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  1. BawstinMike

    Flag Pole Mount - 267

    Yeah I saw that on here. But mostly talk about the smaller flag on the stern. I am looking for a 3x5 solution
  2. BawstinMike

    Flag Pole Mount - 267

    Just wanted to see if anyone else on here flys a 3'x5' flag on their boat. Where did you mount the holder? I know they have the the smaller size which is usually mounted on the stern. However, I would like to fly the 3'x5' My tower is the fold down, looks like the pipe is 4"
  3. BawstinMike

    2018 267 SSX - Transducer?

    Agreed, its a transducer swap most likely. And one that's fairly easy to get to. I looked at the transducer diagnostics and it sees both freqs. But then it drops out completely. I purchased from a Chap dealer in IL. So once Chap gives them the okay, they will send me the part. I will just have to see what the "tricks" are for loosening the transducer. Remove and replace I and should be good to go.
  4. BawstinMike

    2018 267 SSX - Transducer?

    No, not in addition to what I already mentioned in the original post. I was just listing what I have done thus far. Seeing it's a 2018, and under warranty I will have them most likely have them replace the transducer. I just hate having anyone work on my boat other than me.
  5. BawstinMike

    2018 267 SSX - Transducer?

    Thanks guys for the replies. Its a thru-hull Airmax, its sits right in front the motor. I checked the connections as best I could and everything seemed tight. Its a real pain in the butt; to get back behind the garmins. both speeds it happens. I just did the firmware upgrade as well.
  6. BawstinMike

    2018 267 SSX - Transducer?

    Hey all, So I was taking my boat for a cruise this weekend and kept losing my depth guage. It would get a reading, then start flashing on that same reading while underway. It sometime would come back and then continue doing the same thing. I have the dual Garmins. Not sure if its the transducer that is going or what. Thanks!
  7. Hey all... New to the forum, I recently purchased a 2018 Chap 267SSX. I am in the process of removing the dated Polk Headunit and replacing with the Wetsounds WS-MC1. Anyone on here do the same? I am in need of some help/sugggestions on mounting the screen. Since this mounts from behind this will be tricky. Thanks!!