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  1. What did you do to add bluetooth? I will be looking to do the same here in the spring. I have looked at plenty of threads on head upgrades... just curious!
  2. Saving $4-$5 is totally not worth it, you're correct! I expect I would be saving more than that though. Its usually about $0.25 per liter more to purchase on the river around here, so talking more $25 or more each fill up. I am interested in that SUNCOO system, its looks much better than the "FlowNGo" plastic ones that are advertised around here.
  3. I am certain this debate has been had before, but I'm curious what people use to replace the old 5 gal jugs with? I've recently moved up a couple feet in size, and I know my fuel consumption will increase accordingly, and I am looking at a wheeled fuel can. Previously I kept 4x5gal cans and a small stick pump, which worked great with a 20 gal (80L) tank. But I'm not up towards 200L and not interested in dragging 10 gas cans. We are cottage boaters, so our boat will spend all summer in the water. I do have access to fuel on the water but as we all know, its not cheap! I don't mind supporti
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