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  1. Pogo Junior

    Long Beach Shoreline Marina

    Thanks for the advise.
  2. Pogo Junior

    Long Beach Shoreline Marina

    Hello everyone, I am looking for a marina nearer to my home and one of those I have toured was the LB Shoreline. Anyone had experience with this marina? I am interested to hear comments about security issues if there are any. The Cabrillo Marina nearby seems very nice and quiet but considerably more expensive. The LB Shoreline rates are much more reasonable but it is also closer to public access (joggers, bikers, park goers, etc). My concern was trigerred by a comment by another boat owner who moved out a year ago and moved somewhere due to the same issue. Thanks.
  3. Pogo Junior

    Hours Meter

    Hello everyone, I just got a 04 Chap 330 and one of its engine hr meters on the dash panel stopped working. I think it is easy to buy a replacement but my worry is that the new meter will start at zero. Is there a way to adjust it to the actual hrs of the engine? Thanks.