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  1. nicksj

    220 ssi with Bravo 3 high altitude

    Thanks Brick. I too think it will run better on 24s vs the stock 26s. It still planes pretty good but does feel like it needs a little more kick out of the hole. We’ll try 24s for lower elevations (usually at near sea level or other local lakes up to 800 ASL) for most of the year...in California we occasionally find times to boat in the off season when we get a warm weekend. Tahoe at elevation 6300 ASL we only boat in July and August...so I have time to find those 22s. By the way, my 220 SS is a 2002, not a 2001 (mistyped it earlier).
  2. nicksj

    220 ssi with Bravo 3 high altitude

    Brick ... I was looking at the 3 and 4 blade props at Hill Marine as an option. I will also look for props in the off season. Perhaps a 24 for sea level to bring my RPM's up. And a 22 for Lake Tahoe. I'll look on eBay first because if I find a good deal on eBay but need to switch to a different pitch prop later (to fine tune it), I can probably sell it for the same as what I purchase it for with nothing out of pocket.
  3. nicksj

    220 ssi with Bravo 3 high altitude

    Futzin ... What elevation are you running your's in KY? I too think 22s might work (dropping by 4 inches), but at the cost of a bravo 3 prop, I want to get it right (or at least close enough so that I can live with it). I've driven boats in Tahoe that are not propped right and it's very difficult to get them on plane. Cyclops2 ... I did call a couple Tahoe marinas. They both suggested that I make an appointment so that they can run the boat on the lake to figure it out as it might require some trial and error. Our challenge is the we live 250 miles from the lake (and the boat is with us here, not at the lake). We go up there over the summer and spend a week at a time up there. If someone has a 220 SSI with same motor and drive who has spent time at that lake, they might have already figured it out. If I can order the prop set locally I can have it installed before I go up. Up at the lake I might lose a couple precious days of boating. Below is our 220 SSI docked on the Sacramento River.
  4. Hello, I am brand new to this forum. Our family has been renting boats at Lake Tahoe for years (elevation 6250). Most boats that are rented up there are already propped for that elevation. We recently purchased our first boat (preowned). It is a 2001 Chaparral 220 SSI with 350 MAG MPI and Bravo 3 with 26' props. The boat had 240 hours on it. We've have been running it on the California Delta near sea level for the last few months with no issues. With a full tank of fuel (58 gallons) and a couple adults, WOT seems to peak at about 4600 RPM at 56 MPG (per GPS). And it gets on plane relatively fast (under 5 seconds for sure). The previous owner stated that this is the stock propeller and original gear ratio. We are looking to keep this boat on Lake Tahoe next summer and would like to get it ready in the off season. We would have a maximum of 7 people on it (4 adults and 3 kids). Has anyone else run a 220 ssi with the same engine and drive on Lake Tahoe? And if yes, which propeller pitch did you select and what how was the performance of the boat at that elevation? I'm not interested too much in speed, but rather performance and quick plaining. We never really exceed 40 MPH on that lake. Any information would be helpful. Thanks, Nick