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  1. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement oil pressure gauge? When I’m running at any RPM, mine is pegged at +80 psi. I’d add a picture but it won’t let me.
  2. My temp gauge reads 150 once the motor is warm.
  3. I try to update when I finally figure out the problem. I took my boat to a dealership to have the codes read. They told me the fuel filters needed changing. So they replaced the spin on one, and the inline filter. They said the fuel pump was drawing too many amps to pull fuel through a dirty filter and that was triggering a code. They also tightened a wiring harness that had come loose. They told me that when the wiring harness is loose the motor can turn off like it did. All said and done, my boat works perfect at this point. Hoping that's the end of beeps for a while.
  4. Seems like my boat is over heating. Here's the skinny: 2003 243 Sunesta 5.0 EFI, 150 hours. Two years ago I replaced the IAC value, water pressure sensor, wheel and cap, the gear indication assembly, the water pump, and the serpentine belt. This spring I changed the oil and filter, lower gear unit fluid and the fuel water separator. Today after about 1 1/2 hours of water sports she flat out quits and shuts off; 2 beeps per minute. I lifted the hatch and my oil level was fine, so was my lower gear unit fluid reservoir. What I did notice was my oil filter was really hot. We restarted and tried to get on plane and it shut off again with more beeps. So I turned it off again and then we idled over to a spot and anchored up for a few hours. Drove home no problem, and no beeps. I think it's overheating, but my temp gauge reads right at 150 degrees after all that time doing water sports. When we drove home after being anchored, my temp gauge read 120 degrees. Is there something else I need to look for??? Thanks everyone.
  5. I pull my two batteries and store them in my basement. About once a month I put them on the battery tender until they're charged (usually takes less than a day). I have a series 27 Interstate, and a smaller Interstate start battery.
  6. delaswim

    High RPM beep

    I don't recall off hand what the temp is at 3,000 RPM. I do know that my temp gauge is always reading appropriately.
  7. delaswim

    High RPM beep

    Thanks for the information. These are all things I'll have to take a look at. Too cold right now in the Midwest to do so...
  8. delaswim

    High RPM beep

    Thanks for the responses. My boat is a 2003 Sunesta 243. I changed the water pump impeller last July along with the serpentine belt. The gear fluid reservoir full. Water pressure sensor was also replace last summer. I guess getting a scan tool on it is about the only reliable way to properly diagnosis it.
  9. delaswim

    High RPM beep

    Good morning everyone. When I put up my boat for the winter there was one nagging issue I didn't resolve. At High RPM's, I get an annoying beep. This beep resets when I turn the engine off and restart. It doesn't come back unless I hit around 33 mphs or 3600 RPMs. I'm not sure what it it. Last summer I replaced a water pressure sensor, the rotor and cap, and the IAC value. My boat has the 5.0 Mercruiser and a B3 outdrive with 133 hours. I'm not sure what I can do besides taking it in and getting a computer hooked up. Anything I can look at????
  10. This weekend I lost my bimini connecting rod to the bottom of the lake. It's the longer 3 foot length piece. Any ideas if this is sold online?
  11. Funny, I was going to post this same question today. My speedo was acting funny yesterday. Also though, my oil pressure gauge is stuck at 80 psi. That just happened this week too. Any ideas?
  12. That's what I love about this forum. Good people helping good people. Whether that's in the form of information or goods. Keep it up! Pay it forward!
  13. I have a '03 243 Sunesta with a 5.0, B3 setup. My stock props are 24 Pitch, and the ratio is 2.2. When I called Hill Marine they recommend 22 Pitch on their 4x4 props. I think if I ever upgrade, that will be the way I go.
  14. Hello everyone, I bought a 2003 243 Sunesta last Sept and have been slowly replacing sensors and other wear items (So far: IAC valve, Water Pressure Sensor, Wheel and Cap, Gear Indication Switch). This weekend I pulled the water pump to find that the original impeller was still being used! I'm pretty sure this is the case since all the factory black paint was still perfect on every nut and bolt pertaining to the water pump. I ordered a new impeller and belt since I'm sure the belt was original as well. This got me thinking, what other wear items should I consider replacing since I believe everything is original to 2003? My motor is a 5.0 MPI.
  15. We boat just North of Kansas City, Missouri.
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