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  1. Thought I would ask in case any of you guys have came across this problem. I have a chapp 180ss with volvo penta 30.GLP fitted. I have just change the water impeller as routine maintenance, and know the pump not working no water is being taking in from the muffs. As far i i know seemed quite easy job or though cant physically see what your doing for lack of space. I coated the impeller with silicone grease and replaced o ring, When i assembled it all back together i put the o ring in place then impeller on shaft then housing then fasten unit down . main water feed h
  2. Thanks for all advice .I Should of said i live in the UK and the insurance company is Towergate. The boat is a 2008 model volvo penta 30gl. Previous insurance company did not require a auto fire extinguisher but towergate 1/3 cheaper. Plus I think it does sound a good Idea to fit one. Enginge located under rear sofa. Just wondering how and best way. Thanks again Mark
  3. My insurance require an automatic fire extinguisher installed in the engine hatch of my chap 180ssi. just looking for ideas what you guys have. Any advice would be great maybe some photos of best way to do this. Cheers Mark
  4. Thank you for all your replies. Mark
  5. Wolfy8832

    Fuel Gauge

    Hi Seeking some advice of you guys. I have a Chaparral 180ssi. My question is when the boat is up on the plane the fuel gauge show full is this normal? when the boats only half full. The gauge show true reading when the boat comes down again. Thanks Mark
  6. Thanks for all your pictures and advice. Regards Mark
  7. this is the transducer RegardsMark
  8. HI the bracket is for a transducer. The bracket bolts through hull rear of boat. I hate the idea of holes below the water line. here is picture of bracket i thought i would use.
  9. I need to fit a bracket on the rear of my 2008 180 ssi. Does any one know the hull thickness at the aft of the boat below the water line. as i need to buy two bolts to go through the hull. Thanks Mark
  10. Hi Guys Im looking at buying a 180ssi my question is how can you tell how old the boat is? Is there a stamp any where on boat, look forward to your answer Regards Mark
  11. Where can I buy a winter cover for my 208 180 ssi. In uk thanks Mark
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