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  1. on mine (2017) if you press the % fuel it bring up the hours of each engine down at the bottom..
  2. thanks @jeffkwe actually put in at the Crandon Park marina last time and it is by far the best ramp around. Haulover is nice but way too crowded and the parking for tailers is almost a free for all on dirt...is lake sylvia a no wake zone?
  3. Well I am actually new to this side for boating but we want to explore around more and hit the "fun spots" so to speak. We have found the Haulover sand bar which is fun but I bet that place can get pretty wild!!! Just explored some in Biscayne Bay...Stiltsville and Boca Chita which was amazing. We want to head even further south to Elliott key and lower to see what it has to offer. This Thursday we take the boat down to Islamorada for a long weekend outing at the Coral Bay Resort, very excited!!! We will be up for a get together if it all works out, just keep us posted when you and @jeffk
  4. Sounds like a perfect trip planned...We will definitely be up for an outing, just keep me posted on your travel plans and hopefully we will find some more fun spots to show you all if it works out.
  5. Hello fellow Chap owners...Just curious as to if anyone has heard of or planning any type of get together this summer in the Miami or Fort Lauderdale area. We love the boating on this side and would really like to do some more exploring of Biscayne Bay and the upper Keys.
  6. Awesome thanks for the reply...I think that is the way I will go for my new ride as well...It came with the bow and cockpit covers but I want something to cover the top and sides of the boat to protect from the Florida sun...
  7. Hey Everyone, Just looking to see what everyone uses for a cover. There are some out there that are well over $1000 and I only want it for when the boat is sitting at the storage place until i can use it again. This will not be used for towing just storing.
  8. Thanks Futzin'...we are excited to get the new ride for sure. God willing we will have it on Saturday morning after the final water test with the dealer...
  9. Well hopefully this weekend I will have my new "2017" Chaparral 2430 Vortex VRX. Have had my 2005 Yamaha AR230 over on that coast for a couple years now and love the boating over on the west coast of FL! Looking for some fun spots to go on the new boat this fall so any recommendations will be welcomed. Normally put in around Ponce De Leon inlet or Laishleys marina in Punta Gorda. Would like to venture north and find some fun places and will trailer if needed.
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