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  1. Wolfy8832

    180 ssi Aft hull thickness

    Thanks for all your pictures and advice. Regards Mark
  2. Wolfy8832

    180 ssi Aft hull thickness

    this is the transducer RegardsMark
  3. Wolfy8832

    180 ssi Aft hull thickness

    HI the bracket is for a transducer. The bracket bolts through hull rear of boat. I hate the idea of holes below the water line. here is picture of bracket i thought i would use.
  4. Wolfy8832

    180 ssi Aft hull thickness

    I need to fit a bracket on the rear of my 2008 180 ssi. Does any one know the hull thickness at the aft of the boat below the water line. as i need to buy two bolts to go through the hull. Thanks Mark
  5. Wolfy8832

    Chaparral 180 ssi

    Thank you
  6. Wolfy8832

    Chaparral 180 ssi

    Hi Guys Im looking at buying a 180ssi my question is how can you tell how old the boat is? Is there a stamp any where on boat, look forward to your answer Regards Mark
  7. Wolfy8832

    Winter cover. For 208 180 ssi

    Where can I buy a winter cover for my 208 180 ssi. In uk thanks Mark