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  1. Saw the old topic raise its head so its a good time to give you an update. I wasn't taking Covid seriously to be honest and carried on travelling all over the country for work, until four weeks ago I felt really ill and on the Wednesday tested positive. By the Friday my SATS dropped to 86 and I was taken to hospital to be pumped full of oxygen, antibiotics and the same steroids they gave to Donald Trump (So I don't like Mexican food anymore and I feel a compulsion to build walls ) They let me out eventually and I ended up spending the next 10 days in bed. I've started to do a few things f
  2. Hi folks, I recently put a new dashboard in but during the process managed to arc the live and earth connections on my temperature gauge. The gauge now reads 240°F all the time. I've put a replacement gauge in which is in C but whereas the boat always used to run at 140°F, the new gauge reads 100°C. I know this is down to the resistance of the gauge and Mercruiser sender not matching. I can't find anywhere to get a repair in the UK, so wondered if anyone knows where I can get a replacement part? Many thanks Stu 1990 Chap Signature 27 5.7 Mercruiser.
  3. Hi @cyclops2Just to let you know that I put the new wire in today and shes running lovely. Thanks for your help. Stu
  4. Hi, It spins over lovely and the batteries are fully charged. I know its something I've messed up behind the dashboard as it was running fine part way through me putting the new dashboard in, then when I finished it wouldn't start. I've had a look at the Thunderbolt 4 wiring diagram and the simplest solution might be to run another + from the ignition switch to the coil. I'll probably spend less time running another wire than I will trying to find my mess up. Stu
  5. Hi, Thanks for the reply. I'll pop back down to the boat tomorrow and take some pics. Stu
  6. Hi folks, Firstly I hope everyone is keeping safe and well in these crazy times. I'm just out of hospital after getting Covid but that's another story.... Part of my rehabilitation I've been doing a few jobs on the boat including putting in a new dashboard and tidying up the wiring, but I've made a mess of it. All the clocks on the dash work but the boat won't start now. I suspect I've messed up the wire that goes from the ignition switch to the ignition module. Can anyone advise what colour this wire is and where it connects to the ignition module? The wiring was a complete me
  7. I keep my eyes closed and trust in the Lord
  8. Hello folks, Haven't been here for a while, mainly because nothing has broken lately and I hope everyone is keeping safe and well. I've moved to a new mooring which is somewhat more remote than the marina with no shore power, and I wanted to be able to monitor my battery condition remotely via 4G using an app on my phone; the fear being that the batteries go flat before I can get down there with my generator. I discovered Chargemetrix which does exactly what I wanted and thought it might be useful for anyone else with the same issue.
  9. It's our 3rd winter. Year 1 was in the marina where we did nothing, last year she was our of the water for works and this year we're moored on the River itself. Stu
  10. Hello all and hope everyone is keeping safe. 5.7 Merc in a 1990 Signature 27 which is on a mooring on the River Avon now, and not in the marina. Do I need to drain the water from the engine as winter approaches? If so, the simplest way I can think of is to use a water suction pump I have at the thermostat housing, or is there a special 'Thing' I have to do? Thanks Stu
  11. Water can travel for miles I had a leak through the zips on one part of the canopy that was coming down the dashboard, across the floor, behind the seats, into one corner of the bedroom and into the bilge. It only happened when the rain came from the North onto the canopy in a certain way, and as soon as it stopped the flow dried up, just leaving a wet bed and bilge. Took me weeks to sort
  12. Thanks for the advice @cyclops2 New starter arrived today and I initially thought it was the wrong one. The original weighed as much as a small planet and was made from pig-iron. The new one was smaller, aluminium and weighed considerably less. I fitted it, turned the key and....Click, click, click. Second time I tried it was fine. I went through every battery / starter wire and cleaned / tightened them all (I found a couple slightly loose). The new starter is now working lovely. Now, some may say that I replaced the started unnecessarily, however the original was 30 years old, noi
  13. Hi. I've had the boat on shore power overnight so the batteries are 100% full. All connectors look good and when I tried this morning I have the same solenoid clicking for 10 attempts before the starter engaged. Not messing around so I've ordered a new starter which should be here tomorrow. Its the biggest, heaviest starter I've ever taken off, not an easy job when you're suspended upside down in a boat engine bay. Hopefully I'll devise a method for getting the new one on tomorrow. Thanks Stu
  14. Good call. I'll bypass the wiring tomorrow and let you know how I get on.
  15. This is the guy I used....Did a great job. http://www.burkettquicksign.co.uk/
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