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  1. BioHazrdMan

    Add a battery: Update 3/11/19

    That cable would only have as many max amps on it as the boat alternator produces right? From the battery to the ACR .What is the alternator output? I would guess 65a you would be OK. The chart I am looking at from the "add a battery kit" says #4 is good for 80A.
  2. BioHazrdMan

    Marine Battery Sale

    This is exactly how I hooked my batteries up. I have a "99 2130 bowrider. It was only wired for 1 battery. NOW I have 1 battery for the accessories, 1 for starting. Isolated from eachother unless for some reason I need to combine em at the switch. I also have wingnuts on battery posts IF I ever need to switch things around. So the way I see it I can run house battery down and when I go to start the boat it will use the starting battery. Simple, and shouldn't have any problems. Am I missing something????
  3. BioHazrdMan

    Marine Battery Sale

    For my application the add a battery kit is exactly what I need and seems to work awesome. Simple, isolates my "house" battery from my "starting" battery so I can anchor all day jamming my music and the "Starting" battery will fire me up to get home.
  4. BioHazrdMan

    Marine Battery Sale

    Well this post went to the left awful quick. I installed my batteries today with the add a battery kit from Blue Sea...... Fit tight, but fit good! Will see how it works this summer. Pics tomorrow.
  5. BioHazrdMan

    Marine Battery Sale

    Yup, it is set to AGM type. They charged for several (at least 6) hours yesterday then the charging light went off and the Auto Maintain light came on.
  6. BioHazrdMan

    Marine Battery Sale

    At $160 + tax each I didn't think it was too bad for AGM batteries.
  7. BioHazrdMan

    Marine Battery Sale

    I just bought 2 today! My manual for the 5.7 I have says 650CCA for the battery size. The group 31 are 800CCA so I am sure that is OK. I believe AGM batteries are duel purpose? Maybe not. As far as using a deep cycle for a starting battery I don't see why not. But I am no expert.
  8. BioHazrdMan

    Lake Powell is many things

    I have always wanted to go boat in lake Powell.... Maybe now not so much. The lake I go to in New Mexico, Conchas Lake, I have seen at Max lvl and 40ft below that. Know it and the low spots VS water lvl like the back of my hand. Kinda makes me nervous to visit Powell now.
  9. BioHazrdMan

    Getting your boat anything this winter?

    Awesome Hatem! This is my first real boat and am excited for spring. She's getting spoiled. Those other items are a duo battery charger and a battery switch. Adding a second battery this spring.... And yes will post pics! will probably have questions along the way anyways....
  10. Bought my boat at the end of last boating season..... So have all winter to shop! Here is what I have so far! What did you guys buy for your boat this winter?
  11. BioHazrdMan

    Ever witness a boating accident?

    That's a F150 too.
  12. BioHazrdMan

    New H2O sport

    Nice looking boat and trailer! Enjoy it this spring, I bet the wait is killing you! I got a new to me 1999 2130SS LE this fall that I haven't put in the water yet.... Andbit's killing me. At least you can go sit in yours! Mine is 2hr away at my lake place. ;(
  13. BioHazrdMan

    New custom cover!

    Nice cover! Maybe a noob question but does a boat really tow better with a cover? ....and why?
  14. BioHazrdMan

    New owner of a gorgeous teal and gold 2130ss

    Dug up this post from the grave! Nice boat Drew. You still around? I have the same boat.... Just have a question for you or anyone else that might know. Does the bemini top from Overtons fit in that space in the back of the boat where the stock bemini fits? Looking to get one like you got. Thanks!