME slower speeds and burn a lot at others. Like if you go 10mph or less, you may actually save more. And this appears to be confirmed by some boat test results like the one beliw. I look at the miles/gallon rate. I choose the speed that gives mpg rate that is similar to what I would get if I plane the boat. I burn the same amount of fuel but travel time gets longer. As for the heading sensor, I will probably get a complete auto-pilot system with its own compass.
  11. Yes, indeed. I am very much aware of the dangers of auto-pilot misuse. That is also one of the reasons I cruise at lower speed even if it costs more on fuel.
  12. Thank you gentlemen for the replies. My Sig 330 is from 2004. I use Dragonfly 4 as GPS as well as Ipad-based NAvionics and a Furuno wifi radar. I have an AIS receiver built-in to my radio. Nothing fancy in the boat so far. I just want to have an auto-pilot with remote control for passages of more than 30 miles due to my disability. I am not sure if the drives are unitized or not. I will have to check. I usually cruise at around 15 mph or less so it will be less tiring for me if I could walk and sit around the boat carrying my Ipad that shows the radar and Navionics screens, and not be t
  13. Hello to everyone, I am thinking of installing an auto-pilot for my Sig 330 with 2 VP 5.7 GXI and DP-S drives. I just want to make sure what kind of steering system do I have: hydraulic or something else. The reason I am asking is that I am getting various and inconsistent comments from auto-pilot vendors. Thanks for the help.
  14. Poggy 58 is my boat. It was a combination of Pogo and Peggy, our two pugs who died years ago. And 58 is my favorite number. Later, we learned that poggy also means a small whale. We also love watching whales here on the west coast. So everything fell in its proper places.
  15. My water heater needs anode, according to the manual. It is made of magnesium (not zinc). I have purchased the anode, but have not installed it yet.
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