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  1. Great stuff thank you. I'll give that a go on Saturday when I'm next down at the boatyard. Stu
  2. Hi folks, So I hit my first proper snag this weekend. I put a new gimbal bearing in and I am unable to get the alignment tool inserted into the splines. I looks like its hitting on the bottom left corner of the coupler. I checked the engine mounts and one side was slightly higher than the other so I’ve ordered a 1 1/8 spanner to get them at least level when I have another bash this coming weekend. My question relates to how I installed the gimbal. Using the correct insertion tool I aligned the grease hole and tapped the bearing into place until it bottomed out. The insertion tool already had a hole drilled in it from the person I bought it off so I just reused that. My two thoughts are: a) Should I insert the alignment tool into the gimbal bearing and force the centre to the bottom left, thus aligning the centre with the coupler? b) Should I remove the gimbal bearing, insert the alignment tool end just into the coupler, measure a new position for the insertion tool and affix it so the end of the alignment tool goes into the coupler before the gimbal actually goes into its housing? Hope I’m explaining myself clearly (Which will be a first) Thanks Stu
  3. Already blown one disk sander up and I'm onto number two Hatam you're right about the weather, only difference between summer and winter is that the rain is warmer in the summer. I tried to polish a section of the hull before we decided to go with paint and whilst I could get some sort of shine there were 30 years of scratches and dings in the fibreglass that needed filling and dressing so we decided to go with barge paint. I've spoken to the paint manufacturer who has recommended 1K white primer followed by 2 coats of barge paint thinned by 10% using rolling and tipping. We've no plans to ever sell the boat and we just want to tidy her up a bit and refresh the colour, and then get her back in the water for spring time so the gin can start flowing. Also thought you might enjoy this pic I took from the bridge over the marina this weekend. The river level is currently up by 5ft with localised flooding, and you can see the person who never kept an eye on their boat as the levels dropped from an 8ft high earlier in the week.
  4. Thank you so much for your replies and advice. The gel coat is way past saving as you say and I'm going to use a barge paint that's specified for use on GPR boats, rolling and tipping. I've been over every inch of the boat and it all appears to be sound so this year is all about making it look a little better. I know it won't be a show-boat but that's not what its about for me, just looking reasonable and having fun is what I'm all about. Really missing our Saturday nights on the boat with a bottle of gin so come spring time all the effort will be worth it. Thanks for your support. Stu
  5. Folks whats your advice on painting the hull. Do I need to use primer or not? The internet seems to be split and I'd like to know what you think. I'll be using a barge paint as my top coat. Stu
  6. Hi. The structure is good and solid for sure, and it has a new bulge pump 3 months ago. I was getting a couple of inches of water in the bilge but that turned out to be coming from a holed bellows.
  7. So you don't reckon I'll get another year put of them ?
  8. Hi, Progress is being made. I've got another full day sanding and filling and then I'll be ready for paint, as long as I can get a suitable days weather. Outdrive and bellhousing has been cleaned and repainted (Will change the oil and waterpump when its back on the boat). Swim platform is being remade. Prop has been cleaned, polished and sharpened and I've got a big box of fancy new bits to go on. Let me know what you think of the bottom picture. I might need a new set of anodes
  9. Hi, Could someone please tell me the size of the allen key bolt that holds the lower anode fin onto the bottom of an Alpha One Gen One ? I know its imperial as none of my metric sizes fit. Thanks Stu
  10. Already very kindly been sent a copy but thank you anyway. Stu
  11. That's water that was inside the bellows. Stu
  12. Hi I'm the 5th owner and whilst I've got some history with the boat, the details of the works completed is sadly lacking; I suspect because not much has taken place. The plan is to remedy that this winter. All the parts are now on order, including a new gimbal bearing and I've got the alignment tool so will be checking that when the new bearing goes in. I checked the old bearing and I think the rear needs to come up slightly as the grease marks were not even on the alignment shaft. Keep you posted and thanks for your help. Stu
  13. Folks, the mystery of the vanishing crack has been solved. It was just the angle that the picture was taken at. Below is a pic at a different angle
  14. I don't know if its something on the camera or the flaking paint, but there's definitely not a crack in there.
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