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  1. Equinox

    New owner

    Thats a big "IF". I've dealt with a couple of Chaparral dealers down here in FL and frankly, I'm not impressed.
  2. Equinox

    Dumb question #28

    Whats the specific alarm? The merc manual has a table that states what alarm tone pattern means what fault. For example, I had a bad battery switch for my starboard starting battery, and I'd get 6 beeps when I turned that key for low voltage. Replaced that switch, and no problem. I think a continuous tone means something else, etc...
  3. Equinox

    Helm Access - 310 Signature

    I've connected the Mobile device to the port engine diagnostic port, with a red terminator in place, and all is working well. Thanks everyone for your input. -- Mike
  4. Equinox

    310 signature 2012 buying advise.

    I just bought a 2014 310 Sig with the 5.0 MPI / DTS and Axius. Things that I would make sure to look out for: 1) These engines with DTS and/or Axius need adequately sized batteries. My manual calls for 1000 MCA. The previous owner of my boat had skimped on batteries and there were several intermittent faults as a result. Make sure there are the correct batteries in your boat. Budget around $300USD-$350USD EACH for good AGM batteries if not. 2) Based on the age, I would budget for an engine survey, and ask for maintenance records. You'll want to know when the last annual/100 hr service (lubrication, impeller, etc) was done, and when/if manifolds and risers have been done. I skimped on the engine survey, and missed the aforementioned battery issue, and a couple of other items. 3) I don't think you need a bow thruster with two engines. With practice, you'll get to a place where you can rotate the boat in its own length just by using the throttles. Springing off of a dock or piling is why we have rub rails on our boats. 4) If all of the above check out, you'll LOVE this boat. We've spent several weekends on ours and hosted friends for day trips out on the water, and she's a joy. I love it so much that I enjoy being on the boat even if I'm just there for a maintenance visit. Best of luck! -- Mike
  5. Equinox

    Helm Access - 310 Signature

    I was under the impression that the diagnostics port was the appropriate location for a single engine application, and the junction box at the helm was the appropriate location for a multi-engine application. I've quite happy to be wrong about this, as the diagnostic port location looks alot easier to access.
  6. Equinox

    Helm Access - 310 Signature

    I had no idea you could install it there. Do you have a document or instruction sheet that led you to the right place?
  7. Equinox

    PSA: Buy the correct batteries for your boat!

    Thanks for the idea. It hadn't occurred to me to do this. My back will thank you next year when I have to move these monsters again!!
  8. Equinox

    PSA: Buy the correct batteries for your boat!

    How often do you rotate them? Whats the rationale? We definitely re-programmed the charger to AGM. I ALMOST forgot to do that.
  9. Equinox

    PSA: Buy the correct batteries for your boat!

    yeah, the northstars that just bought were AGM.
  10. Equinox

    Helm Access - 310 Signature

    Good afternoon everyone, After my recent adventures with low voltage alarms, etc, I ordered the VesselView Mobile module from Mercury. My understanding is that this should be a simple plug and play application once I access the SmartCraft hub. This hub is supposed to be behind the helm on my 2014 310 signature. What is the best way to access this area? The only way I can think of is to remove the 4 screws which hold my chartplotter in place, and use the cutout from the chartplotter to access that area. Any other ideas? Thanks in advance and happy holidays.
  11. Equinox

    PSA: Buy the correct batteries for your boat!

    We went with Northstar. Highly recommended by all of the people I've talked to down here. NOT cheap!
  12. Equinox

    PSA: Buy the correct batteries for your boat!

    I keep it in a high and dry. gets hauled after every use.
  13. We recently (October) took delivery of our 2014 310 Signature. After 3 or 4 successful outings in the Tampa Bay area, we were embarking on a short day trip when the following sequence of events happened: 1) Left the dock and motored at "minimum wake" speed out of the harbor area. 2) advanced the throttles to get on plane. 3) heard an audible alarm, and the smartcraft display indicated that the port engine was going into guardian mode. 4) throttled back 5) starboard engine died. we couldn't get the starboard engine to stay fired again on that trip, so we idled back to the marina and had her hauled. We later found out that the previous owner had installed undersized batteries (750 MCA) in the boat. Mercruiser calls for 1000 MCA minimum for our boat (5.0MPI w/ DTS and Axius). After a call to mercruiser support, we learned that undersized batteries result in intermittent sensor alarms which will often cause the computer to shut down the engine.
  14. Good afternoon everyone, We took the new (to us) boat out saturday and sunday, spending the night at St. Pete YC. We had a fantastic time, and are continuing to get more confident with the boat and her systems. We went to Egmont Key for lunch on Saturday and anchored briefly while we prepared and enjoyed our meal. We also ran the genset just to make sure we had our startup and shutdown procedures down. As I suspect will be the case for the next few outings, we came back from the trip with a couple more questions! 1) Do you guys attempt to pump out the holding tank after each outing? We've managed to only use the head for #1/liquids to date, and there are only two of us, so the tank level indicator is still showing nothing. No bad smells or anything so far. 2) We're still getting used to the throttle, trim tabs and engine trim on the boat. It seems like there is very much a sweet spot around 3200-3300 RPM where I get up onto plane and can maintain a steady speed and just cruise along at between 19 and 21 GPH and about 30 mph. If I decrease the throttle much below that, the boat feels like it gradually comes down off of plane, and the speed continues to decrease to about 20-23 mph mushing along. There doesn't really seem to be anything in between? Is this a case of me needing to get a more nuanced feel for the throttle? My old 23' outboard had a very broad speed and rpm range on which the boat would stay on plane. For example, I could get on plane and cruise along at 23-25 mph / 3400 rpm / 6gph, or I could haul $^& at 45 mph / 4500 RPM / 10 GPH, or anything in between. Thank you again, Mike
  15. The joystick totally feels like cheating compared to docking a single engine outboard or an inboard sailboat. I'm just scared of the repair bill if it ever breaks.