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  1. Amazon sells a camco marine quick winterization kit with a 5 gal jug and t valves. I keep both of my boats hanging in cradles in my boat house all year. My boats sit in the cradle slightly nose high so bildges will drain. This however tilts the blocks and possibly will not allow them to completely drain if I pull the plugs. With this kit, you fill the jug with antifreeze and hook up a garden hose to it and another hose to the earmuffs that slide on the outdrive. Turn the valve off on the jug and warm the motor up on the garden hose. Then garden hose off and open the flow of antifreeze with the motor still running. It circulates through the block. Make sure pink antifreeze is coming out of the exhaust. Then when it s warm drop the boat in and use it. Do this again when you are done. The process takes me about 20 minutes. I have done this in the slip and on the driveway. I have pulled the plugs and hoses afterwards and pink antifreeze comes out of everywhere. It the best solution I have found and I wish I would have been doing it years ago.
  2. Thanks, she is beautiful. I hate to sell it but I used my 267 3 days a week last year and the Century only 3 times all year.
  3. 1979 Century Arabian 200 with 5.7 Merc I/O 275 hrs
  4. Thanks! I ended up ordering it without the windlass due to my slip. We really don’t anchor all that often either. I ordered it with a white power arch, white top deck and full black hull band. I do have pictures of the century. What’s a good site to bring the pictures over from?
  5. I ordered our 2019 277 SSX with the Volvo 6.2 380hp last week! Now It’s a waiting game until April. Now I have to sell my two current boats! I think I did that backwards.
  6. Hatem, Maybe I should go with the windlass anchor. I always boat in fresh water. Does the polished stainless anchor get to looking old and beat up after use?
  7. I agree that the 5.3 seems too small. It did pack a punch and seemed powerful but I feel like the motor would always be working harder than the larger displacement of the 6.2.
  8. The 277 is 27’0”. It really as big as I can go. Last spring we just built a boat dock with two slips and cradles. The Slip lengths are 28’. My current Caravelle 267 is 26.5 feet and fits well. The 277 Will fit just about the same. Also, I need to stick with a 8 1/2’ Beam due to my cradles were custom built to fit my size boats. My other boat is a Century Arabian 200. It’s pretty small and narrow but I built the slips the same dimensions so I could move the boats around. I’m actually not going to spec the new boat with the windlass anchor because of the close quarters in my slip. I don’t want it bumping the decking when the water is low...and its a 4K option!!! #%^$&%$ inflation!
  9. I just looked at the specs on your boat. It looks to be 29’10” and 9’ beam. Mine will be 5500lbs dry. I assume yours is more like 6000 dry? I am an avid boater and have had many boats. I have researched the daylights out of the boats on the market that interest me. There are very few reviews on the 267 ssx or the 277 ssx. So, I appreciate the help. It sounds like the 430 6.2 would be double overkill as the 380 is strong. The 277 I test drove had the 5.3 350hp Volvo and it was very responsive and powerful. We only had 3 people and a light load of fuel though.
  10. The build time is approx 14 weeks if I get the order in within the first week of January (before boat shows start). If I do it in Feb-march, I am told I would not get it until mid summer. If I order it any later I would miss the summer season.
  11. My Caravelle 267 with the 5.7 300 hp performs much like you all are speaking of. Is anyone running the new gen 5.3 or 6.2 in similar boats? I am sure I will order the 6.2 380 but possibly the 6.2 430 hp but I have not seen or heard of anyone else with a similar set up. I believe they started this motor lineup in 2015.. approximately.
  12. I assume the performance is really good? The Chaparral rep tells me my boat was designed to run with the 5.3 350. Right now, I have a Caravelle 267 with the 5.7 300 hp and it runs well.
  13. Next week I am ordering my new 2019 277 SSX and I am stoked about it! I am pretty certain about the options I will select and think I will order it with a 6.2 380 hp Volvo. I have considered ordering it with the 430 hp as well. I know its not necessary but I do like to over power as to under powering. What motor are you guys running in your 267 or 277? How do you like it? Would your do it differently the next time?
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