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  1. Hi folks, Not the nicest of picture I've ever shared with you but I've got a problem with my toilet and would appreciate some help. It been working absolutely fine up until today when it started leaking at the back when flushed. I traced the leak to a pipe that looks like it should have something screwed into it. If I block this with my hand then the toilet works absolutely fine. The mystery is that it looks like there should be a bung or cap but there's nothing in or around the toilet that could have fell out. Its a mystery worthy of Scooby Doo for sure. Anyway, does anyone have any advice what I could use to screw into here to bung up the hole ? https://flic.kr/p/2ecBvsC Thanks Stu
  2. Stuart Adair

    Fairy lights on my boat !!

    Mrs Wife has gone and hung fairy lights on the boat. Slightly embarrassing That's the last time I let her on deck, its back to bilge-cleaning duties for her from now on
  3. As if by magic this big, bright, warm thing appeared in the sky today. Took the opportunity to take a video of the marina and boat without it raining / blowing a gale / snowing / icy / foggy Finally, a sunny day.
  4. Stuart Adair

    First ever Chaparral Ice Breaker

    Hi folks, and a particular hello to all you guys in the Southern states of America where the temperature rarely drops below 25°C. A couple of pics and a video to share from Tewkesbury Marina where today's temperature is on the nippy side at 4°C. Looked up a conversion table to show that in °F and it just said, "Bloody Cold!" Think we might give boating a bit of a miss this weekend Tewkesbury Marina on a cold February morning. Great video of a frozen Tewkesbury marina
  5. Stuart Adair

    A worrying time during a storm...

    Hi folks, We were awoken at 04:00 this morning by a storm which destroyed a gazebo we had in the garden. I got really worried about the boat, if it destroyed the gazebo then what about the canopy So at 04:30 today I headed down to the boatyard and recorded it on my phone. Sorry in advance for the really poor quality but it was a moment of crisis. ps: Bit of a shout out for you guys at 1:30 all sunning yourselves in 30° heat whilst I'm getting cold and wet. Thinking about you all A Storm Night In Tewkesbury
  6. Stuart Adair

    Shameless plug for my YouTube channel

    That lake looks brilliant....
  7. Stuart Adair

    Shameless plug for my YouTube channel

    More sunny skies. And I'm sat here in on a dark winters night with a roaring fire and trying to keep warm. Think I was born in the wrong country :-)
  8. Stuart Adair

    Shameless plug for my YouTube channel

    We make the trip to Florida every couple of years. Was there in November doing the 'Tourist' stuff. We popped down to Sarasota on one day and went to Coquina Beach on Anna Maria Island. The boats moored around Sarasota Bay are the stuff of dreams :-)
  9. Stuart Adair

    Shameless plug for my YouTube channel

    Great fun. I've subscribed :-) Do you have your boat on Lake Texoma ? Stu Ps: The weather looks a lot brighter than in my video's
  10. Stuart Adair

    Shameless plug for my YouTube channel

    Hi. They are air vents and until you mentioned them I'd never really given them much thought :-) The right hand one is over the kitchen and the left hand over the seating area / front bed. I do have a bow hatch but its not shown on the video. Its got a cover over it at the moment which I should really remove. Best wishes Stu
  11. Stuart Adair

    Shameless plug for my YouTube channel

    Hi folks, Hope I don't break any forum rules with my shameless plug for my new YouTube channel sharing our adventures on the River's Severn and Avon aboard our 1990 Chaparral Signature 27 https://bit.ly/2CrN2UO
  12. Stuart Adair

    River Avon 6th Jan 2019

    Hi Hatam. Yes, the upper NASA gauge is a depth readout and the lower one is speed. The standard boat speedo starts moving at 10mph and 8mph is the max in my cruising range. Unfortunately the speedo reads zero all the time as I suspect the wheel underneath has seized so when it comes out of the water for a polish next winter I'll pop a new one on.
  13. Stuart Adair

    River Avon 6th Jan 2019

    LoL. That's the English Channel you're talking about. I think that's one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world and I'm not sure I'd be safe there. The Bristol Channel is over on the left (Red circle). The River Severn / Bristol Channel lock is at Sharpness. It typically has a 25ft tide which affects the River Severn up as far as Tewkesbury so its definitely a place where you've got to know what you're doing.
  14. Stuart Adair

    River Avon 6th Jan 2019

    Hi Hatam. We're quite happy pottering around at slow speeds. Had the grandkids on today and we spent a brilliant couple of hours out seeing swans and geese. In April I'll buy a River Severn licence where I can get to the dizzying heights of 8mph . Nearest body of water where I could open her up is the Bristol channel but that's a long days cruise away. I know I'm only using 10% of what the boat can do, but I like having 90% in reserve just in case.
  15. Stuart Adair

    River Avon 6th Jan 2019

    Lovely views on the River Avon today. Pottering along at 6mph, water flat calm, no wind and surprisingly warm in the sun. River Avon aboard Miss Magoo 6th Jan 2019 Happy days :-)