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  1. xjcrawler

    Blonde joke

    That's from the beginning of the cartoon Mr Magoo.
  2. xjcrawler

    You have two choices in life:

    Love them all, keep'em coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. xjcrawler

    Irish Catholics

    Women don't get pregnant for what's in the water, they get pregnant from what's in the air.................. THEIR LEGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. xjcrawler

    Villain 3 needs new transome

    Video with sound please, please, with sugar on top.
  5. xjcrawler

    SECRU 1 Location

    Who voted for: Lake Guntersville AL cjones5632 , ChrisR , GNMink , John Schneider , birdog , capnken , 4bamafanz , RoyW , Expat , Chief Plasma , JasonMazz , Pickwick264Sunesta , Magnolia II , Maranda Mink I guess he's more excited for gunters
  6. xjcrawler

    SECRU 1 Location

    Wow, how dumb I must look. I still think it's rigged. GO LKN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. xjcrawler

    SECRU 1 Location

    I think there should be a show of hands, it seems like everytime LKN gets votes, Gunters just seems to stay ahead.
  8. xjcrawler

    SECRU 1 Location

    Come on LKN!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe those 3 for Chatuge will change to LKN?????????
  9. Georgia Prop 770 945 1961 in Buford.
  10. xjcrawler

    Name that Boat

    My kids are on the 18 - 30 program........... When their 18, they got 30 days to get out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. xjcrawler


    That would be too far to do a trip to the factory.
  12. xjcrawler


    I love the internet.......... Hotels & Motels There are many different levels of hotel and motel accommodations on Lake Oconee & Lake Sinclair. Below is a list of hotels, motels and other accommodations near Lake Oconee & Lake Sinclair. America's Best Value Inn, Milledgeville, 478-452-3502 Best Western Inn, Milledgeville, 478-453-2212 Budget Inn, Madison, 706-342-0996 Budget Inn, Milledgeville, 478-452-3533 Comfort Inn, Madison, 706-342-0054 Comfort Inn, Milledgeville, 478-452-9290 Cuscowilla Golf Resort on Lake Oconee, Eatonton, 706-484-0050 Days Inn, Madison, 706-342-1839 Days Inn, Milledgeville, 478-453-8471 Durhamtown Plantation, 706-486-4603 Econo Lodge, Milledgeville, 478-453-3551 Gateway Hotel, Madison, 706-343-1294 Granite Shoals Lodge & Marina, Greensboro, 706-453-7639 Hampton Inn, Madison, 706-342-9003 Hampton Inn, Milledgeville, 478-451-0050 Harbor Club, Greensboro, 1-800-505-GOLF (4653) Holiday Inn Express, Milledgeville, 478-454-9000 Howard Johnson, Madison, 706-342-2121 James Madison Inn, Madison, 706-342-7040 Jameson Inn, Greensboro, 706-453-9135 Lake Oconee Property Management, Greensboro, 706-453-4885 Microtel Inn, Greensboro, 706-453-7300 New Milledgeville Hotel, Milledgeville, 478-452-0576 North Shore Resort, Greensboro, 706-453-4505 Premier Property Management of Lake Oconee, Greensboro 706-453-4446 Red Roof Inn, Madison, 706-342-3433 Reynolds Landing, Greensboro, 706-467-1111 Reynolds Plantation, Greensboro, 706-467-1111 The Ritz-Carlton Lodge, Reynolds Plantation, Greensboro For more information or room reservations, please call toll free (800) 241-3333, or the resort directly at (706) 467-0600 Scottish Inn, Milledgeville, 478-453-9491 Super 8 Motel, Madison, 706-342-7800 The Lodge On Lake Oconee, Eatonton, 706-485-7785 Thrift Court Motel, 706-453-7341 Western Motel of Eatonton, Eatonton, 706-485-1100
  13. xjcrawler


    Sinclair looks to be a great possibility...... What types of boats are allowed on Georgia Power lakes? Limitations on boats vary depending on the lake. Look for signs near boat ramps and call ahead to one of the local field offices listed in this site if you have questions on whether your boat will be permitted. State law prohibits the use of any vessel, specifically including a houseboat, with a marine toilet, galley, or sleeping quarters on any Georgia Power reservoir with the exception of Lake Sinclair. How can I reserve a camp site or a pavilion at a Georgia Power park? Call the park directly, or call 1-888-GPC-LAKE (1-888-472-5253). Campsite reservations must be made at least 10 days in advance and require a two-night minimum stay. You should specify the type of camping accommodations you will be using, such as, tent, trailer, or camper. Reservations are available for the current season. Picnic pavilions, particularly those for large groups, may require reservations. ...
  14. xjcrawler

    Speedo stuck on 28?

    Alpha 1 is correct, I knew that didn't sound right when I typed it. Where do I find the end to blow out and how much pressure would be enough or too much? I knew coming here would be faster than taking it to the dealer.
  15. xjcrawler

    Speedo stuck on 28?

    Took the boys out yesterday for some tubing and the speedo stuck on 28 mph even at idle? it's a 2008 220 SSi with a mercruiser 305 with Alpha 1.