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  1. I might have em, new. Let me look tonight. ~Noah
  2. You are going WOT with less then 5hrs on a brand new boat?
  3. $12 each shipped.... send me a PM with address and what you need n I can mail em out soon enough.
  4. I have A's R's, H's, and P's.... Let me check tonight will post a pic.
  5. BioHazrdMan

    Letter "R"

    I have the chrome r.... Dunno what size. Let me look when I get home.
  6. Got it mailed late yesterday.... You should get it soon!
  7. What's the name I put in the envelope so I can mail it?
  8. Got the H ready to mail today.... Will mail it tomorrow.
  9. Gas at the lake is ethanol free at $4gal. I can get it at home for $2.75gal. Filling that 40gal tank at home saves me $50 each trip! More if I still fill a few 5gal jugs. Besides that my company did some electrical work (new fuel pumps) for the lake gas station. The owner took FOREVER to pay for it. It was to the point I was going to disconnect our work and get a lawyer. Finally got paid for most of it. He still owed $150. So I would go into the store and get what I needed, keep a running total of it tell the girl I was taking it to get what was owed me, have her sign for it and walk out. Did that till I got my $$$. Needless to say I will never buy a thing from him again....
  10. Thanks! It is a 40gal tank.... I wish it was 50gal but for the price ($100) I couldn't pass it up.
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