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  1. delaswim

    243 Sunesta bimini connecting rod

    This weekend I lost my bimini connecting rod to the bottom of the lake. It's the longer 3 foot length piece. Any ideas if this is sold online?
  2. delaswim

    Speedo stopped reading

    Funny, I was going to post this same question today. My speedo was acting funny yesterday. Also though, my oil pressure gauge is stuck at 80 psi. That just happened this week too. Any ideas?
  3. delaswim

    2006 chaparral chrome letters

    That's what I love about this forum. Good people helping good people. Whether that's in the form of information or goods. Keep it up! Pay it forward!
  4. delaswim

    220 SSI Bravo 3 Props

    I have a '03 243 Sunesta with a 5.0, B3 setup. My stock props are 24 Pitch, and the ratio is 2.2. When I called Hill Marine they recommend 22 Pitch on their 4x4 props. I think if I ever upgrade, that will be the way I go.
  5. Hello everyone, I bought a 2003 243 Sunesta last Sept and have been slowly replacing sensors and other wear items (So far: IAC valve, Water Pressure Sensor, Wheel and Cap, Gear Indication Switch). This weekend I pulled the water pump to find that the original impeller was still being used! I'm pretty sure this is the case since all the factory black paint was still perfect on every nut and bolt pertaining to the water pump. I ordered a new impeller and belt since I'm sure the belt was original as well. This got me thinking, what other wear items should I consider replacing since I believe everything is original to 2003? My motor is a 5.0 MPI.
  6. delaswim

    2 alarm beeps every minute: FIXED!!!

    We boat just North of Kansas City, Missouri.
  7. delaswim

    Ski tow clearance

    Hello, I bought a lilly pad for the kids to play on when we're out. I plan on strapping it to the swim platform when not in use. The issue I foresee is it blocking the ski tow hook. The fix in my mind is just to hook the ski rope to a cleat on the corners of the boat. In our old boat we used to ski from the cleats all the time. Is this a good option, or should we only ski from the ski tow?
  8. delaswim

    2 alarm beeps every minute: FIXED!!!

    We took it out Saturday morning and there are no beeps! The switch I replaced was visibly fried, so I had a good feeling the new one would work. What a relief! Hopefully we have a long summer of boat without issues. I appreciate all the input from the forum.
  9. delaswim

    2 alarm beeps every minute: FIXED!!!

    Here it is installed. Again, tiny picture. The button depresses when the motor is put into gear.
  10. delaswim

    2 alarm beeps every minute: FIXED!!!

    Here's a picture comparing the old vs the new switches. It looks like the old one melted.
  11. delaswim

    2 alarm beeps every minute: FIXED!!!

    Here's the latest: With the laptop plugged in, the error code resulted in a bad Gear Indication Switch. The switch had melted, so we checked over heating codes but nothing showed up. $38 later on Amazon and I have a new part ordered. I'm really hoping this does the trick. My friend cleared the codes, so next trip on the water my boat will have a clean slate. I'll keep you updated.
  12. delaswim

    2 alarm beeps every minute: FIXED!!!

    Come to think of it the sequence of beeps did change. It was two beeps every minute at 3200rpm, now it’s only one beep every minute at the same rpm’s.
  13. delaswim

    2 alarm beeps every minute: FIXED!!!

    We got the new water pressure sensor put on, and also the new wheel and rotor for the distributor cap. Nothing changed. It still beeps at around 33 mph/3200 rpm. My friend is bringing over the laptop this week, so we'll see what error codes it spits out. I'll let everyone know how this ends up.
  14. delaswim

    Add a battery: Update 3/11/19

    I went ahead and got a new cable. I had to size up to a 1/0 cable because the audio store that made it for me didn't have 2/0. Oh well, no worries about it now.
  15. delaswim

    Add a battery: Update 3/11/19

    I guess the load would be max 72 amps. I have a 75 amp fuse on the cable. It serves as the cable between the positive terminal on my start battery and the ACR. Now I'm worried...