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  1. BioHazrdMan

    Getting your boat anything this winter?

    Awesome Hatem! This is my first real boat and am excited for spring. She's getting spoiled. Those other items are a duo battery charger and a battery switch. Adding a second battery this spring.... And yes will post pics! will probably have questions along the way anyways....
  2. Bought my boat at the end of last boating season..... So have all winter to shop! Here is what I have so far! What did you guys buy for your boat this winter?
  3. BioHazrdMan

    Ever witness a boating accident?

    That's a F150 too.
  4. BioHazrdMan

    New H2O sport

    Nice looking boat and trailer! Enjoy it this spring, I bet the wait is killing you! I got a new to me 1999 2130SS LE this fall that I haven't put in the water yet.... Andbit's killing me. At least you can go sit in yours! Mine is 2hr away at my lake place. ;(
  5. BioHazrdMan

    New custom cover!

    Nice cover! Maybe a noob question but does a boat really tow better with a cover? ....and why?
  6. BioHazrdMan

    New owner of a gorgeous teal and gold 2130ss

    Dug up this post from the grave! Nice boat Drew. You still around? I have the same boat.... Just have a question for you or anyone else that might know. Does the bemini top from Overtons fit in that space in the back of the boat where the stock bemini fits? Looking to get one like you got. Thanks!
  7. BioHazrdMan

    I am sick.

    You and me both! Bought a new to me 2130 SS a month ago and haven't taken her out yet. Waiting till spring but it's killing me...
  8. BioHazrdMan

    What's your opinion on the best pumps for inflatables !!!

    I use my wife.... shes portable and It's good practice!
  9. BioHazrdMan

    I can't figure out what engine my boat has

    Pics probably help.
  10. BioHazrdMan

    Can I tow it? PLEASE HELP

    No. The legal trouble you could get into if you got into a wreck and they figured out you were towing over the vehicles limit is huge.
  11. BioHazrdMan

    how to add photos

    Look at the top of the NEWBIES section. It's right there.
  12. BioHazrdMan

    Trim tabs and prop removal tool questions....??

    Awesome, I bookmarked this so I can refer back to it and get it all done. Thanks!
  13. BioHazrdMan

    2018 287SSX Drone Footage

    Really cool!
  14. BioHazrdMan

    Trim tabs and prop removal tool questions....??

    The end of 2014. I know it isn't good to not run things BUT got a deal on the boat can put some $$$ into it and still be ok.