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  1. Thanks for the pics and video. It is a balmy 53 degrees F here this morning at 630. Going to be a nice day but of course the boat is still winterized for 6 more weeks........ stay warm all our cold friends Marc
  2. Iraq 69

    New H2O sport

    Hey Hatem thanks for the info. I will take time when I’m home this weekend to play around some. Marc
  3. Iraq 69

    New H2O sport

    I know that I could only add some pics. I have not had the time to look at adding pics in the forum directions but need to so I can also add a signature pic. If you figure it out first let me know I would be interested in reading your comprehensive review when you have time to post it. Be prepared for the “haters” on here to shoot heat rounds your way, just saying.......... Marc
  4. I also had a car window explode. It was the drivers side and we were in the car driving........ car was still under warranty but not for a broken window when there was “nothing” that caused it to break...... Good luck Marc
  5. Iraq 69

    Time to say goodby

    Later dude hope you stay close to help out marc
  6. Hey Hatem we came to the H2O from a pontoon so we know about wind getting you all screwed up. We also had an open bow 20 ft for 15 years and they do load much better but the wind can still provide lots of entertainment for the watchers. We camp every other weekend from April though Oct and try to reserve the campsites near the boatramps for all the hooting and hollarin fun we can have. We have been on that end of the laughing ourselves. Later
  7. Hey tomnjo we are near Kimberling City, west of Branson yes futzin’ sorry I missed your question earlier the guide on pads are foam with a nylon cover that fits real snug onto the pvc pipe. They are from beyond the wake, 50” long ones that fit perfect. marc
  8. Another cant upload another pic.......
  9. Her are a couple things we did getting ready for spring
  10. Iraq 69

    New H2O sport

    That is ALL that matters!!
  11. Hey Hatem they do, as an option but of course I opted out so I have something to do in the future!!! Marc
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