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  1. sgrant

    Storage under passenger seat 275 SSI

    Thanks guys! We removed the refrigerator to look under the seat so there is room for storage. Now we just need to find the door before we do anything. My husband is very creative so he will come up with something.
  2. sgrant

    Storage under passenger seat 275 SSI

    We do have the storage space under the helm, and it does have the flange all around that is screwed into the front. We just want to make sure that area is vacant under the passenger seat. They do it on the 285 SSX, so I am hoping it is vacant. I was curious if anyone has done it before.
  3. We have a 2007 275 SSI and would like to cut in storage under the passenger seat similar to what is on the drivers side. We noticed the newer 285 SSX models have storage under the passenger seat. Since it is basically the same boat, has anyone ever cut in for a storage compartment, or know if it is possible to do? I couldn't find a very good picture online, but below is the 285 SSX passenger seat. Thanks S Grant
  4. sgrant

    Help identifying knob on the dash - 275 SSI

    Awesome thanks! We haven't had it out at night yet. I wish summer was just beginning.
  5. We just bought a 2007 275 SSI. We are still figuring out how everything works, and are wondering if anyone knows that this knob is for? It doesn't seem to do any thing. Thanks S Grant