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  1. We're a couple of days into our epic voyage. We travelled upstream with a friend in a small boat called Mist as far as Pershore (14 miles) and have now gone on to Evesham which is about the half way point. We've completed 8 locks so far with 9 to go. Tomorrow we head to Bidford-upon-Avon before Stratford-upon-Avon where we might stop for a few nights. Miss Magoo is running like a dream. We've had a fair bit of rain recently and were going upstream against a downstream flow of about 2 knots plodding along at around 1100 rpm doing 4/5 knots. The fuel gauge has moved about a needles width so if its accurate then I seriously underestimated the fuel consumption. Not getting too sure though as it might all of a sudden take a drop. The weather is a bit rainy but its a British summertime so no surprises there. Only issue I've had is grounding when I went onto the wrong moorings at Evesham and I scraped the bottom of the outdrive. A quick dab of reverse got me out of trouble and I've tilted the drive up to check, and everything seems to be ok. I've attached a couple of pics, including a view of Pershore lock which at 9ft is the deepest on the Avon. We've also given up on going to the pubs. Some are open but you've got to give your name, address and phone number. Then, if someone gets tested positive (Or fancies a fortnight off work) then they tell the pub and our contact details go to some government department to make us isolate for 14 days. That'll presumably be followed up by a visit by a man in a high-vis-vest and a clipboard to make sure we're isolating, and will fine us £1 million pounds if not. No pint is worth that hassle so its dark Caribbean rum for me ( A proper sailors drink) Pershore lock with Mist in front and Mrs Wife holding the ropes. Pershore moorings looking downstream (With a bit of rain) Evesham Moorings
  2. After all the madness of recent months, and all the hard work, the time has come to embark on our epic journey up the River Avon. We set off tomorrow morning on high tide heading North Westerly with the wind on our backs through the wilds of Gloucestershire, the unknown challenges of Worcestershire and onto the mythical land of Warwickshire where my map just says, "Here be dragons" Our voyage will be about 100 miles from Tewkesbury to Stratford-upon-Avon, through 17 locks and hopefully at least as many pubs. Now here's something sobering for my American friends. Last year we did a trip to Evesham and back which was 50 miles and averaged 2.1 mpg. That was before all this winters work so I'm hoping to get that up to 2.5 mpg. On that basis I'm going to use 40 gallons which costs £254 ($317). To give me a bit of wiggle room I actually put £350 in which took me from ¼ of a tank to ¾ of a tank. To make sure I sleep at night I'm thinking that I'm going to have two weeks holiday for £254 rather than thinking its going to cost me £254 to do 100 miles. We're taking my Mother-in-Law for the first leg which is from Tewkesbury to Pershore as she's never been through locks before, or seen the river above Strensham. That also has the advantage that we have someone to make the tea and swab the decks Since my last post I've refitted the missing drain pump from the shower tray and fitted a 12v camping shower so I won't be smelly as we travel to unknown lands, and we've run her up and down river for 4 hours in 30° heat and there was no sign of overheating. I'll keep you updated, not least because I might need your advice if anything falls off Bon Voyage! Stu Our last test run
  3. Final piece of the puzzle fixed today. I replaced the after-market temperature sender unit with the original and the gauge now reads a constant 140°F. The engine isn't overheating, and the gauge now confirms it. Now all we need is for the licencing authorities to reopen the inland waterway locks and we're going away for a week or so
  4. No chance of getting rid of me @JGuilesBand You lot have saved me a fortune with your great advice
  5. I'm not a man ashamed to confess my sins and lessons learnt in the hope others are helped...Just go gently on me with your "I told you so" I made a catalogue of errors ... 1. Water pump wast not from a reputable supplier. There was no water tube (I never knew there should be at the time) and the seal between the water outlet pipe and copper tube was missing. Due to my inexperience I never spotted this. My new pump was from Repower Marine and had the water tube included. 2. My old water tube was cracked and instead of ordering a new one I found some UPVC pipe that appeared to be the same dimensions. However, coupled with the lack of a seal on the water pump there was nothing to stop the water gushing between the copper pipe and my bodged-UPVC pipe. 3. The dodgy water pump I fitted has a poor quality rubber rotor. The new one was thicker and took considerable effort to get in, whilst the old one just slipped in. This can be seen from the photo as the rotor is already distorted after only about 1 hour of use. 4. I should have ran the boat to full heat on muffs before she went back in the water. I would have realised that the risers we're hotter than usual and therefore spotted the error. I can now put my hands on the risers and keep them there without issue. 5. I should have spotted that there was little water coming out of the exhaust outlets on the outdrive. Instead most was coming out of the prop which I thought was normal. Although there's a 140° thermostat fitted the gauge sits at 175° and despite my best efforts running the boat up river, then letting it idle for 20 minutes I can't get it to go any higher. I guess that on my boat 175° on the gauge = 140° in real life. I can now comfortably put my hands on the risers. Anyway, lots of lessons learnt. But I'm now back in the water so let the Gin flow. Stu https://photos.app.goo.gl/rzYS2u8CMXNTU8Di9 https://photos.app.goo.gl/J23N1np1JSc6risM7
  6. Well she's back out of the water and on hard standing. I had the local marina mechanic round for a quick look yesterday. His initial thoughts are there's an issue with the water pump but we'll wait and see. He's fully booked until the end of next week, and as I'm working away I'll leave the job to him to sort. Look at the mess 3 months in the River Avon has made of my nice shiny outdrive and prop Will keep you updated... https://photos.app.goo.gl/oTPNjipByFiA3EjP8
  7. Thank you. I'll try and grab some pics of what I've done so you can all call me a fool
  8. I've got the new water pump kit today including the new water tube. What I can't find anywhere on Youtube or in diagrams is a clear view of what seals should go to seal the copper water tube to the plastic water tube, or if there is meant to be a seal under the plastic water tube. I think I'm going to give the job to the marine engineer at the boatyard to sort but I'd be really interested if a diagram exists. Thanks Stu
  9. Thank you all. I've managed to find what I want at Repower Marine in the UK. What I never fully appreciated until I spoke to them is that the copper tube slides all the way down inside the plastic tube to push on a seal that sites under the plastic tube, and its that seal I've missed off. Boat comes out the water on Monday and I've asked a local Marine Engineer to take a look. Thanks Stu
  10. HI, me again. There are no grommets or guide tubes available in the UK. Can anyone recommend a US seller who can supply ? Thanks Stu
  11. @JGuilesBand I think that's where I've gone wrong. I never put the rubber grommet in. A £2.50 piece of rubber is going to cost me £400 in crane fees. God I love boating
  12. Hi, Its a gen 1. Does that have the 'O' rings too ? I'm racking my brains back to doing the job and I'm sure I never spotted any seals between the two pipes. That could be where I've messed up perhaps ? Stu
  13. I think you've answered what I suspected, but never wanted to hear. The boats in the marina so I have to pay to have her craned back out which I'll get sorted out. I'll strip the outdrive back off and check I've not done anything stupid like missed the 'O' ring between the drive and bell housing. One further question that's praying on my mind. The solid plastic pipe that sticks up from the water pump slides over a pipe that sticks down from the outdrive. Should there be a seal on there ? There definitely wasn't on mine and I'm going through my mind wondering where water pressure could be going. Thanks Stu
  14. Sorry. Its a 5.7 Mercruiser, Alpha 1 outdrive in a 1990 Chaparral Signature 27. @Wingnut I don't think it has an ECM and I can only see one sender unit. I've verified that the one I changed is the one that drives the gauge by earthing it out giving a hot reading. I'm actually down on the boat as I'm typing this and have had it running on a hosepipe with the top hose - raw water intake off and the flow still looks ok. I took this video the other day, so let me know what you think. Its upside down but the pipe I've got off is the correct raw water flow. Engine was at idle. Thanks Stu
  15. Hello all, Thought I'd start a new thread with this to bring everything together. Last year boat ran lovely but temperature gauge hardly ever moved. This winter I changed the water pump and performed a transom service. Put her back in the water and the temperature gauge started to rise quickly to overheating. At 1400 rpm it stayed around 140° but at idle rose quickly to overheating. The problem seems to be getting worst as at 1400 rpm it now overheats. This is what I've found out so far... Pulled off the incoming water pipe to the thermostat housing and I appear to have a reasonably good flow of raw water, even at idle Changed thermostat Changed circulation pump Changed temperature gauge, sender unit and wire between both Probed the sender unit with a temperature gun and the engine seems to be running around 140° - 150° which is where it needs to be but the gauge is reporting 220+°. The replacement gauge is doing exactly the same thing I've taken the top off the thermostat housing when the gauge is reporting 220° and probed the water at 140° I've taken the thermostat housing cover off and put a hosepipe in to make sure the engine is filled with water. With a moderate flow of water the actual block doesn't fill. Is that normal ? I can't see any leaks, the bilge is dry and the engine still runs lovely even though the gauge shoots up quickly. I'm at my wits-end and have a mechanic coming out on Saturday. And one other thing....I'm now doubting myself. Should there have been a seal between the pipe that sticks up from the water pump, and the pipe that it slides over when you replace the lower half of the outdrive. There wasn't anything on mine when I took it out and I never put anything on when I replaced it. Than you for your endless patience. A very sad Stu.
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