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  1. Fixing point of the transom and stern drive. Crack sitting above the balast looking inside the balast locker. Transom has paint and no grp?
  2. Pic of the finish after a polish revealed small holes in the final paint finish and gel coat. Another of the finish inside.
  3. Sorry for not responding earlier. Here are some images. We purchased the boat new from a UK dealer and have been trying to get it sorted out but not getting a lot of response at the moment. Thought I would wait to get a response before posting. We have gone ahead and completed some of the works on the transom. Here is some of the internal finish inside. We lifted the boat and filled the bottom with water to identify where the leak was coming from. There was no grp around the fixings so the ply gave way and it all loosened up. Another general pic of what the finish is like internally. And another pic of the drive removed and open transom. This was strengthened and grp done properly.
  4. Hi - EU Chap Sunsesta Surf owner here (late 2017 model). After 220hrs the hull has small cracks all around the swim platform and a large crack internally (above the ballast) where the cockpit meets the hull. The first time it went back in the water this year the transom started leaking around the drive (no GRP inside of the mounting bolts - just paint - so it just gave way). When looking closely in and around the hull, the finish internally, grp work is really poor with air pockets and paint over unfinished work. Lots of other small issues such as a multitude of small bubbles/holes in the exterior gel coat which came out when the hull was polished, bolts needing to be replaced as they rusted out. Is this type of build quality normal for a Chap or is this one a lemon? Hard to compare as we dont have a lot of them in Europe.
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