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  1. Stuart Adair

    What outdrive do I have ?

    Folks, The old girl is coming out of the water in October for anti-fouling, general exterior tidying and serving works on the outdrive. Could someone please let me know what Outdrive I have on a 1990 Chaparral Signature 27. I can see talk of Alpha 1 Gen 1, Gen 2 and all other sorts of strange talk but how do I find out what I have ? Thanks Stu
  2. Stuart Adair

    A nautical tale...

    Hi there, Bit of a long posting but I'd like to share what happened to me last week on the River Avon. Lots of lessons we're learnt and the old Signature 27 had a good run. The day before we set off it rained pretty much all day but it wasn’t an issue on the day we started the trip as the rain stopped. What I never appreciated was the impact of rain water up stream. We got to the first lock (Strensham) after about 1½ hrs and went through without any problems, although I noticed that there was a strong downstream current as I had to rev the engine up a bit more. We got to the next lock (Natton) and the Avon Navigation Trust team where there stopping narrowboats going any further as there was a wave of flood water coming down river and the next town up (Pershore) had rising river levels. They told me that I could go on as my engine could cope with the current so, full of bravado, off we went. At the river entrance to Pershore is two bridges, one new with large spans but the other is about 500 years old and only has narrow spans. The middle span had been blocked with a fallen tree so the current through the span we had to go through was really strong, it was like the rapids. We’ll you know I’m not one to be worried so I just pointed the boat at the arch, gave it loads of gas and we went through nicely. We got to the lock only to find that the landing was completely flooded and so we couldn’t get off the boat, so had no option to go back through the bridge. We’ll, I turned the boat around and immediately the current grabbed me and I was doing 6mph with no steering at all and headed towards the bridge. In a contest between a fibreglass boat and a 500 year old stone bridge there’s only ever going to be one winner. My instinct was the put the boat into reverse to slow down but that only made things worse and I was now at about 45° to the bridge. I then remembered what I had been told about boat steering, that you have to go faster than the water to have steering so I opened up the throttle full in forwards and thank the Lord the front of the boat came around. I think I’m the first ever boat to go through Pershore bridge on the plane at about 20mph (But it felt like 200mph). After that we pulled off out of the current and moored up safely. I’m not the nervous type but let me tell you that after that we walked into Pershore town to buy a large bottle of Gin and several more toilet rolls. I can’t wait to meet Jesus and I thought I was going to meet Him a lot sooner than I’d planned. We did 51 miles in all with ½ of that battling against the current. I used 100 ltrs of fuel so thats just over 2mpg (Ouch!!) I prefer to look at it another way, we had 5 nights away for £140 and you can't beat that for value. The boat performed brilliantly all the way, however when we got back home I noticed about 2 inches of water in the bilge. I popped the bilge pump on and it soon went. Not sure where it came from though, you'd think that if I had a holed bellows then the water would be flooding in. Anyway, she comes out of the water in October and changing the bellows is on the list of jobs.
  3. Stuart Adair

    Possible air intake valve ?

    All, I've had a result today so thought I'd share what the problem is with you. I ordered a new water/fuel separator filter as a precaution and went down to photograph the IAC Valve to compare with those for sale online. We had the boat ticking over as usual with no issues, until I span left in my seat and the boat turned off. I realised that I'd just slightly nudged the key with my knee. I did some further tests and with the engine running, just turning the key slightly to the left by a few mm turns off the engine. So it sounds like I need to get myself a new ignition key barrel. Happy result and problem solved for less than £20.
  4. Stuart Adair

    Possible air intake valve ?

    Thank you for your replies. I've got a Merc 5.7 with 810 hrs on so I'll change the valve as advised and let's see what happens. Stu
  5. Stuart Adair

    Possible air intake valve ?

    Sorry folks - I meant the Idle Air Control Valve not the Air Intake Valve
  6. Stuart Adair

    Possible air intake valve ?

    Hi, Went out up the river on Sunday for about an hour. Moored up outside a pub for a couple of pints and then headed for home. We were doing about 6mph @ 1100 rpm when the engine just cut out. No warning just as if I'd turned off the key. Put it into neutral, turned the key and she fired straight back up. About 1/2 hr further up the river exactly the same thing happened. Started up again and she ran without incident back to the boatyard. Yesterday I had her on tickover in the boatyard and went over every wire I could find, wiggling and pulling to make sure nothing was loose on both the engine and under the dashboard but I couldn't replicate the issue. I've done a bit of research and the suggestion might be the air intake valve. What do you think ? Thanks Stu
  7. Stuart Adair

    Something has vanished from my toilet...

    Cor!! No replies. Never thought I'd beat you lot I've come across something call Yachticon Purytec that looks like it might be what I'm missing. What do you think ? Thanks Stu
  8. Stuart Adair

    Fun time in Florida (Pics)

    Of course, envy is a sin.....Do you think God will forgive me just this once :-)
  9. Hi folks, Not the nicest of picture I've ever shared with you but I've got a problem with my toilet and would appreciate some help. It been working absolutely fine up until today when it started leaking at the back when flushed. I traced the leak to a pipe that looks like it should have something screwed into it. If I block this with my hand then the toilet works absolutely fine. The mystery is that it looks like there should be a bung or cap but there's nothing in or around the toilet that could have fell out. Its a mystery worthy of Scooby Doo for sure. Anyway, does anyone have any advice what I could use to screw into here to bung up the hole ? https://flic.kr/p/2ecBvsC Thanks Stu
  10. Stuart Adair

    Fairy lights on my boat !!

    Mrs Wife has gone and hung fairy lights on the boat. Slightly embarrassing That's the last time I let her on deck, its back to bilge-cleaning duties for her from now on
  11. As if by magic this big, bright, warm thing appeared in the sky today. Took the opportunity to take a video of the marina and boat without it raining / blowing a gale / snowing / icy / foggy Finally, a sunny day.
  12. Stuart Adair

    First ever Chaparral Ice Breaker

    Hi folks, and a particular hello to all you guys in the Southern states of America where the temperature rarely drops below 25°C. A couple of pics and a video to share from Tewkesbury Marina where today's temperature is on the nippy side at 4°C. Looked up a conversion table to show that in °F and it just said, "Bloody Cold!" Think we might give boating a bit of a miss this weekend Tewkesbury Marina on a cold February morning. Great video of a frozen Tewkesbury marina
  13. Stuart Adair

    A worrying time during a storm...

    Hi folks, We were awoken at 04:00 this morning by a storm which destroyed a gazebo we had in the garden. I got really worried about the boat, if it destroyed the gazebo then what about the canopy So at 04:30 today I headed down to the boatyard and recorded it on my phone. Sorry in advance for the really poor quality but it was a moment of crisis. ps: Bit of a shout out for you guys at 1:30 all sunning yourselves in 30° heat whilst I'm getting cold and wet. Thinking about you all A Storm Night In Tewkesbury
  14. Stuart Adair

    Shameless plug for my YouTube channel

    That lake looks brilliant....
  15. Stuart Adair

    Shameless plug for my YouTube channel

    More sunny skies. And I'm sat here in on a dark winters night with a roaring fire and trying to keep warm. Think I was born in the wrong country :-)