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  1. You bet, Chaparral is first choice, just not quite as nice of condition. color is Black/white. Survey for sure, no doubt. Appreciate the replies.
  2. I was curious why low hours also. Not sure what to make of that. I know a water trial is smart, but would really like to make a deal before things get crazy and everyone is buying when spring hits. Thanks for all info.
  3. We're looking to make a first time cruiser purchase. Like the Chaparral layout on the '07 270 alot .Is there enough performance with the 6.2? 105 hours. Also considering a Crownline 250CR (350 Mag).The Crownline is really clean, 400 hours, several extras, stereo, Sea-dek, lights. The Chaparral is maybe a 6 or 7/10. Tough to decide which is best for us, roughly the same price, approx. $40k. Any other factors or thoughts to consider? thanks, Corey - MI
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