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  1. Equinox

    Our Upcoming First Weekend on the Hook

    Assume you'll swing 360 degrees around the anchor unless you also deploy a stern anchor. Make sure you have enough water all the way around that anchor point so you don't swing into a shallow. Also make sure the shoreline and other boats are clear of that full radius. Deploy enough scope to get a 7:1 ratio of rode to depth. For example: you're in 7' of water, and it's 3' from the waterline to your cleat, you'll want to deploy a minimum of 70' of rode (line+chain).
  2. Longtime Lurker, first post. Wife and I are about to take delivery on a new to us 2014 310 Signature. We've chosen a name, and are trying to figure out where to put the name and hailing port. She's USCG documented, so letters have to be 4". We'd prefer to put the name on the stern. Do any of you have photos of your sterns that we can use as inspiration? Thanks in advance. -- Mike